Birthday May 30th
Age 17
Status Alive
Pronunciation pahn‧doe‧rah sehl‧win
Family Aline Selwyn, Laurent Selwyn, Cassius Selwyn, Calliope Selwyn, Carlisle Selwyn
Handedness Left
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality British
Speaks English, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, Arabic
Species Witch, Half-Veela
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'4"
Model Lee Ji Eun

For starters, Pandora is half-veela. It's a given that she's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous - shining hair, glowing skin, long lashes, moving with an innate elegance inherited from her father's side. Add to that her mother's natural looks, and you've got someone who could probably make people faint just from walking past. Pandora takes a lot of interest in her appearance - you'll never see her wearing something worth less than 1000 galleons, or anything even a season out of date. It's a family trait, ingrained in her from a young age, and she really doesn't understand how anyone can settle for less.
From a family whose blood was so pure they'd been included in the Sacred 28, Julius Selwyn had no reason or intention to sink to even looking at a muggleborn witch, and for 25 years of his life he didn't. Until, that was, he met the Japanese witch Kagome Hakumo.

Their relationship was unexpected, to say the least, but with Julius capable of causing serious damage to the family name his parents made the decision to refrain from disinheriting him with two conditions: Hakumo had to pretend to be pure-blooded, and she had to sign a prenuptial agreement. Both agreed to this, though Hakumo was a little concerned in regards to the prenup, and they were married a few months later, when she became pregnant.

11 years and five children later, Julius got home early from his high-up ministry job to find his wife in bed with a man he'd never even met. The divorce was filed as soon as he could get it, citing his wife's adultery as the public reason for the divorce. Privately, he couldn't really care less - he'd fallen out of love with Hakumo years before and had been waiting for a good reason to divorce so he could marry his mistress, Kim Hae-Soo.

The prenuptial agreement saved the Selwyns' family fortune, but there was no such barrier to save Hakumo's reputation. The only thing that stopped her ex-husband from declaring her real blood status was his love of their children. Oh, and his regard for his family reputation.

It caused a stir in pureblood society when, only six months after divorcing his first wife, Julius Selwyn remarried, this time to a pureblood from South Korea, Kim Hae-Soo, who the general public believes he met a week after his divorce. That's not true - he had, in fact, been seeing her for years after meeting her at her fourth husband's funeral.

This wedding was remarkable not only because of its proximity to his divorce but also because of Hae-Soo's reputation in wizarding England: she'd had six husbands before marrying Julius (aged only 28), each richer than the last, and each had died in mysterious circumstances, leaving all their money to her. It helps that Hae-Soo is gorgeous - it's been speculated that there was a veela somewhere in her ancestry, but both she and her family deny this and there's no record of it, so we must conclude that she just got really lucky with her genes.

The couple had their first children a little over a year after their marriage, the twins, Cassius and Calliope. They were an accident, on Hae-Soo's part anyway. She would have been quite happy to carry on as she was, knocking down husbands like dominoes. Children were (and still are) a liability, in Hae-Soo's eyes: in fact, she once straight up told a five-year-old Cassius this. Don't go away thinking that she doesn't love her kids, though - she's one of the most devoted parents in England. It's been theorised that they're the only people in the world she truly loves.

Regardless, Hae-Soo had her children and her husband miraculously stayed alive. Of course, fidelity has never been part of her vocabulary, and behind her husband's back she's had many lovers: one in particular is important here - he got her pregnant with a half-breed. That would be Pandora Lucretia Selwyn, who Hae-Soo somehow managed to pass off as Julius' daughter. Even though the almost magnetic pull around her practically screams Veela. But throughout her childhood, none of her family members seemed to question her legitimacy. Of course, there have always been the skeptics outside the family - pure-blood gossipmongers especially - but nobody has ever outright confronted her or her mother. Possibly because her mother can reduce grown men to tears in a few sentences. Or maybe because her 'father' would have ruined them. Either or.

Surprisingly, Julius Selwyn survived all the way through Pandora's childhood. He was there when Pandora had her first sign of magic (actually a manifestation of her Veela fire powers, in which she set Cassius' hair on fire because he broke her favourite doll), but was otherwise just as uninterested in his youngest children as he was in the rest of his children. Pandora was very sheltered, and most of her childhood and development was defined by her siblings. The blood supremacy, her mother's manipulative nature, her siblings' academic prowess and appreciation for expensive clothes. Most of it passed on to her through osmosis. Even those select few friends she had - always of the purest blood and the highest social standing, of course - embodied one or more of those qualities.

