Phoenix Raven


Year 5

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Phoenix Raven rebirth 01


Phoenix Raven




Important Facts


Brother: Adam Raven(deceased); mother: Gwendolyn Raven(alive); father: Jacob Raven(alive).
Eye Colour
Hair Colour
Dark brown, dyed blond


Hogwarts, Gryffindor
Wand Arm


Gryffindor crest

Phoenix, on June 8th, was born to Gwendolyn and Jacob Raven, a witch and and wizard. He had one twin brother, Adam Raven, and the two were extremely close friends. They practically did everything together, from sports to homework. They were both homeschooled, and this allowed them to have a lot of freetime. Adam decided they could go hiking, and their parents obliged. As Gwendolyn and Jacob were following the two, they sprinted ahead into the forest. Eventually they got lost, and found their way out of the forest, but it wasn't where they had started, and they were alone in the dark alleys. They had the worst of luck when a pedophile found them. Adam was bold and confronted him, while Phoenix decided to stay back. Adam was murdered in front of Phoenix's eyes, and Phoenix ran, sobbing and screaming for help. Phoenix, in extreme grief, decided to become as brave as possible- for Adam. He became much more adventurous, trying new things, even when his parents said no. "For Adam," he said, and his parents usually let him after these words. When he got his letter accepting him into Hogwarts, he was overjoyed, and couldn't wait for the school year to begin. He said goodbye to his parents somewhat wistfully, and promised himself these would be the best years of his life.
Personality and Traits
Phoenix is a fiery, independent boy. He's bold and sometimes rash, though friendly. Phoenix likes to rate himself as somewhat popular, and will never let any insults bother him, though he's defintely willing to ingage in arguements. He's rebellious, and his fiery personality is hard to contain, and he prefers friends that would let that fire burn instead of putting it out and trying to make him a different person. He's sporty, and growing up he was always very athletic.
Phoenix has brown hair, dyed blond, and pale blue eyes. He's about average height.
Skills and Special Abilities
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