The Potions Club was established by an unknown Hufflepuff in 1996 and was a means of catching up on homework as well as practicing and learning potions. The infamous Harry Potter used the club frequently between the years 1996-1997 and made various potions like the Shrinking Solution and Wiggenweld Potion during his time.

Since its almost decade-long inactivity, the Potions Club has been newly reopened by Selena Argyropoulos in attempt to bring her fellow students a better resource when it comes to after-class assistance. The Club offers competitive challenges, valuable information, tips and tricks and even badges to earn.

The club is now accepting members! Please fill out the Registration with the characters name, year and house, as well as the roleplayer. Those who are accepted into the Club will be added to the Potions Club Template. An example will be provided below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me an owl.


The cirriculum for the Potions Club will be completing every potion listed below in the template. Each student will be guided through the individual potion and then given time to prepare one on their own to be graded. Note: Potions Club grades do not have anything to do with your character's actual grade, this is more for fun and to gauge an actual score. Every lesson will offer the oppertunity to add a spin on traditional learning methods; a random draw to select various challenges like being timed, blindfolded, etc will be provided.

Seperate from the practices, I will be offering one-on-one lessons for those characters that feel they need a little extra help with Potions or homework. You may request a rp here.

The oppertunity to stake claim for a specific badge is also an option on the table for this club. For example; the Potions Endurance badge requires a student to complete twenty successful potions. In order to get a badge, the leader or two other members have to witness the process. The rules regarding this are that all the criteria of the attaining the badge is followed in the presence of either the leader or two club members and no cheating is involved.

Rules and Regulations

  • You must be at least thirteen years old and in your third year to join.
  • Extra lessons with particular potions are available on request.
  • There will be no tolerance when it comes to characters bullying or mocking other characters.
  • When a student is seeking help with class or homework, it is strictly confidential.
  • The characters are not allowed to cheat.
  • Potions are to be made in the presence of Selena Argyropoulos or a teacher for safety reasons.