Parker Moon
Hufflepuff Alumni • Flying Professor

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Personal Information

Full NameParker Jaejin Moon
[ Moon Jae-Jin / 문재진 ]

Birthday13 March 2021
Age21 y/o
Zodiac SignPisces
Sex / GenderMale / Male
EthnicityAsian; Korean Descent
Sexual OrientationHomosexual
Romantic OrientationHomoromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceMontreal, Quebec
Living SituationHogwarts
Languages SpokenEnglish / French / Korean

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf-Blood
Wand WoodAlder
Wand CoreUnicorn Hair
Wand Length9"
PatronusSea Otter


Parker is quite the emotional person and it's definitely no secret. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and no matter what emotion he's feeling people around him are guaranteed to know. He's tried countless times to make it less obvious, but having a rough school experience and being bullied definitely didn't help him overcome the obstacles he needed to in order to be more secretive about how he's feeling.

Parker is a crybaby for sure, which makes sense considering he's an emotional person. He cries when he's upset and especially when he's happy. Once again, another thing he can't help. If he get's news of something good he'll tear up, and if he gets news of something bad then he'll go into complete waterworks for hours. He doesn't have a single mean bone in his body, and trying to make him get angry would be quite the accomplishment. Nobody's ever seen him get angry, not even his dad.

When Parker's happy, his smile and happiness can be very infectious. He'll stop at nothing to make sure everyone around him is having a good time and is enjoying themselves. He's normally very upbeat and positive, even if people aren't positive around him he'll march to the beat of his own drum. Since he's been bullied greatly, the only thing he did to counter it was just try and block out negativity and stay positive. Although most of the time he's unable to.


Sydney Moon was quite the young wizard when he slept with a woman named Daniella Hwang, in fact it was his last year of high school in Montreal. Being young and dumb, of course the proper precautions weren't taken which resulted in Daniella getting pregnant. Nine months later, a little baby boy was left on Sydney's parents doorstep with a simple note explaining that the baby was his. Naturally, Sydney's parents were pissed about the recent addition to the family, and after giving him some money to start a solo life, they kicked their son out after his graduation.

Living on his own with a baby was rough for Sydney, especially while trying to go to school. He had some help from his roommates but ultimately he just didn't think he was ready to take care of a child. He named the child Parker before being kicked out, but he still had no clue if he intended on keeping the child or if he wanted to put him up for adoption. If it weren't for his roommates' help, Parker definitely would have been living with some family in the suburbs. But Sydney found his heart with Parker, and he learned to love the child, as his son grew up loving him.

Living with his dad and two other guys in an apartment was definitely chaotic at times, but it was good for Parker to have all the eyes on him as he loved the attention. When Sydney found a place on his own, Parker was also enrolled into muggle kindergarten. Living in a predominantly Caucasian neighbourhood and being the only Asian student in his school, Parker was bullied frequently for looking different around the third grade. He'd go home crying most days and Sydney didn't know what to do at first.

After going through a year of torment and the school not doing anything about it despite Sydney's pleas, Sydney switched Parker out of the school. However there was more behind the switching of schools, a week before Sydney had made the decision, he had noticed Parker's magic kicking in when he spotted a cup levitating around his son. Not wanting him to use his magic against the kids who were bullying him, Sydney switched Parker out of his current school and into a new one which was significantly better. There was more of a diverse population in the new school which made life easier not being the only different kid.

Of course muggle school didn't last forever in Parker's case, so Sydney did his best to prep his son for Hogwarts before it was time to apply. After a year at his new school, it was time for Parker to apply to Hogwarts. He was accepted and in order to make the transition easier for Parker, Sydney moved with him to the UK so his son wouldn't be across the world without him. During the sorting ceremony, Parker was sorted into Hufflepuff.


Face ClaimNam Joo-Hyuk
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Weight158 lbs.
Voice TypeBaritone
Blood TypeA
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleFit; Muscular

Family Information

FatherSydney Moon
MotherDaniella Hwang
Full SiblingsN/A
Half SiblingsN/A
Guardian(s)Sydney Moon
Other RelativesNone


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)Ernie Lee

Name Etymology

Given [ Parker ]Keeper of the park
Middle [ Jae-Jin ]Jae -> Talent, genius, ability [ 재 ]
Jin -> Precious, valuable [ 진 ]

Surname [ Moon ]Literature, culture [ 문 ]


Favourite ColourRose Gold
Favourite MovieLady and the Tramp
Favourite SongZoo, by Red Velvet
Favourite FoodPineapple
Favourite DrinkPeach Juice
LikesRain / winter
LovesChristmas / pineapple / fruit in general
First KissN/A
First CrushErnie Lee
First LoveN/A
First TimeN/A
Sports PlayedN/A
Instruments PlayedFlute / Piano
GoalsTo graduate top of the class
AchievementsFlute championship in Montreal
Biggest HopeTo live a happy and successful life
Biggest RegretUnsure
Best MemoriesGoing skating with his dad
Worst MemoriesGetting bullied in muggle school
Mental IllnessesN/A
Criminal RecordN/A
Medical RecordN/A

Custom Trivia

  • Winter is his absolute favourite season, mainly because of Christmas but also because of getting to play in the snow.
  • Due to getting bullied a lot, he finds it hard to talk to most people.
  • He wants to adopt every dog and puppy in the world.
  • He's really just a smol child.


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