HRH Alisa Anastasia Windsor
House of Windsor
26 April, 2023
Royal House of Windsor
Blood Status
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Alisa is a Ravenclaw alumni royal, and a pyromaniac unique one at that.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Christina Ricci

Stirling Castle
Native Language
English, slight hint of Russian
Earliest Memory
Sitting alone in the royal gardens
Type of Childhood
Well Cared For

During the reign of William III & Mary II in 1692 the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy was signed, separating the lives of the magical and the muggles. The reign of the muggle royal family over the magical population of Britain - and later the United Kindgom - was largely undisturbed; both British societies observed the same monarch until the pure-blooded of the magical society began demanding detachment. From what started as being general discontent grew into violent actions with a magical civil war approaching over the horizon. In a stroke of luck that avoided turmoil, the ruling King George III had a magical daughter hidden from the muggle society. This daughter, Princess Charlotte, was quickly installed as the monarch of the magical society of Britain - an act which finally separated the two.

The arrangement worked out perfectly for both societies; whilst both monarchies were separate, the two worked closely to ensure similar values were shared and upheld. When the muggle monarchy changed their house name to Windsor, the magical monarchy followed suit. Everything was harmonious until the ascension of King Henry II. A monarch who wanted to devolve the power of the Ministry itself, Henry became tyrannous early on in his reign. Turmoil that threatened to overthrow the monarchy rose again, saved only by the forced abdication of Henry and the replacement by his eldest daughter, Victoria.

Proving to be the saving grace of House Windsor, Queen Victoria remedied her father's mistakes. She appealed to all crowds of magical life; advocating for no discrimination for species, being proud enough of her pure-blooded heritage to satisfy those who cared whilst remaining completely relatable for all. Her reign, still going strong, has remained among the most harmonious and popular since the magical monarchy's establishment.

Her mother, Vivianne, was Victoria's third child, and was very rebellious in comparison to her siblings. She refused to go to Hogwarts, wanting to be unique by going to Beauxbatons, and began to gain a rather divided view from the public, they either loved or hated her. Vivianne was always getting in trouble, and when she finally finished school, would stay up all night drinking and partying, gaining disdain from traditionalists while getting support from others. Alisa shares little in common with her mother, aside from her rebellious streak of being different then her.

Her father, Henry, was a simple news reporter, often taking pictures of his future wife, who he would always share brief conversations with. Vivianne was eventually the one to ask him on a date, and sure enough, they later ended up married. As he came from a pure-blood family, he was readily accepted into the family, and it is still considered one of the least scandalous things to occur involving Vivianne. She began to settle down from the night life and began to have a family of her own, having four children. Three girls and a boy.

Alisa, being only a year younger then Estelle, always seemed to be the odd one out. She barely cried, nor talked, often preferring to sit alone, watching the gardens. As she grew, she'd often spend her time in those gardens, sometimes admiring nature, and sometimes seeing what happens when you put a ant under a magnifying glass. Alisa was home-schooled, and while lonely, enjoyed it rather a lot. She began to spend long times in the library, reading up on history, and soon became fascinated with Gothic architecture and the history of the muggle world, particularly Eastern Europe. She soon became what many would call "A Goth". She doesn't dispute the claims, considering her dark attire and nature.

She first learnt she had magic when her parents finally agreed to allow her to visit Russia for her 8th birthday, as long as she had a few servants with her for safety. Her uncharacteristic grin and cheer was a surprise to her parents, though this would become the second biggest surprise of the day when a mirror flew off the wall. Her trip to Russia was an eye-opener for her, and being able to experience history by herself made her begin her studies of the language. In time, before her 10th birthday, she knew quite a bit of Russian, and had started to study Finnish. When she finally heard she would get to go to Hogwarts, she once again displayed an uncharacteristic level of joy. All those old unused areas and history, waiting for her to explore.

Her life at Hogwarts has been rather uneventful, though one event at the end of her fourth year has once again changed her view on things. Aside from noticing her closest sisters increased depression, she had a incident in London that she's still not sure how to feel about. After threatening a few bullies attacking someone about her age in London, she was very surprised to receive a kiss on the cheeks for the aid. And that made her realise something. She kinda liked kisses from girls.

Her fifth year was a mix of ups and downs, she made new friends, burnt spiders, and even found her relations with her family improved. Her sixth year only improved on her fifth, her roommates were nice, she got to annoy Professor Deonte and Professor Petukhova more, meet a pretty cool baby, and play quidditch. Her seventh year saw her hold the spot of prefect, and she passed with high N.E.W.T levels. Now, she mainly acts as a public figure for the royal family, having not figured out what she wishes to do in life.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Loyal, Smart, Intelligent
Worst Qualities
Sadistic, Pyromaniac, Your Worst Nightmare When Annoyed.
Most Influenced By
The Past
Alisa prides herself on being one of the most 'unique' royals. Her dark fascination with the macabre and lack of emotions makes her stick out like a sore thumb. While her siblings and parents are used to her rather sadistic nature, even her cousins are a bit creeped out by her. She has a deadpan wit about her, and a morbid curiosity with pain and suffering, and while she hasn't hurt anyone badly yet, she's left a few marks on people she dislikes over the years. She's a social recluse, usually off doing her own arson things around the wizarding world, and while unlikely to raise her hand in class, she's very intelligent, and always does well on exams. Ironic, considering she often skips class, instead exploring Hogwarts and Hogsmead to find new hideouts and history undiscovered. She dislikes anything over-girly, and once threatened to tear someone a new spine when they complimented her. However, she does keep herself looking proper like a royal should, it might just be the only trait of a true royal she has.

Alisa is a girl of secrets, and barely confides how she feels, even to her family. She does, however, care about them, and would stop at nothing to get revenge for them if they ever had issues. She often travels to cold nations, Russia and Finland being her personal favourite, and speaks a bit of both, which helps when people try to talk to her but don't recognise her, she just pretends she doesn't understand them. Her cold nature can make people believe shes cruel, though she isn't....needlessly. She's glad she has no chance at gaining the throne, as she prefers to be out of the limelight. That's not to say she doesn't appreciate her spot in society, and would gladly do stuff for her nation, but she would much rather have someone else get the attention for it, she hates being followed. Due to her fascination with horror and Gothic things, shes more open to allowing Half-Breeds and Werewolf's more rights, and thinks the new ministry laws on them are terrible, but doesn't speak up. As of her sixth year, shes become a lot more open with her feelings, if only towards her friends, but tries to be more likable, and has certainly made a impact with her changes.

talk bubble
Alisa Anastasia Windsor • Ravenclaw Alumni 💀 Mysterious and Spooky 💀 Royal
Relationship Status
“If I wanted to kill my husband, I'd do it, and I wouldn't get caught.” ~Christina Ricci


skills and magical abilities
  • An Agressive Combat Style
  • Multilingual
  • Excellent Fire-Starter
  • Expert on Muggle History in Eastern Europe




  • Nora Déonté - Cool Teacher Person//Target Of Pranks//Still Her Favourite Teacher
  • Maria Petukhova - Cool Teacher Person//Target Of Pranks//Still Her Favourite Teacher



Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Relationship Status
First Love
Languages Spoken
Herself in a overly cute outfit.
Favorite Drink
Vodka Or Tea
Favorite Sweet
Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Color
Blood Red


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