Phoebe Achilles Selene Black
hacker • animal lover • barmaid


Personal Information

Full NamePhoebe Achilles Selene Black
Birthday23rd of January
Zodiac SignAquarius
Sex / GenderFemle / Female
EthnicityMixed (Caucasian and of Mexican descent)
Sexual OrientationNot into labels
Romantic OrientationNot into labels
Relationship Statussingle
BirthplaceLondon, UK
Living SituationWillows Garden
Languages SpokenEnglish / French

Magical Information

Blood StatusPureblood
Wand WoodPine wood
Wand Coredragon heartstring core
Wand Length10 ¼ and supple flexibility
PatronusA horse
BoggartA forest


Phoebe isn't the nicest person you'll find in Hogwarts. In fact, if you were to find a spectrum with one end going 'cruel' to 'kind', Phoebe would be leaning to the former end of it. She can be rather arrogant and selfish, even shallow. Vain, Phoebe believes appearances are important and spends time making sure she looks better than anyone else around her. She's the type of person who never lets anyone see her without at least a touch of makeup. Perhaps this is a symbol of how she'd never dare let anyone see her naked (in the emotional, vulnerable sense) and with her guard down. She doesn't trust anyone, not even her own family, and feels like she'd be scorned by others if she were to be vulnerable. She has a taste, though, for the finer things in life. Jewellery, spending a small fortune on bath bombs and other things to make her baths worth it, champagne. She's glad she was born into a family that had a fortune and takes pride in spending as much as she can. Not like her parents notice anyway. Phoebe isn't that good at conflicts and would rather be petty or go behind someone's back to damage them than confront them face to face. Phoebe likes to make her presence known, however, and loves to be in the spotlight. Though she can be manipulative, she can also be incredibly charming when she wants to be.

Due to her family, she does have a sense of self worth that can often be described as 'bloated'. Sure, there has been times where she's been humbled (read: when she nearly died if she wasn't saved by a muggle), but she has been coerced into suppressing those events. Having felt ignored and forgotten growing up, she's determined to make people realise she's worth it, she's better and worth having around. She's taught herself to not truly care about what people around her feel about her and would rather make her own opinions on who she is. Independent, she doesn't believe she can rely on anyone but herself. She's also incredibly bitter, especially when it comes to her own family, and has rather isolated herself from them, save for when she needs to be involved with them. Of course, Phoebe is proud to be a Black and is proud of her family's history and importance. But...she's not that proud of her parents and the current generation. There's a difference. However, she doesn't like to air her dirty laundry out for the world to see and would rather keep it behind closed doors. Sure, she doesn't like her siblings (okay, maybe she does. They're all a bunch of annoying assholes but they're her annoying assholes) but it's still worth keeping up the image of a united front. In that way, she is loyal.

However, she's not that bad of a person. Sure, she'd be willing to throw someone under the bus but they actually have to do something for her to do that. Whether that be standing in her way, stabbing her in the back, or insulting her. If they're innocent, she'd rather leave them out of it than involve them. She has to have reasons to pit herself against someone first, though, and doesn't feel it necessary to outwardly ruin someone just for the sake of ruining them. To friends, Phoebe is rather possessive and can quickly become jealous, especially when she sees them with other people. She knows they can be friends with other people, and there's no reason for them not to be, but she can't help how she feels. However, to people her family might deem unworthy, she can often be aloof and distant, keeping herself at arms length. Though even with her inner circle, she often keeps her own thoughts to herself and often puts on an act. Though she has her own doubts about her family values, she keeps them up because they benefit her and she learnt the consequences about bending them. Though she has her own doubts about her family values, she keeps them up because they benefit her and she learnt the consequences about bending them. Phoebe knows she needs to one day make her own judgement, create her own values, eventually, even if it runs the risk of her parent's disappointment and being deemed a blood traitor. Not that this is her worst fear. No, that would be a mixture of claustrophobia, the dark, and isolation. After her incident with the forest, Phoebe's developed a fear of it and can never fall asleep without at least a nightlight. She prefers open spaces, such as the outdoors, though she hasn't been seen to step foot in a forest in years.

