Jeonghun (3)


Birthday 04 November 2021
Age 17
Status Alive
Family Park Family
Handedness Right
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Seeing someone
Nationality South Korean
Speaks English, Korean
Species Wizard
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'3
Model Oh Sehun

Jeonghun (1)
Park Jiseok was the oldest of his three siblings which meant there was much more pressure on him to marry and marry well. His parents had a marriage set up with the daughter of an immensely wealthy family; however, Jiseok's heart belonged to someone else. That someone else being a dancer named Gu Hayoon. Because her career hadn't taken off yet, Jiseok's parents didn't approve of her. A poor dancer with no future versus a bright young girl from a rich family - the choice was clear. Jiseok went for his love Hayoon. After they married, Hayoon's profession as a dancer shot off and she began being nationally recognized for her talent. She performed in showcases all around South Korea, Jiseok following her every second of the way. It was in the middle of one of her tours that Hayoon fell mid-performance and ruined her ankle. She was rushed to the hospital where she was told she could never dance in that capacity again.

After only a mere two years, Hayoon's short-lived career was over. But that was okay. Because at that very same hospital, Hayoon was informed that she was pregnant with her first child. She and Jiseok settled down in Jeju, where they planned to raise their family. First came the twins, Jeonghun and Chaehun. After they came along, the Parks were gifted with another set of twins, Simon and Siyeol. The two got a break from twins when little Jaeyeol was born (his brothers like to tell him he ate his twin in the womb). And then came the baby of the family: Hana. Though dancing made Hayoon happy, it never brought the same joy that being a mother did. Her children (especially Jeonghun) certainly presented challenges, but she never shied away from them, and in part that's why she's become the role model she is today for her children.

Not only was he the oldest child from Jiseok and Hayoon's union, Jeonghun was also the most problematic growing up. He wasn't problematic in the I hurt people kind of way, but rather in the I won't listen to what you say sort of way. The terrible two's were, as predicted, terrible, and it seemed the duo's attention had to constantly be on him as a means to prevent him from burning the household down. From a young age, Jeonghun also presented an affinity for the art: singing, dancing, painting, Jeonghun had a passion for all its branches. Having inherited his father's wits and his mother's passion, Jeonghun had the potential to make it big. And his mother, living vicariously through her son's talents, was all too willing to help him progress in the industry she had once been forced to leave behind.

Jeonghun faced a setback at age eight. By that point, he was regularly attending vocal coaching and had joined a dancing crew. He had his sight set on making it big in the music industry, but with one realization his dream came tumbling down: he was a wizard. It was an extravagant manifestation, making utensils dance like in Beauty and the Beast for his youngest sister, who had been crying for one reason or the other. With a wizarding parent, it came as no surprise, but he had longed for a normal life where he could carry out his dreams. Nevertheless, he didn't let this deter him: the magical world had a growing music industry, too. Perhaps he could become successful there. Thus, he didn't let this change deter him from his lengthy preparations; he often took stages to sing, and became a well-known dancer through his crew, who had taken to the streets more and more frequently to showcase their gifts.

By age eleven, Jeonghun had made a name for himself. But just like that, his world was shattered with an announcement from his father: they would be moving to the United Kingdom. He had been offered a new opportunity, and it was in the family's best interests to move. It meant a lot of changes for Jeonghun, who had to leave his friends, his life, and his small fame behind in favor of a better life. The first few months following the move were difficult for Jeonghun, but after arriving at Hogwarts, things began to look up for him. He joined several clubs and made a few friends, but none like the ones he met later on. Everything was going well, and his parents had even allowed him to reventure into the arts once he was well-adjusted.

Across his seven years at Hogwarts, many things happened. He underwent an identity crisis, having teachers and students who were unable to properly pronounce his name, and went as far as to adopt a western name: Grayson. But at some point, he realized it wasn't worth it; his parents were proud of their heritage, and so should he. Art turned into a hobby for him, and he was part of a group of volunteers who repainted Hogsmeade (and in the night, was known to undo his work with beautiful murals that eventually the populace decided to stop repainting over). Most notably, almost in his seventh year, Jeonghun was scouted for an up and coming boyband for Reducto Records: the Hex Boys. It's been an interesting seven years, and as this chapter of his life comes to a close, he really can't wait to see what's in store for him.
Jeonghun is, first and foremost, the loudest, most rambunctious person you'll ever meet. You will never be able to even hope to rope him in, because as far as he's aware, every day could be his last and he's only there to enjoy it. He has big dreams and he's worked every day of his life to achieve them; to become great, to be known, and to leave a legacy to be remembered by when he passes on. He has this mentality of here for a good time, not a long time, and is usually known not to think before he acts; perhaps because of that, he makes such good friends with his current circle. While he strives to be the best person he can, he's also prone to making mistakes, and has never been one to turn away from acknowledging them and making up for them.

Priding himself on being a supportive person; trustworthy and reliable for everyone he knows, Jeonghun is the kind of friend you can turn to at any time for anything you need. He's a good listener, he's great at advice, and though he himself is a sympathetic crier, thus making it difficult for him to help his friends and family, he does his best for them. He's caring in nature and tends to be very thoughtful. On the flip side, he has a strictly protective nature, and usually tends to watch out for the people he loves in a manner that might be stifling for others. He's never experienced loss, but it's his boggart. No matter how close to him (or otherwise) you might be, he has this innate fear of losing people. The thought alone gives him chills.
Jeonghun (2)

Boggart Personal Loss
Amortentia Unknown
Patronus Golden Retriever
Wand Apple, Unicorn Hair, 11 inches
Interests Painting, Singing, Dancing
Pet Peeve Chewing loudly
Habits Bites his nails
MBTI Unavailable
Star Sign Scorpio
Dreams/Goals Become a star in the music industry
Color White
Song Something Just Like This
Show Game of Thrones
Movie N/A
Book A Game of Thrones
Food Chinese Food
Drink Fruit Punch

• he hates the color yellow

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