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Penelope Kim

codename: maquia • december memory

i think my heart got lost, so tell me if you find it
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가시덤불 길 위에 짙게 남겨진 발자국은 핏빛

Penelope Kim - Sorting


At the very surface of her, Penelope is reserved and detached. She appears particularly soft and delicate with her light voice and innocent-looking features, and she moves with a quiet, sort of otherworldly grace. Though she may have a small smile on her face at all times, it feels fake and for show only. Penelope is the type to look on in the sidelines rather than actively participate. She's a woman of a few words and always seems to know more than she let on whether she does or not.

As someone with nothing to prove and nothing to lose, Penelope is rather lax and apathetic when it comes to her own self-preservation. Threats have no effect towards her as she claims that her life has ended long ago and she's only a dead woman walking. She literally has nothing to live for and the only reason why she's still alive until now is because alchemy and making others meet a sudden end became somewhat entertaining for her in a way.

While Penelope doesn't necessarily avoid attachments like the plague, she has become quite adept at passively dodging anyone's attempts at getting close to her over the years. Her willingness to love and be loved died with her family and she doesn't really see the point of letting people in when history has proven that it is very willing to deprive her of said attachments at any given time.


Sixteen shots. One shot for every life stolen. That was her promised retribution to the one who ripped her life apart all those years ago.

This is the tale of a disaffected young witch, the family that she loves and a meticulously planned family reunion that went wrong.

There are many branches of families around the world who carry the surname Kim. One of those branches is Pureblooded, carrying with them centuries of knowledge of alchemy and producing talented alchemists in each generation. By the 2030s, this family of Pureblooded alchemists had 17 members in total, 3 generations all living in their lavish mansion in their motherland of South Korea after their predecessors had spent their lives travelling the world to expand their prized knowledge and experience of alchemy.

Penelope Angelia Ye-Ryun Kim is part of the latest generation, the fifth child of Yvette Kim and Anisa Jeong and the ninth grandchild of famed alchemist Azura Kim and her husband Tobias Kho. She had three older siblings, four older cousins, and one younger brother. All members of her generation carry the surname Kim and were taught of the weight that surname bore.

This is where i gave up and decided on bullet points mwah

  • this is a tale of a disaffected young witch, the family that she loves and a meticulously planned family reunion that goes wrong
  • and by going wrong i mean her entire family gets wiped out and shes framed for it even tho it wasnt her fault and she spends her entire teen years and early 20s hunting down whoever was responsible and completely slaughters all of them and shes now in her mid 20s dissatisfied with her lifestyle as an assassin for hire bc her dreams were stolen from her and shes kind of contemplating following her fam bc she literally has nothing else to live for even tho shes like swimming in money
  • 6 years old - first magic incident; exploding a bush in the gardens
  • she was around 13 years old when her family was murdered
    • her younger brother was 9
    • her elder siblings were 15 (m), 18 (twins, m&f), and 20 (f)
    • her elder cousins were 20 (f), 17 (m), 15 (m), and 13 (f)
  • she committed her first act of revenge at 15 and was expelled from mahoutokoro bc her robes turned white, a sign of treason
  • escaped her intended trial and became an apprentice to a dark witch who also had beef with her family's murderer
  • they are too focused with their missions to ever bond
  • they work together for more than half a decade and yet neither know anything about each other even though the witch teaches penelope everything she knows
  • and penelope followed her mistress without question
  • the dark witch dies with their common enemy
  • there is no feeling of victory nor accomplishment, but what matters is that they got their revenge, the dark witch finally dragged her abuser to hell with her, and penelope's family can finally move on peacefully
  • penelope is alone once more. she has nothing left to live for, she has no one to wait for
  • and yet she still lives alone and sad in an empty shell of a mansion with only her mistress' many tomes of the dark arts and memories of her past to keep her company