Peter Summers parents were both wizards, both parents were pure blood. Peter's father attended Hogwarts but both of his parents were South African. Peter was born in England but spent all of his life in South African. His younger brother, a year younger and named Jarryd, on the other hand was born in South Africa

Peter and his family lived off the grid on the coast of South Africa. Peter knew his family were wizards because of his parents and other relatives doing magic around him. All his life Peter's mother had talked Peter up about going to her old school, Uagadou School of Magic, but most of Peter's life he wanted to travel the world.

Peter's first magical was a year before he went to school. He had accidently lit his little brother's bed on fire while Jarryd was in it. His parents were thrilled that their eldest son could do magics but Peter was afraid of what he could have done to his brother if his parents didn't step in and put out the fire. When he turned 11, Peter went to Uagadou School of Magic, until end of school year faction after his fourth year at Uagadou when Peter's father told him about Hogwarts. Peter wanted to go to Hogwarts so before the school year started Peter's parents tried to get Peter into Hogwarts. After a very long time in between both school years, Hogwarts accepted Peter into their school.


Peter Summer is extremely cocky and will rush into any situation to help his friends and family no matter what the consequences are. Peter is sarcastic at first but once someone gets to know him, he is a amazing friend. Living off the grid for most of his life, Peter respects nature. Peter is also very forgetful and clumsy normally forgetting where he put his wand and is constantly tripping over things and breaking stuff but when it comes to caring for and know information about animals and magical creatures he is the compete opposite.




Gets along with magical creatures and animals better than a normal wizard. Like most wizards from his old school, Peter sometimes doesn't need a wand to do magic but he prefers using a magic.

Peter Summers
RPer UniPacific16
Age 18
Birthday August 6th
Nationality South African
Ethnicity Afrikaners, Caucasian
Species Wizard
Blood Pure Blood
Orientations Hetrosexual
Gender Male
Hair brown
Eyes blue
Faceclaim Joe Collier
Height 1.58 metres
Weight 64kg
Schooling Uagadou School of Magic, Hogwarts
Year Alumni
Occupation Works partly on Family's Reserve, Carpenter Apprentice and Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures; Being Division
Wand Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring core, 13 inches
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Erumpent
Boggart Anglerfish
Location South Africa partly, England mostly
Languages English, Afrikaans, some Dutch

Model: Joe Collier

credit to kibeth for page & brocky and red for inspiration/code

Spell List

  1. Bluebell Flames
  2. Cistem Aperio
  3. Expelliarmus
  4. Gripping Charm
  5. Lumos
  6. Nox

  1. Arania Exumai
  2. Bubble-Head Charm
  3. Flame-Freezing Charm
  4. Mobiliarbus
  5. Meteolojinx Recanto

  1. Accio
  2. Cribbing Spell
  3. Episkey
  4. Point Me
  5. Transtuli alius
  6. Cribbing Spell
  7. Erecto
  8. Homenum Revelio

  1. Arrow-shooting spell
  2. Banishing Charm
  3. Extinguishing spell
  4. Horn-Growing Hex
  5. Muffliato
  6. Stupefy
  7. Supersensory Charm
  8. Ignis Graecorum

  1. Antler spell
  2. Aqua Eructo
  3. Bombarda Maxima
  4. Deletrius
  5. Disillusionment Charm
  6. Expecto Patronum
  7. Incendio Tria
  8. Brackium Emendo
  9. Fianto Duri
  10. Fur Spell
  11. Intervenite