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Thomas' Room


Coming in from the hallway of the East Wing, you'll find the room Charity created for Thomas. Modeled after what Charity imagined the Gryffindor dormitory to look like, it's a little slice of Gryffindor heaven, with a few Quidditch touches.



Thomas Bagman Owner/Potioneer at The Apothecary
-"Think for yourself and question authority."

 – 05:15, June 18, 2016 (UTC)~

He wasn't really able to sleep well. Carmen's birthday was next month... there didn't seem to be anything that didn't remind him of his wife. He left the castle every once and awhile... mostly to prove to himself that he wasn't entirely crazy. His room would've been even more of a mess if Jewel didn't come in and insist on cleaning. He didn't stop her-- usually feigning sleep whenever she came in to clean. He hadn't shaved in awhile, and was just keeping the scruff for now-- who did he have to shave for, anyway? He was sitting on his bed, legs dangling off the sides as he cast a look around the room. The dark circles under his eyes were becoming more and more pronounced. She was gone. And he didn't know what to do without her.