Generally instead of spending time with friends, Pandora spent her time studying (any daughter of a pure-blood family should attend Hogwarts with theoretical knowledge of everything on the first and second year core curriculums), as a decoration at her mother's parties or refining her skills in her myriad of suitable hobbies: singing, piano and violin, drawing and painting, horse riding and the art of conversation.

Aged 11, Pandora received her Hogwarts letter like any other Wizarding child, but only a week later Julius Selwyn died in his bed, in mysterious circumstances. His copious wealth went mostly to the eldest son, but large portions were given to each of his younger children and to his wife. This unexpected loss threw everything out of balance in the Selwyn household, and many of the children chose to attend Mahoutokoro that year rather than Hogwarts. Cassius was one, and Aline another, and in the end Pandora chose to accompany them. And she loved it at Mahoutokoro.

Mahoutokoro was a fairly small school, and Pandora wasted no time in making as many friends as she could, pure-blood and muggle-born both. It was the kind of environment where everyone knew each other well, and things like blood supremacy were left at the door because it was just too small a school to alienate half the student body. It was really good for Pandora's worldview, and she started making a conscious effort not to judge people based on their blood status (though half-breeds remained iffy. Even though she is one.) The academic environment was very good for her, too, and Pandora excelled all around, though especially in potions. She even won the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship in her third year. Now, though, Pandora's mother is pulling her back to England to attend Hogwarts with her elder siblings. Suffice to say, she's not pleased with the arrangement.
Picture the stereotypical rich, refined pureblood. Perfect clothes, perfect manners, innate elegance. Cultured. That's Pandora Selwyn for you. With an upbringing like hers, it's no surprise she's a little self centred. Her family (i.e. herself, Laurent, Cassius, Calliope, Carlisle, and her mother) come first, and everyone else is either an enemy or a liability. It's not personal. Just the cold hard truth.

Pandora is very self-aware. She analyses herself to death, and she's very truthful with herself about what needs fixing. It's her innate perfectionism talking there - she won't settle for anything but the best in her daily life, so why would she settle for anything but the best in herself? She holds everyone around her to a high standard, sure, but she'll be damned if she doesn't hold herself higher. She refuses to be a hypocrite: if she's criticising someone, it's not on something that she's guilty of.

Most importantly, Pandora excels. If she doesn't, she works until she gets to where she wants to be. Rome wasn't built in a day, after all, and she has places to be ten years from now. She's innately ambitious, and she intends to do well in life. Her academic record is spotless, as it generally is in her family, and her Veela heritage makes her very persuasive - she gets what she wants, when she wants. In addition, Pandora always follows through if she says she'll do something, whether that means helping someone pass Transfiguration or making someone wish they'd never been born.

Growing up, the most common word applied to Pandora was magnetic. She's always had a tendency to draw people to her like moths to a flame, and she puts this down to her upbringing (though the Veela heritage would be a big factor, if she knew about it). In her family, if you want to be shown any appreciation you have to be charismatic or just downright perfect - from a young age, Pandora aimed to be both. She's not bad at manipulating people to get what she wants (or politics, if we're using technical terms), and she certainly has a lot of practice. Manipulating people is like a game at home.

Generally, Pandora comes across as just nice. Her manners are impeccable, and she's the last person anyone would accuse of anything bad. To be honest, she is kind-hearted, kind of. She's trying very hard to change her worldview, in terms of blood supremacy at least (half-breeds are iffy still), and absolutely hates that her first reaction to the word muggleborn is disdain, even after so much work. Old habits die hard. However, she is very judgemental, and has been known to bitch behind people's backs, or spread the occasional rumour. But then again, she is a teenage girl from a privileged background. What did you expect?
Her wand: Merlin, where would she be without magic? Her wand is cherry (indicates extreme self-control and strength of mind) and phoenix feather.
Hera the Kneazle: Hera is Pandora's pet Kneazle, whom she received for her eleventh birthday. She's quite possibly the most imperious cat to ever exist, and she can stand a grand total of two people besides Pandora (who she adores). Those two are the twins, Calliope and Cassius. Everyone else is dirt under her paws.

Boggart Being disowned
Amortentia Rosewater, coconut, juniper
Patronus Swan
Wand Cherry, Phoenix Feather, 9 1/2"
Interests Potions, painting, violin, fashion
Pet Peeve People.
Habits Running her hands through her hair
Star Sign Gemini
Dreams/Goals Rule the world
Color Lilac
Show The Marvellous Mrs Maisel
Movie Macbeth
Book The Star Touched Queen
Food Macarons
Drink Elderflower Cordial

She's always excelled in potions. She loves all the possibilities that come with it.
She's a proper art nerd. Her ideal first date would definitely be to an art gallery like the Louvre.
If she was a muggle, she'd probably be diploma level in piano and violin both.
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