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● tonight i'm the dancing king ●
park chaehun is a half-blood wizard. a recent ravenclaw graduate, he is also known as aphelion, a member of boy group insomnia
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Full Name ||

Park Chaehun | 박채헌

Meaning Behind Name ||

Park — A Korean surname, Park (朴) means "magnolia tree".
Chaehun — A Korean name made up of two Sino-Korean elements. Chae (彩) means color and Hun (勳) means meritorious deed or merits.

Nicknames ||


Age ||


Birthday ||

04 November 2021

Assigned Sex ||


Gender Identity ||


Sexual Orientation ||


Romantic Orientation ||


Marital Status ||

Engaged to Valentino Taejo

Nationality ||


Ethnicity ||


Species ||

Human, Wizard
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Hair ||


Eyes ||


Skin ||


Height ||

183 cm | 6'0

Body Frame ||

Tall, thin-looking. Has a surprising amount of muscle.

Tattoos ||


Piercings ||

Both ears, once.

Voice ||

Soft and quiet. Mostly British accent, but sounds very Korean in some words. Deep and cutting when he raps.

Scent ||

Style of Clothing ||

Face Claim ||

Oh Sehun [Sehun, EXO]
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magical info.

Blood Status ||


Magical Education ||

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry | Ravenclaw

Year ||


Wand ||

Hornbeam, Unicorn Hair, 13 ⅔ inches

Wand Hand ||


Boggart ||

Amnesia (fear of forgetting)
Aliens (fear of unknown)

Patronus ||

Amortentia ||

Exotic? ||

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Chaehun seems like an enigma. At first glance, he comes across as arrogant, aloof, moody and very hard to impress. However, he's not as cold as his aura seems to suggest. Rather, his shy personality prevents him from showcasing his true bubbly personality. In reality, Park Chaehun is a huge dork. Despite his insistence that he does not have aegyo, this boy is adorable. Everything from his laugh and mannerisms is cute. It really clashes with his tall and cold boy image, but also makes him really endearing to everyone he meets.

Despite his love for drama and spilling tea, Chaehun cares very deeply for the people that are close to him. He is a sensitive and loving person that isn't afraid to be affectionate. His mannerisms might be a little blunt, but Chaehun means well most of the time. His talent in both dancing and good looks does mean that he is rather self-confident. However, he tries his hardest not to be arrogant - whenever he does seem like it, it's obvious that it's just for show. Overall, Chaehun is a goofy and carefree person. Like many stars, there are lots of differences between his off-stage and on-stage persona - but Chaehun tries his hardest to make the two overlap.
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Park Jiseok was the oldest of his three siblings which meant there was much more pressure on him to marry and marry well. His parents had a marriage set up with the daughter of an immensely wealthy family; however, Jiseok's heart belonged to someone else. That someone else being a dancer named Gu Hayoon. Because her career hadn't taken off yet, Jiseok's parents didn't approve of her. A poor dancer with no future versus a bright young girl from a rich family - the choice was clear. Jiseok went for his love Hayoon.

After they married, Hayoon's profession as a dancer shot off and she began being nationally recognized for her talent. She performed in showcases all around South Korea, Jiseok following her every second of the way. It was in the middle of one of her tours that Hayoon fell mid-performance and ruined her ankle. She was rushed to the hospital where she was told she could never dance in that capacity again. After only a mere two years, Hayoon's short-lived career was over. But that was okay. Because at that very same hospital, Hayoon was informed that she was pregnant with her first child.

She and Jiseok settled down in Jeju, where they planned to raise their family. First came the twins, Jeonghun and Chaehun. After they came along, the Parks were gifted with another set of twins, Siwoo and Siyeol. The two got a break from twins when little Jaeyeol was born (his brothers like to tell him he ate his twin in the womb). And then came the baby, Hana. Though dancing made Hayoon happy, it never brought the same joy that being a mother did.

Unlike his twin brother, Chaehun was a more patient and easygoing child. He was a sweet little boy that seemed to charm everyone everywhere he went. He was susceptible to Jeonghun's ideas, however, and was his partner-in-crime for most of his childhood. Chaehun joined his brother in trying out all kinds of different activities. What stuck to him the most was dancing. From ballet to hip hop to tap dance, he enjoyed every minute of it. From a young age, his elegant style and the way he made things look effortless made him stand out among his peers.

For him, though, dancing was a hobby. Chaehun was content to stay on the sidelines and just dance. He could let Jeonghun have the spotlight with his singing and dancing and painting. Chaehun was just focusing on dancing because he liked it. He eventually found his place in modern dance, which really exemplified his natural elegance. While he was content to dance forever, magic eventually came and made a place in his life. At the age of nine, he discovered that he was a wizard when he nearly fell off stage during a performance. Instead of the sensation of falling, Chaehun discovered that he was floating instead. No worries, though. He was excited to go to Mahoutokoro.

That excitement soon faded away as he turned eleven. The family was leaving South Korea for England. It came as a shock, truthfully. It didn't sit well with Chaehun to leave behind everything for something new. The move came with a grumpier Chaehun emerging, who also refuses any sort of talk of signing on with a new dance center. As he went to Hogwarts, he withdrew slightly from being the bubbly and energetic kid he was before. As he picked up English and some friends, Chaehun slowly broke through the walls he had put up earlier. He returned to dance in third year, opting instead to try hip hop. And by the winter of fifth year, he had come out to his family.

In his sixth year, Chaehun was recruited by the company Silencio Records. Initially, he had gone to audition for what he assumed was a backup dancer. It wasn't after he got accepted as a trainee that Chaehun was told that no, they were not looking for backup dancers. It turned out that the audition was for their upcoming boy group Insomnia. He found himself training to be a dancer, and started exploring rap.
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Likes ||

Dislikes ||

Loves ||


Loathes ||


Passions ||

Dancing, Rapping

Hobbies ||

Skilled At ||

Dancing, Rapping

More Trivia ||

  • His favorite British food is Mashed Potatoes.
  • His favorite Korean food is Kalguksu.
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