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Park Ilman
Ilman — Gif 1


Birthday April 14, 2024
Age 17
Status Alive
Family Ilsung (father)
Sayuri (mother)
Serena (cousin)
Handedness Right
Gender Male
Orientation Straight Gay
Relationship In Love With Myungjun
Nationality Korean
Speaks Korean, Japanese, English
Species Human, Wizard
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 181 cm
Model Yoo Taeyang

Ilman — Gif 2

Tokugawa Sayuri was a quiet girl who fell for Mahoutokoro's greatest: Park Ilsung. The boy was the picture of success: top of his class, heavily engaged in sports, and handsome to boot. A bundle of perfection that preferred silence to laughter and banished all sorts of charm from his life. Had he been a female, his name would be written down as one of the most unpopular people in Mahoutokoro's history. But as a handsome boy, his flaws were hidden and even celebrated among his female fanclub and male admirers. He was what the Japanese call a tsundere, and Ilsung took that title with pride. He wasn't looking for love; there was more in his world that he was concerned about and paid more attention to. So he continued on with his perfection and porcelain features that seemed to never smile.


f anyone knows something about Park Ilman, is that whatever he wants, he's going to go after it. Among the Reducto Trainees and the people in his year, there's no one more ambitious and driven than he is. Even though his desires and goals often come about due to impulsive tendencies and random daydreams, Ilman strives for them anyway and works hard until he gets what he wants. There's no telling him no either, as his confidence is so over the roof that instilling any sort of fear or trying to reproach him won't work to dissuade him. He's stubborn enough to try even if the end result won't be good. Whether it's getting enough money to finally eat something other than cafeteria scraps or practicing his dancing hard enough to become center, he's always working hard to meet whatever standards he sets for himself. And seeing the type of demeanor Ilman tends to show, he definitely had high standards.

Even if he's currently at his lowest, Ilman will never let that show. Even suffering, he keeps his head up no matter what. Despite his obvious resilience, Ilman refuses to let anyone else get close enough to see the real him. He puts up walls of shitty words and bullying behavior because what he fears the most is letting anyone see him as weak. For this reason, he prefers to be alone and operates mostly on his own. Only a select few have gotten the privilege of getting deep and personal with him. And even then, people consider getting to know him either a curse or a miracle.

Ilman — Gif 3

Wand Maple & Dragon Heartstring, 13 3/4 inches
Pet Peeve
Star Sign Aries
Dreams/Goals Debuting

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