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park jaegyu

7th feb
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yoon hyunsuk (cix)
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  • big uwu energy
  • cute
  • mumbles sometimes
  • shy
  • when you get to know him he's like the loudest tho uwu
  • nervous all the time
  • adorable when he's angry
  • protective
  • just - *chef's kiss*
  • one of god's better creations
  • can be cold but chooses not to
  • a giant baby
  • needs his attention 25/8
  • afraid he's going to do something wrong when it's his first time doing something
    • does it like a king tho
  • perfectionist
  • tries really hard not to be like his "clan"
  • thinks outside the box
  • has a good sense of what's wrong and what's right
  • mature when he feels like it
  • sly sometimes
  • ambitious-ish
  • loves his parrot plushy
  • would die for his hyungs and noonas
    • basically an amazing dongsaeng
  • c u t i e
  • cant help but show his inner park sometimes
    • you're doing great sweetie 😊
  • absolutely without a doubt 100% cannot cook
    • let him go into a kitchen and you'll hear a boom somewhere in the house
  • smiles 24/7
  • ball of uwu energy
  • cotton candy


the park clan is infamous in magical korea. sure, there are thousands of parks in korea, but this specific clan has made mothers shiver in fear for their children and grown men pee in their pants. the infamous park clan is made up of gangsters, notorious criminals and overall just horrible people.

park jeungsoo was one of the unfortunate people who was born into the park clan. he lived a lonely sad life, with everyone avoiding him and such. he didnt even bother to try and make friends throughout his hogwarts school life, despite his professors urging him to "break out of his comfort zone". jeungsoo meant no actual harm to anyone, and he didn't wish to hurt anyone, nor did he intend to follow his parent's footsteps into being a criminal, but his snarky and ambitious personality got him into slytherin, which was "the beginning of every criminal's career", as to quote jeungsoo's mother.

his slytherin "friends" always tried to push him into doing either just straight up dumb crap or stealing stuff from the other houses or even professors, just to see his "natural criminal instincts". jeungsoo, not wanting to protest, did everything they asked without question or problems. he stayed silent like this for almost five years, until another girl started to speak to him.

lee sooyoung was a petit girl who, like jeungsoo, didn't like to talk much, but ever since jeungsoo met sooyoung, things started to get...better.

sooyoung was from the lee family. they were a pure-blooded family, which insisted the members of their family to get married to pure-bloods, or not get married at all. and, of course, they didnt want to get involved with people like the park clan. but despite her parents' warnings, sooyoung went up and became friends with jeungsoo anyway. they started to get close in the last few months of their fifth years in Hogwarts, and continued to stay close with each other, all the way till seventh year.

throughout those two years of playing with each other, endlessly teasing each other, and helping each other when the other was in need, they couldn't have not developed feelings for the other. both of them were too scared to admit it, though, but it was so obvious they liked each other they were kind of a "thing" at school, even though both of them kept denying the rumors with blushing faces.

seventh year came and passed, and eventually both of them got the guts to confess their love for each other. at the end they both realized their love for each other and lived happily ever after. not really.

yes, they did date for a few months, but not before sooyoung's parents came and found out. as hardcore pure-blood enthusiasts, they didn't allow this relationship - especially not one with a boy from the park clan. jeungsoo's parents weren't very happy with this relationship either after they heard about it from sooyoung's parents. eventually the couple was forced to break up. it wasnt like they had a choice anyway, as jeungsoo was moving back to korea, and jeungsoo's parents already arranged a marriage for jeungsoo.

jeungsoo didn't want to be involved in a love relationship with his fiancée. they had been childhood friends for a long time, and to jeungsoo's relief, his fiancée didnt want to bother him either. they got married but never developed feelings for one another and remained friends.

later on, jeungsoo went back to england to attend the wedding of one his old friends. as expected, he saw sooyoung there. they caught up with each other, and they ended up having a one night stand. when sooyoung woke up, she found that jeungsoo had left her with his contact information. this was something. everything was going perfectly fine until sooyoung found out she was pregnant.

she freaked out, of course. her parents would surely question that huge baby bump. so that was when she decided to pull out a fake boyfriend. she told one of her male friends to pretend to be her boyfriend just so she can give birth to this baby without removing it or questions.

finally park jaegyu appeared in this complicated story. when did he become a park, though? well, sooyoung simply led a life too busy and troublesome. with some mutual agreement, sooyoung agreed to give jaegyu to jeungsoo - after all, the baby was his. after a long talk, jeungsoo and his now wife decided to "adopt jaegyu", under jeungsoo's requirement to never tell his parents it was sooyoung's baby.

jaegyu was a cute baby - always waddling around, and all that. nobody could resist saying "aww" when jaegyu tripped over something and came back up giggling adorably. for a boy raised "the park way", he was one of the softest children ever raised by the park clan.

he was trained by his grandparents "the proper park way", but when he was under jeungsoo's wings, he was told to not hurt anyone and stay safe. being a good boy, jaegyu listened to jeungsoo's words and never hesitated to say "no" when his grandparents told him to break or steal something.

one time when jaegyu was six, his grandparents pushed him into stealing a diamond ring cleverly hidden behind a few books on a shelf that was his grandmother's. jaegyu tried to decline, but they gave him no choice. jaegyu wasn't tall enough to reach it, nor did he think of climbing up on a chair and reaching for it. instead, he simply wished for the shelf lower down so jaegyu could reach for it. the shelf not only did that - the ring floated down to the floor at jaegyu's feet. his grandparents were beyond proud.

year after year of the same few things happening - his grandparents telling him to steal something, him having a few small bursts of magic - until his mother decided it would be best for jaegyu if he moved over to england for two reasons. one; sooyoung missed him, and two; she wanted jaegyu to have his education at hogwarts.

so here jaegyu was, playing with his fingers, reading his acceptance letter to hogwarts. to him, this was a brand-new adventure. he couldn't wait to see what was behind those closed doors.



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