Penelope Bostwick
Car orientated • Hufflepuff Alumni


Personal Information

Full NamePenelope Rhea Bostwick
Birthday3 September 2007
Age31 y/o
Zodiac SignVirgo
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
NationalityBritish and Greek
Sexual OrientationHomosexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
AccentEnglish with a faint trace of Greek
BirthplaceAthens, Greece
Living SituationCoral Gates
Languages SpokenGreek, English,

Magical Information

Blood StatusPureblood
Wand WoodRowan Wand
Wand CoreUnicorn hair
Wand Length11 inches


Penelope is the definition of a doormat. For the people she likes, anyway. She tends to not speak up for herself, especially when she feels hurt, and usually has two go to options. Hide it or run. She's not quite sure if this motto is a good one, though, and isn't quite sure if it benefits her. However, she's hates to walk all over other people or even think of manipulating them, though she doesn't particularly care if it's done to her (by a close friend though). However, she can be incredibly clueless at times and struggles to pick up on what's going on around her, no matter how obvious it might be. Though she often puts this down to simply having her head in the clouds most times and could probably be better if she focussed more. This isn't necessarily true, however, as she can focus, as shown with her career. Appearing to be incredibly career driven, in all honesty this is simply to distract herself from her personal life and emotions. Despite this, she's terrible at business and struggles to get what she wants, hence why she usually leaves that side of her life to other people.

Penelope has a love for cars, however, especially the retro type. She's spent a fortune on her collection and is incredibly protective over her own vehicles. To her, those cars are her children and would be destroyed if anything were to happen to them. Seeing as she finds herself not trusting anyone else to handle them, she taught herself to maintain them, taking courses on mechanics whenever she could. Though she's not the best, she certainly knows how to fix a car. Eventually, she'll probably try her best to make a car by hand. Though, some might call this hobby excessive and perhaps it is, she can afford it through her own career and family. Though she does try not to let the money get to her head, she does have a habit of being very flippant with it. Though this can also cause her to be very generous, especially to organisations or to people in need. However, she has a tendency to over apologise, especially when she feels like she's imposing on someone and can sometimes be slightly pessimistic.

However, Penelope is terrified of being left alone. Though she's never voiced it, she's constantly felt like the outsider of her family and finds herself yearning for the sense of belonging. This doesn't help that she was adopted. There's only one or two people, maybe three, that made her feel at ease, at home, and it's something that she doesn't take lightly. However, due to this, she can be incredibly loyal and dedicated to those people. Not only that, considering her adopted father's track record, she's incredibly faithful to the one she gives her heart too, even if it is not returned. Penelope has a habit of smoking, though, but tends to try and not do it in public or in front of everyone else. It's her habit, that she's not proud of, but it gives her something to do, something to think about. It certainly doesn't help the headaches, though. Having been plagued by them for years, she knows there's not much she can do about them considering they occur because of her habit of clenching her teeth when she sleeps. Though she's been told this was because of stress. Because of this, however, Penelope has become an early sleeper, especially now that she has a slightly more relaxed schedule.


Sofía Hernández hated every bit of who she was; she was Guatemalan, poor, and had little to no chances of ever getting herself a better life. She was just eighteen, fresh out of school, and was working a job as a waitress where her shifts were a constant nightmare. Until she met Jonathan Bostwick. He was just there for a visit, trying to close a deal for his own father's company. He was around her age, just out of Hogwarts, and was trying to fill in his father's shoes. He'd wound up at her diner, lost and hungry. Fast forward to a couple hours later, and they were conceiving one of Jonathan's many kids.

It was a scandal that many had anticipated would come to light eventually. Jonathan was a manwhore, he'd led many girls on during Hogwarts, and to be fair protection was never really on his mind. So left and right, he had women popping up claiming to have his kids. Of course, because he had the support of his father and a vast amount of money at his disposal, he was able to pay off every one of these women and silence them indefinitely. He refused to recognize his children, with very few exceptions. He first got married at age of 25, to Sofía herself, who he managed to reunite with during a follow-up on the mall he had invested in in Guatemala. Of course, she wasn't as mayo as his father wanted, hence why Sofía underwent physical changes. She legally changed her name, to something a little more fitting (i.e Linda). Their marriage was rushed, though, and it didn't last long.

Jonathan's second wife was a local pure-blooded witch who was, for the close-minded society, more socially acceptable. Sharon, was her name. Like with Linda, their marriage didn't last long, but two kids did come from the marriage. He also had children with Linda, when he married her again, and with Susan, whom he married when Linda divorced him after catching him with three different women at the same time. His marriage with Karen Westcott - his fifth one overall - also led to a couple more of his children. A pattern was presenting itself; he never really went more than five years with the same wife, until he got married for a sixth and final time, again to Linda. His life had become a joke, of sorts, and that wasn't a fact that went by unnoticed by the wizarding public of the UK.

Jonathan's father retook control of the company that he'd given to his son when he first got married. It was a rational decision that had to be made. Of course, that didn't mean Jonathan saw it that way - he fought and fought and fought, and even threatened to sue his old man for wrongful termination. He actually went ahead with it, though he and his father were able to reach to an agreement; whichever of his kids took the company the most serious, would inherit his shares and thus control. Which posed issues. From the children Jonathan had, none of them were interested in taking control. Why would they? That would mean having to oversee the development of over a hundred different businesses. That's an issue that the Bostwicks have, even today, which is a real bummer, because Arthur Bostwick is only getting older, nearing a hundred years old, and if if he dies before he announces an heir to the fortune, then... it's all gonna be for nothing.