Phoebe has a love for animals, though, especially horses and dogs (not much of a cat lover, to be honest) and would rather spend her days with them than at school or with anyone else. She believes people who kill animals for sport or are cruel to them should be persecuted more than muggle borns should be. In fact, when it comes to muggle society, Phoebe's curious about it. Especially technology. Over the years, Phoebe has learnt how to hack, code, and even build a computer (a super bad one but nonetheless) and is finding it difficult to understand as time passes by how magic can't benefit from utilising these tools. Still, it is what it is. Phoebe isn't going to be doing anything to even risk getting disowned by her family anytime soon. That is, at least not until she can stand on her own two feet by herself. She is hard working though and is willing to put in the hours into something. It's just sometimes the hard work is directed for the wrong end game. She values hard work and loyalty, though, especially from other people. It's the one thing she'd ask from her friend or lover. Loyalty.


The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black is one of the largest, oldest, and wealthiest pure-blooded wizarding families in Britain, and one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. Like the majority of these families - Houses Malfoy and Lestrange included - the House of Black is synonymous with elevated status and wealth. They trace their origins back to the Middle Ages. Although they claim blood purity, it's no secret they resort to the same tactics as other houses: removing muggles and squibs from their family trees.

To this day, it's difficult to pinpoint just how the Black line survived following the deaths of Romulus and Sirius Black, leading to a hefty number of rumors. Some claim the family survived through the female line, adamant to preserve their family, whilst others claim the family survived through secret children. But as it is, to this date, historians have difficulty drawing together an explanation for their survival. Patriarch Adonis Othello Black and wife Astraia Eurydike, however, know exactly how they pulled through. And believe it or not, it was quite the difficult secret to maintain.

It's no secret that many pure-blooded families practiced incest. They'd marry their cousins and ensure their family stayed pure. While it wasn't scandalous back then, in the late twentieth century it was deemed a disgusting, outdated practice. But the Blacks - or at least some of them - refused to believe as much, hence why they went into hiding. They recognized it was only a matter of time before the family died out. Adonis Othello, his siblings and his cousins were all products of these endeavors.

Adonis' parents were the first to come out of hiding, around the time their son began Hogwarts. This triggered mass confusion in the wizarding community and of course raised a lot of questions. How'd they do it? Where do they fit into in the family tree? Where were they all these years? They weren't around during the wizarding wars. Who were these people? It was a lot to handle, but Adonis persevered and quickly rose in the ranks at Hogwarts, earning himself a steadfast reputation as one of the best wizards of his generation.

It was at Hogwarts that Adonis and childhood best friend Esmeralda were able to get their heads together and finally become an item. They became a power couple: if you didn't want to be them, you wanted to be with them. It was one or the other. Everything about them screamed powerful. Pure-blooded wizards from equally as respectable families? They had the looks, the power, and the money. But of course, no relationship is a healthy relationship without its up and downs.

Adonis was a compulsive liar and cheater, and Esmeralda was a hormonal bisexual cheater. She ended up hooking with his cousin Sappho in their sixth year three times, and twice in their seventh year. Her boyfriend got his revenge, though, and ended up bedding her younger cousin: Sofia. For a while, their relationship was open. They couldn't bear just being together. The toxicity got to them and they knew that, without the release, they wouldn't last. It was because of this that people began asking themselves: when would they end things permanently? (Spoiler alert: they didn't.)

They were wed at age 22, not early enough to call it a mistake but not late enough that their biological clock was ticking. It was the ideal age. To reflect the union and fit in properly with the other Blacks (and to sweeten Adonis' disapproving parents, honestly), Esmeralda legally became known as Astraia Euridyke. Greek, like they liked, and Eyrydike as another shoutout to that (and her bisexuality, to some extent, as the Blacks made a point to erase all traces of it). Unfortunately, not everything went to plan. They were having trouble conceiving children. So what did they do? They turned towards adoption. Although they were eventually able to conceive two children, they'd already ensured their family's survival by urning towards a pure-blooded adoption agency to take in a couple of kids. They had to fill that void in their hearts somehow.

