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Piper Lancasterpunk • indecisive • head girl

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Piper stood in front of the small group of students and scuffed her feet on the ground, briefly glancing to the head boy before looking back. "Hi! If you don't know me already, I'm Piper Lancaster. I'm a Hufflepuff and this is my final year. I'm going to be your head girl for the entire year and I'm really, really excited to get to know everyone and work with you all. I hope we can have a good year ahead and make sure everyone feels comfortable in Hogwarts. Now...if we don't have any questions, I guess we could start with introductions from everyone?"

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Aria age 14
Aria Joy Prince - Fourth Year Gryffindor Prefect - 40205A01
Send Me an Owl! - 12:23, July 29, 2019 (UTC)
She'd walk into the carriage looking a bit awed. She honestly hadn't expected to be picked as a prefect and knew she'd be the youngest student here. She was pretty nervous.
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