Penelope was the result of the third marriage and it was a strange result. Unlike her siblings, she was the only one adopted. She was adopted at the age of nine, nearly ten. She supposed, later on, it was a last ditch effort to save the relationship, but Jonathan was a lost cause when it comes to commitment. She was born in Greece, though she'd argue she was born in Macedonia instead, even though she was raised in Athens since she was four. She has small memories of her time there. She remembers her father sitting on the front porch with a cigar hanging from his mouth. She remembers the crosses, the pictures of Jesus. She was pretty sure her family was Christian. Her mother? Who knew. She doesn't have any memories of her.Nor was she sure why she was put up for adoption, what happened to her father, or why she didn't have any extended family. She was adopted by a family in England. Rich, upper class and large, Penelope barely had a moment to herself growing up.

However, Penelope suppressed the memories. Most of them anyway. To her, they were a blur, a period of her life where the most likely scenario was that her father didn't want her and tossed her away with a mother who walked out the door when she was born. The truth of the situation, however, was that the mother was the consequences of a hit and run and the father died of lung cancer when he was nearly fifty.

She was loved by the new family, though, despite the many wives that her adopted father went through. She had her adopted siblings, especially her younger brother, thus she rarely ever felt lonely, albeit there were times she felt like she was the odd one out and this feeling came and go. She never paid much attention to it, though. When she was nine years old, she had her first magical incident. She was in one of the family cars, being driven by a nanny of course when she started to mess with the radio, wanting it changed. With her family being magical, no one was taken too much surprise but they were surprised Penelope was a witch, having been adopted from a muggle family. Like her family, she was sent straight to Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff. It didn't take her long to figure out friends she had made as a child, in Greece, were in the same school, though not the same year level. She eventually built a relationship, more friendships, with most of them, except one. Malia. By fourth year, she decided herself to be in love with her. Of course, seeing as Malia was very much taken by someone else, there wasn't many things Penelope could do about it.

Until later that year.

They broke up.

Though Penelope didn't realise it at the time, she became a sort of rebound for Malia. For two months, the amount of time she spent with Malia increased more than before and eventually, of course, one thing lead to another and they slept together. Of course, nothing came out of it. Except that it happened again and again. Still, at the end of the two months, Malia had gotten back with Valentina, leaving Penelope in a position...well, she wasn't sure what to call it. Not like she was ever going to tell Malia how she really felt. She acted supportive. Acted like she didn't care even, acted happy for Malia. What else could she do? However, eventually, Penelope did begin to distance herself from them, though she'd argue it wasn't intentional, nor was it severe. She just...suddenly found herself turning a corner whenever she saw any of her friends in the hallway. It was better that way.

This went for a year, Penelope putting up with Malia and Valentina, forcing herself to turn a blind eye and not show her jealousy and, well, anger. Until sixth year, Penelope did what she use too. Ignoring her own emotions too avoid drama and unnecessary emotional angst. In sixth year, however, Penelope found a distraction. Dana ó Cathasaigh . It didn't take too long for them to click and, if Penelope had to confess, she might have used her to have a reason not to be around the other Greeks, though it certainly wasn't the only reason they happened. By the end of the year, the two were almost inseparable.

When she graduated, the only person she tried to keep in contact with was Dana. Of course, this didn't exactly work. Initially, with her high maintenance work which forced her to travel a lot, Penelope put the lack of contact between her and Dana to this but eventually it became obvious, Dana didn't want anything to do with her. Which stung. It didn't take long for Penelope to find a job. She went for anything that wasn't involved in her family's business. So she went into acting and modelling, quickly gaining a name for herself, but by twenty three, she decided both modelling and acting was too much for her and withdrew to just the former. Though she never dared tell anyone, the two jobs, the constant travel, and the stress, it got too much for and eventually collapsed out of exhaustion, forced to spend a few weeks in hospital as a consequence. Though she didn't want too, she was recommended, strongly advised, by many doctors to settle down, supposedly 'relax'. She didn't tell anyone about this, save for her adoptive mother but only so she could be released from hospital. This didn't matter for her. She was fine. Just had to take it easy for a while.


Face ClaimJessica Alba
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Voice TypeContralto
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleFit

Family Information

FatherAlexander Maniatis (Father), Jonathan Bostwick (Adoptive father)
MotherJune Maniatis (Mother)
Full SiblingsTobias Bostwick, Anthony Bostwick, Nicolás Bostwick,
Half SiblingsN/A
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)Malia Sakellarios

Name Etymology

Given [ Penelope ]Weaver
Middle [ Rhea ]A flowing stream
Surname [ Bostwick ]Town of Bostock


Nickname(s)P, Penne
Favourite ColourViolet
Favourite MovieFast and Furious
Favourite SongImagine by Ariana Grande
Favourite FoodStrawberry and cream
Favourite DrinkMineral water
LikesDriving, acting, cars, travelling
DislikesSolitude, rejection
LovesDriving her cars, being with close friends and family
LoathesDoesn't really loathe anyone or anything. Lena might be the closest but she's over that.
First KissMalia Sakellarios
First CrushMalia Sakellarios
First LoveMalia Sakellarios
First TimeMalia Sakellarios
Sports PlayedNone
Instruments PlayedNone
Biggest Hope
Biggest RegretNot telling Malia about her feelings sooner
Best MemoriesDana
Worst MemoriesBeing in hospital
Mental IllnessesNone
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

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