His parents, however, were disapproving of the whole ordeal. If they couldn't bear kids, that was their problem. But potentially tarnishing the family's name and reputation? They wouldn't stand for it. Not like it mattered. They turned out dead three weeks later, with poison in their system. The aurors never caught the culprit, but the family strongly believes it was Adonis. (It was actually Sappho. She wasn't going to allow them to disrespect her girlfriend. What, never heard of a long-lasting affair?) Phoebe was the only biological daughter of the family–kind of. Unknown to everyone but Astraia, Phoebe was the daughter of José Luis Hernández. Astraia was now aware that Adonis was infertile and the reason for their problems but she kept it to herself. That secret will go with her to the grave. Though not the oldest, she is, in her own opinion, the only child that the Black's should have had. She remembers the first few years, where she was the only child in the house, and often calls them the most blissful years she's ever experience, even though she doesn't particularly remember much. Phoebe, however, grew up watching her house being invaded once, twice, three times. They didn't stop coming until there were an unhealthy amount of ten Black children. Phoebe had the firm belief that since there was such a large amount then surely one of them was bound to fall astray and damage the family name, thus it was risky of their parents to even think to foster so many delinquents. No longer was she the most beloved person in her parent's eyes. No longer was she the sole heir to the Black family. Now she was tossed to the side and felt rather forgotten. She became bitter watching her parents give the children attention and often isolated herself from everyone and anything that had to do with them. She wasn't surprised when she woke up on her birthday to find her parent's had forgotten.

She didn't understand it. Sure, they couldn't have anymore biological siblings, but why would they need to? They had her? A perfectly fine child. She wasn't a squib. No, she proved that when she was eight years old. Too late in her opinion. She'd been hoping she'd get her first sign of magic at five or six at the latest. Briefly, she had wondered to herself if she was a squib but she refused to believe. The only real Black was not going to be a squib. When she was eight, she might had been following the butler around as he did his rounds. What could she say? The butler was her only real ally in the house. Seeing as he had seen her be born and grow up, he even confessed he held her as his favourite out of the Black children (why couldn't her parents hold this perspective? Phoebe thought it rather logical and fair). Her incident was a simple one, she set all the candles alight when she saw how the butler was struggling. So she had a soft spot on him, even if he was old and wrinkly and could barely keep his back straight, and didn't like watching him struggle. Phoebe was smug for days, satisfied that her powers had come out to play.

Phoebe spent most of her child outside on horses. On these animals, she felt at peace and separated from everything else. Evan at such a young age, she had a natural talent and picked up on how to ride them easily (as a real Black should, it was genetic that they didn't struggle with anything, really). At ten years of age, she found herself riding through the forest. It was during a summer and the family had gone to one of their country estates for a few weeks, to get away from hustle and bustle of the city. Phoebe hadn't meant to go as far in as she did, nor did she expect to actually succeed at losing her supervisor, but of course she did. Of course, she also got rather lost and when the sun began to set, Phoebe had no way of finding her way back. Being ten years old, Phoebe began to panic, causing her horse to panic and soon was bolting through the trees. This resulted in the animal tripping over a fallen log, causing both of them to go rolling down a hill. The horse, unfortunately, died, through blood loss originating from a cut that it received in the fall.

Phoebe herself wasn't in the best of shapes but she didn't break any bones. A few cuts, yes, but nothing serious. Or appeared to be, anyway. She was ten, she didn't know injured she was, all she knew was that she could still walk without much pain. Sure, most of her body ached but it was nothing a Black couldn't handle and Phoebe wasn't going to be letting that name down anytime soon. Not sure what else to do, Phoebe began to walk. No one had ever taught her what to do when she got stranded (why would they? Not like a child of her calibre was to ever actually going to be left alone but, alas, the unexpected was always what was going too happen, wasn't it?). Of course, the best option would be too either make a fire for people to see the smoke or find a source of water but Phoebe...was too young and sheltered to know this. For what seemed like centuries, Phoebe kept on walking. Cold and...terrified, honestly. There were moments were she stopped to break down. She wanted to be home with her butler, home with her annoying and stupid adopted siblings and home where there was a warm bed and food. She wanted food. Looking back on the event, that was what stands out to Phoebe. The hunger.

