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Owen Connor

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Owen Connor
Ravenclaw Alumni
Personal Information
Born Owen Orion Connor
January 14, 1984
St. Mungo's Hospital
Gender Male (cis)
Species Wizard/Werewolf
Nationality English
Ethnicity Caucasian
Accent English
Residence Ayers-Connor Home
Languages Spoken English, Norwegian, Greek, Russian
Physical Information
Face Claim: Brant Daugherty
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Weight: 170 lbs (78 kg)
Voice Type: Baritone
Blood Type: O+
Distinguishing Marks: Bite mark on his left shoulder
Body Type: Mesomorph
Scent: Woodsy
Personality Information
Enneagram Type 6 (The Loyalist)
Zodiac Capricorn
Romantic Information
Relationship Status Married
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Romantic Orientation Heteroromantic
Magical Information
Blood-Status Pure-Blood
Wand Wood Walnut
Wand Core Dragon Heartstring
Wand Length 11 inches
Patronus Wolf
Boggart Attacking his family while in wolf form
Family Information
Spouse Lillian Ayers
Children TBD
Parents Arthur Connor †
Ashley Connor †
Siblings Dustin Connor †
Adopted Siblings Lisbeth Ostberg
Adopted Cousin Jaina Nordskov

Owen Connor is the second son of the late Arthur and Ashley Connor. He was adopted by Marita Nordskov, sister to the former King of Norway, and Mathias Ostberg, thus making him an Adoptive Prince of Norway. He is married to Lillian Ayers-Connor, and they have TBD children together. (Insert names here). Owen Connor is currently serving as the Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. He is a known werewolf.


In his youth, Owen was somewhat of a recluse, with few friends. This was partly because of his werewolf affliction, as he felt like he was a danger to others. So, instead, he would spend his time reading and studying, dedicating himself to being one of the top students in his class. He was however, intensely loyal to the few friends he did have. He would be quick to anger if someone was mean or hurt one of his friends.

As he progressed through Hogwarts, his short temper became easier to manage and he opened himself up to others a little more. He still maintained his passion for learning, and despite opening himself up a little more, he still kept to his small circle of friends. This group primarily consisted of his best friends, Malia Sakellarios and Valentina Willow, his girlfriend and later wife, Lillian Ayers, and his adoptive sister, Lisbeth Ostberg.

Now that Owen is a father and the head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, he is intensely protective of his family and other werewolves. His short temper hasn't come back, but he isn't above resorting to physical violence to protect those he cares about. He prefers to keep that as an absolute last resort these days however. His studious and inquisitive nature that landed him in Ravenclaw has remained. Owen is always trying to improve himself by learning new things and keeping himself open to new perspectives and ideas. He also is determined to set a good example for his children, their friends and any other werewolves living in magical UK by being very publicly open about his affliction.


Owen is the second son of Arthur and Ashley Connor, born on January 14, 1984. His older brother, Dustin, was Owen's childhood hero. When Owen found out he was wizard, like the rest of his family, Dustin began to teach Owen some basic spell incantations to better prepare him for attending Hogwarts.

Dustin Connor was very skilled at Defense Against the Dark Arts and was likely to make a fantastic Auror someday. Unfortunately, Dustin had one fatal flaw. He hated werewolves with a passion. Dustin and Owen's grandfather had been killed by a werewolf. Owen hadn't blamed all werewolves for what happened to his grandfather. Dustin did. Doubly unfortunate, the DAtDA teacher was telling the Head Auror about Dustin and his prejudice when an unknown werewolf overheard this.

This werewolf decided he was going to try and get some more insights about Dustin. He found out where Dustin lived and snuck over to the Connor's house one night to eavesdrop on them. In the most unfortunate turn of events so far, it was full moon that night. This unknown werewolf turned into his wolf form, and unable to control himself, he attacked the Connors. The mom and dad were killed instantly, but managed to shout out a warning to Dustin and Owen. Dustin charged out of the bedroom to meet the werewolf head-on, but was quickly starting to lose the fight, so when he became severely scratched, he played dead. The werewolf continued on his rampage, and charged into the kid's bedroom to attack Owen. Owen was bit by the werewolf in wolf form just as Dustin re-entered the room. Dustin shouted at Owen to run as he attacked the werewolf. Dustin managed to kill the werewolf, but was killed in the process.

Owen was nine years old at the time of the attacks. He didn't tell anyone about his affliction, just the logistical department at the Werewolf Support Services and one person at Lil' Bundles, to make him the Wolfsbane. Owen lived at Lil' Bundles until he went off to Hogwarts. During his first year, Owen became very close with Lisbeth Ostberg, a princess of Norway. He became so close in fact that Lisbeth convinced her family to adopt Owen. He had already spent the Christmas holiday with them, so it wasn't like they were adopting a total stranger. So, it was that Owen went to Norway for the summer holiday instead of Lil' Bundles.

It seemed that tragedy followed Owen everywhere he went though. Because the royal family was assassinated that summer. The assassination attempt was done by lighting the palace on fire, and the blaze was so bad that the only survivors were Owen, Lisbeth and Jaina (Lisbeth's cousin and Crown Princess - now Queen). This made Lisbeth the Crown Princess, and the Norwegian Royal Advisors and Government was no comfortable with sending their Crown Princess off to England for her education. So, Lisbeth was sent to Durmstrang. Owen, however, as an adopted prince was allowed to continue his study at Hogwarts.

Owen's remaining years at Hogwarts were much less eventful. He became very close with Valentina Willow and Malia Sakellarios during that time. He joined the Quidditch team - he found being a beater was an excellent way to let off his excess anger. Plus, he was quite good at it. His fellow beater on Ravenclaw was Valentina Willow, which is how they became best friends. Lena's girlfriend, Malia, also became his close friend. Then, in his fifth year, Owen started dating a fourth year Ravenclaw named Lillian Ayers. They continued dating throughout Hogwarts, having a very stable relationship, especially when compared to Malia and Lena, who seemed to have fallen into a on-again, off-again pattern.

Eventually, Owen graduated from Hogwarts and was picked up by the Falmouth Falcons as a beater. It was while playing for the Falcons that Owen and Lili got married. Owen played for the Falcons for a couple of seasons before he made a career change when Lili got pregnant with their first child. He applied for the job as head of Werewolf Support Services at the Ministry of Magic and was given the job. Their first child, Juliya Ayers-Connor, was born on September 21, 2004. (Add in further children as people claim them).

Owen continued his work with the Werewolf Support Services until he was promoted to the head of the entire Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, where he currently works.