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Pasha’s journey started in an immigration office, his mother looking to see what were the next steps to residency, his father being the one on duty helping her. At first the meetings were about finances, and other things Nekadam needed to know in order to successfully get her green card. She was a fairly successful tech guru and certainly had the means for it. After she received her green card, she continued meeting up with AJ for less official reasons. They moved in together, built a life together, and got married. Pasha came down the line. Raised as a child in his mother’s faith. Pasha wasn’t a common sight in Philly.

Kids generally made fun of him for his name, which annoyed him enough to start building a bit of a smart mouth. On top of that, being the only mixed kid in private school just created a social gap he sometimes felt he couldn’t could escape. Over years, he was able to wear them out with charisma and the appearance of not caring. In schools like that, even though they’re children, sometimes they’re starved for something as authentic as what Pasha represented. In the magical department, he was a late bloomer, having his first sign of magic at eight. Once, while sleeping, he was able to create the painting he had been making in his dream without getting out of bed. It was an unconscious action, but his parents were pretty freaked out. The american magical community, being so closed off to the no-maj world, responded immediately, having to sit down with Pasha’s parents and explain what was happening with his son.

To Pasha’s relief, he finally escaped his small private school and headed off to Ilvermorny at 11. It was a much more diverse experience that helped him grow as an individual, and as a creative. He probably smoked too much weed, but it didn’t affect him as much as a regular no-maj. After his fourth year, his parents decided that, both as a wizard and a citizen of the world, it would be a good experience for him to use those times to travel and see things. Through school relationships and traveling, he was able to pick up on a multitude of languages, mastering a few. When the triwizard invitation was revealed to the school, he just felt like it was another adventure, having never visited the UK in all his travels. He had started far east coming closer to the west when he’d started his journey. Now, he’s ready to see his school kick some ass.


Pasha would be described by his peers as an outwardly indifferent guy. He’s cool with anything, cool to do anything, and unafraid to experiment. He knows various languages as a result of being a flirt, and despite being very right brained, he’s good at picking them up quickly. As a result of his carefree nature, he isn’t mindful of tidiness and finds that cleaning is a bore and waste of time. He has trouble sleeping, so he spends most of his nights working on creative projects. Most would agree that in what he pursues, he’s determined. Unfortunately, he’s indecisive as to what kind of a creatie he is, which makes him a jack of trades, but a master of none.

Pasha isn’t highly religious, having abandoned the synagogue after his bar mitzvah, but believes in something, and part of his morals are built on those beliefs of his childhood. He’s loyal, but only to those few real friends in his life. Anyone can tell you he’s as stubborn as a mule, especially when he has his mind set on something. He may act tough, but he’s a lover not a fighter. While not outwardly serious, inwardly he’s reflective, and generally it can be expressed through his projects. His style is a bit postmodernist, so it’s mostly deconstructed ideas. He’s a constant smiler, to the annoyance of some of his peers, an a conscious vegan. Pasha isn’t an avid sports fan, but goes hard for the u.s. women's soccer team.



Pasha Jackson-Azimov
RPer Manolo
Age 16
Birthday November 1st, 2020
Nationality United States
Ethnicity Jewish Russian and African American
Species Wizard
Blood Muggle Born
Orientations bisexual
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Faceclaim Brian Whittaker
Height 6'0 ft.
Weight 160lb
Schooling Ilvermorny
Year 6th
Occupation Studemt
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Horse
Boggart a cubicle
Location Russia
Languages *well versed- English, Russian, Hebrew, Vietnamese, japanese
  • partially- korean, mandarin, cantonese, arabic, thai, khmer, indonesian
  • phrases- burmese, german, french, turkish, chechen, moldovian

Model: Brian Whittaker

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