She wasn't sure when she passed out but she woke up in a small hut. A cottage. She didn't know what to call it. It was small (it was actually pretty average for a cabin in the woods). A girl, not that older than her, maybe thirteen or twelve, had found her when she was looking for herbs for her parents. The girl knew who she was. Phoebe was one of the family that the girl was instructed to stay away from. Everyone in the muggle town nearby knew to keep away from the strange family in the mansion just outside the woods. Phoebe couldn't imagine the amount of myths that surrounded them that was created by the small, superstitious, country town nearby. Still, Phoebe looked half dead when the girl found her so she dragged her into the basement so her parents weren't too find her. The basement was the girl's space and her privacy was never broken. Her parents were progressive enough to respect their child's privacy. Phoebe, as well, wasn't quite sure what to make of the situation. She'd always been told to stay away from muggles and that she was above them, better than them. It was one of the things her parents insisted she knew and actually took time out of her day to install it in her (something Phoebe would learn to roll her eyes at when she remembers this detail).

Still. It seemed both of them were stuck together. Phoebe had developed a cold in the day and a half she'd been wandering the forest and could barely move a muscle whilst the girl didn't have the heart to toss her out like her parent's would have wanted (to them, Phoebe was like the devil and would have just brought trouble). So for a week or so, the girl, whose name escaped Phoebe (she wasn't sure if she forgot it or the girl decided not to mention it, in case Phoebe tried to track her down later). Phoebe wasn't sure what her parents were doing during this week. She was told they were looking for her and it appeared to be true they just didn't do a very good job at it. However, when the search party had came across the house, it was hard to be discovered when the owners declined her presence. Phoebe and the girl talked during the week, though it was nothing too deep. Just...Phoebe found herselfgetting over her initial wariness. Wariness over being around a muggle, wariness that she was being helped by a muggle. By the time she had recovered and was given directions back to her house, she was almost sad that she was leaving the girl behind. When she returned home, she found the place an utter mess. Naturally, her parents had gotten the official's involved and it took Phoebe only an hour to move past the initial happiness of being found safe.

She told her parent's the truth. What else was she going to say? And found them...dismayed. For days, she was lectured on blood purity, being told she should have tried to escape. They nearly went as far as calling her a blood traitor for letting a muggle give her their ointments and food. Of course, being ten, her parents did decide to be a bit more...gentle and that it was still possible to stamp out this event and any potential sympathies Phoebe might grow into. Returning straight to London, it didn't take long for her parents, particularly her father, to make sure Phoebe had understood that her soft emotions towards this muggle was wrong and something to be ashamed of. By the time she went to Hogwarts, she almost resented herself for how she had let her guard down by a muggle so quickly. She needed to be better. She couldn't disappoint her parents again through stooping so low to let a muggle get to her.

At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Hufflepuff. Not exactly the house that either she or her parents were expecting, but Phoebe was forced to get over it. Plus, it wasn't that bad, she had close access to the kitchens. Throughout the years, she stayed close to other purebloods, making sure she stayed near acceptable company. She was a great student, even though some assignments were done through her paying off some poor nerd, and always listened attentively in class. She was better at practical classes. DADA, transfigurations, charms and sometimes potions. She acted better than most of her peers, of course, and always appeared aloof to most people. Of course, she wasn't outwardly cruel. She, still to this day, insulted anyone due to the impurity of their blood and hasn't been violent. She just appears aloof and cut off to those below her. Still, she acted as if she owned the school and as a Black, it wasn't that hard to make reality. Now reaching her final year, she wants to finish with a bang.

After graduating, Phoebe went traveling. She found little need to stay in London with her family and wanted to experience the world. Taking a good chunk of her fortune, she went around the world. The muggle world, though. Phoebe had shrugged off her family values and spent as much time getting to know the muggle world, challenging every ideal she grew up under. In the meantime, she got better at technology, until she was rather skilled at it. Now, on the verge of turning twenty one, she returned home. Phoebe has little intention of reconnecting with her family but–whatever happens, she supposes.


Face ClaimSelena Gomez
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Voice TypeDistinctive
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleMuscular

Family Information

FatherJosé Luis Hernández
MotherAstraia Black
Full Siblings
Half SiblingsN/A
Other RelativesAdopted prick


Significant Other(s)None
Best Friend(s)TBA

Name Etymology

Given [ Phoebe ]bright and shining
Middle [ Achilles, Selene ]Achilles: Greek Hero
Selene: Luna

Surname [ ]Unknown


Favourite Colour
Favourite Movie
Favourite Song
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
First Kiss
First CrushSome guy
First LoveNone
First Time
Sports Played
Instruments Played
Biggest Hope
Biggest RegretNone
Best MemoriesNone in particular
Worst MemoriesTBA
Mental IllnessesNone
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

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