Persephone Yasmine Charbonneau



i won't let you drown like the summer did.

social recluse,persephone "black", normal, average, and mediocre made by aera.


Perse, Yaz




November 19th








Chicago, USA


Single; Alive




Magical UK







Family Blood


Wand Core

Unicorn Hair

Wand Wood


Wand Arm

Ambidextrous; prefers right


Her dead parents and her bullies






i won't let you drown like the summer did.

social recluse,persephone "black", normal, average, and mediocre made by aera.


Lovie Simone

Eye Color


Hair Color



5'6" (173 cm)

Distinguishing Marks



Social Anxiety, PTSD

Mental State





i won't let you drown like the summer did.

social recluse,persephone "black", normal, average, and mediocre made by aera.

Favorite Color


Favorite Music Genre

anime opening songs, j-rock, k-pop

Favorite Food

salmon cando rolls

Favorite Animal


Favorite Book

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Favorite Drink

caramel bubble tea with oreo bits and pudding

Favorite Song

Red Flavor by Red Velvet

Favorite Movie

Spirited Away

Favorite Sweets







computer programming, gaming


English, partially fluent in Japanese



Keisha Scott


Stephen Charbonneau

Full Siblings

Sebastian & Kiera Charbonneau

Half Siblings



her grandparents




i won't let you drown like the summer did.

social recluse,persephone "black", normal, average, and mediocre made by aera.

  • persephone is a highly introverted social recluse
  • spends more time by herself than she does outside in general
  • her favorite place is her bedroom because it's practically where she lives
  • very messy person, always loosing things and her room is a gigantic mess
  • has extreme social anxiety as well as terrible social skills
  • freezes up in public areas, hates going to the shop for long trips because the chances of interacting with other people increase drastically
  • actually very smart and works well with technology
  • has a very good memory and remembers things word for word often only after hearing them once
  • has an odd affinity for rom-coms, though it's mostly to clown the characters and the plot line and be salty no one likes her
  • collects a lot of foreign sweets, especially pocky
  • very avid gaming and anime fan, knows more pop culture references than she does actual wizarding world celebrities
  • her music taste really only comprises of anime openings, j-rock, and k-pop
  • knows more random words in foreign languages than she does actual languages
  • stutters a lot when she speaks
  • very quiet and fidgety
  • tends to keep her head down as a habit she developed from her bullying at ilvermorny
  • very reluctant to make eye contact with people
  • has very dry humor, tends to be overly saracastic
  • only ever lightens up to people she's comfortable around, and it takes a long time for her to be comfortable around people
  • kind of has no idea where she's going in life, just does things day by day and hopes she'll still have a place to live at tomorrow




i won't let you drown like the summer did.

social recluse,persephone "black", normal, average, and mediocre made by aera.

persephone charbonneau had the delight of being the daughter of stephen charbonneau and keisha scott. the two of which were a mediocre pair of like-thinking people who liked each other well enough, and thus, decided to get married. they spent some mediocre, conflictless years together before having three children. persephone, sebastian, and kiera. these children were normal and mediocre, and together, they were a normal, mediocre family of absolutely average, normal, everyday people. there were exactly two years between every child.

there was one thing. persephone, was not as normal and mediocre as the rest of her family. in fact, you could even call her special. she could do things no one in her family could do. she was not normal or mediocre or average. no, she was different, startlingly different. but no one knew. her parents suspected something when she was six. when they went in her room to check on her while she slept and found the toys and the books and pens and papers floating around the room in an odd sort of dance. then the parents shook their heads and returned to their rooms, deciding that they were dreaming.

the abnormal behavior continued. things happened around persephone that defied all laws of science and logic. nothing was normal and nothing made sense, and it was driving her parents insane. finally, two years later when persephone turned eight, his parents couldn't take it anymore, and off the balcony they jumped, falling to their deaths and leaving persephone and her brother and sister, sebastion and kiera to new devices. her grandparents.

now persephone's grandparents were normal, average, and mediocre as well. at least, to the untrained eye. but odd things happened around them too that did not make sense. persephone came down stairs for water one night and was sure the kitchen was cleaning itself. when she told her grandmother the following morning, her grandmother told her she had been dreaming and that she should brush it off. then at the wee hours of the morning a few weeks later, she swore she saw her grandfather flying around on a broomstick. when she went out to check, he wasn't outside at all. her siblings saw nothing and therefore had nothing to question. it was simply persephone on her own.

at eleven, persephone received an invite to a school called ilvermorny. one she had never heard of before and certainly knew didn't live in the area. her grandparents lived on a farm in indiana, and persephone honestly didn't even remember where massachussets was on the map. her grandparents were not fazed by the letter, and when june rolled around, they pulled out their old supplies from their years at ilvermorny and handed it down to persephone. perhaps their family wasn't as normal and mediocre as persephone thought they were supposed to be.

persephone, however, didn't enjoy ilvermorny very much. for some reason she couldn't really figure out, other kids would bully her and pick on her hand-me-down materials. they'd make it a game to see how much gunk they could get stuck in her hair, and persephone started wearing the hood of her robe almost religiously and speed-walking everywhere she went to avoid being doused in whoever's disgusting leftovers the bullies would manage to scrape up. at ilvermorny, she lived up to no one's expectations and was only normal and average there too. she wasn't a great witch like she thought she could be, no, many students were better than her, but many were worse. so she was simply average, and if it wasn't for the vicious bullying problem, she'd blend right in.

persephone never made any friends at ilvermorny, in fact, she never really made any friends at all. but she did have one crush. the only crush she's ever had. luther greyson was, by far, persephone's worst and most persistent bully. who unlike all her other ones, had been bullying her for years. as what you could argue as a coping mechanism, persephone developed a crush on him, after realizing he was the only person at ilvermorny that consistently paid attention to her and kept hanging around her—even if it was only to torment her.

in sixth year, persephone woke up one day to see pages of her journal torn and pasted all over the school, leaving her mortified for the rest of the year. she developed a deep fear of people and as a result, her social skills suffered heavily. instead, she'd spend more time by herself, working on her own personal projects. she'd draw and write and play video games and keep to herself. although she was never bothering anyone else, she made a stronger effort to stay invisible if it meant her bullies would leave her alone. and for the most part, they did. except luther greyson, who, for some odd reason either refused to catch the hint or got some sort of weird gratification from bothering persephone.

persephone spent her years dreaming of better times. one day she wouldn't be average, she'd be a great witch and get her name written down in history books. or maybe she'd return to the muggle world and become an esports champion. or maybe she'd start her own comic series. thinking about all the things she could be once she graduated ilvermorny. she was going to leave the states and venture out into the world and find her calling. she would rise above her struggles. she knew it, she knew it was just waiting to happen.

unfortunately, the only thing persephone rose to was a debatably shitty flat in muggle london with several other people, as well as a large sum of unresolved emotional trauma from her bullying, leaving her to be a social recluse who would rather befriend a new computer monitor than an actual person. we'll get there one day, i suppose.





i won't let you drown like the summer did.

social recluse,persephone "black", normal, average, and mediocre made by aera.

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