Princess Demelza
Gryffindor 4th • wanderlust lvl 100
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What matters most to Demelza is her freedom. And that certainly doesn't make her life as a royal easier. She considers herself lucky not being a candidate for the throne (as her chances of becoming Queen are even smaller than those of the Chudley Cannons winning the British and Irish Quidditch League). Independent and stubborn, she's always struggling to find common ground with her strict parents. Also, even though she loves her siblings she's often slightly annoyed by the sweet, 'perfect' Quinn.
Demelza's biggest and pretty much only dream is to see as much of the world as she can. Whenever there is a chance to travel, she will be surely trying to convince her parents to go. Ever since she was little, she's enjoyed exploring. Usually, she embarks on her adventures alone, occasionally taking her brother with her. She's very curious about Muggle survival techniques, too.
Her relationships with the other royal children are fairly good. Although she doesn't have much in common with any of them, they share their fate. The fate of the royals. Always in the spotlight, never truly free. And sticking together helps them survive it a lot. At least it helps Demelza, as the others seem to be absolutely okay with their responsibilities.


During the reign of William III & Mary II in 1692 the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy was signed, separating the lives of the magical and the muggles. The reign of the muggle royal family over the magical population of Britain - and later the United Kindgom - was largely undisturbed; both British societies observed the same monarch until the pure-blooded of the magical society began demanding detachment. From what started as being general discontent grew into violent actions with a magical civil war approaching over the horizon. In a stroke of luck that avoided turmoil, the ruling King George III had a magical daughter hidden from the muggle society. This daughter, Princess Charlotte, was quickly installed as the monarch of the magical society of Britain - an act which finally separated the two.
The arrangement worked out perfectly for both societies; whilst both monarchies were separate, the two worked closely to ensure similar values were shared and upheld. When the muggle monarchy changed their house name to Windsor, the magical monarchy followed suit. Everything was harmonious until the ascension of King Henry II. A monarch who wanted to devolve the power of the Ministry itself, Henry became tyrannous early on in his reign. Turmoil that threatened to overthrow the monarchy rose again, saved only by the forced abdication of Henry and the replacement by his eldest daughter, Victoria.
Proving to be the saving grace of House Windsor, Queen Victoria remedied her father's mistakes. She appealed to all crowds of magical life; advocating for no discrimination for species, being proud enough of her pure-blooded heritage to satisfy those who cared whilst remaining completely relatable for all. Her reign, still going strong, has remained among the most harmonious and popular since the magical monarchy's establishment.
The Queen's fourth son, George, early in his life turned out to be much more shy than his siblings. During his time at Hogwarts, he met his absolute opposite, Theodora Fawley. He seemed even more meek and quiet compared to her being always the one in charge. The two were paired up to work together in class, and even though she visibly hated him, George fell for her quickly. Time passed and, to the surprise of many, they became friends, started a relationship and, in the end, got married.
Their eldest daughter, Demelza, was clearly born in the wrong family. Her parents weren't exactly tolerant when it came to their children. Unfortunately, ever since her childhood, she proved to be a tough nut to crack. She liked to explore her surroundings rather than sit quietly sipping her tea. Luckily for her, she had two younger siblings, Winston and Quinn, and wasn't the only one George and Theodora had to focus on.
Her magic abilities showed unexpectedly when she was about five years old. As always, she was wandering around the garden while her parents were busy taking care of Winston. Little Demelza noticed a small animal of some kind moving behind a bush. She tried to run past the plant quickly and a small branch got stuck in her hair. The girl tried to pull it out but it was very painful for her. Suddenly the branch crumbled to dust. She didn't know how she did it, she was later told that it was her first magic sign.
When the time has come for Demelza to attend Hogwarts, all she felt was relief. Not only could she see a completely new part of the country, there were countless other benefits from school. At last she wouldn't be watched all the time. At last she was able to make some friends. She started a completely new chapter in her life.


Princess Quinn - my little sister. I love her a lot, but she... well... she can be a little bit annoying. So sweet.
Prince Richard Dick - my favourite cousin. The only person in this family who... you know... gets it. I don't even mind him calling me Elza.

Basic Info
Full Name Princess Demelza Seraphine Joanna of Windsor
Nickname Elza
Age 13 y/o
Nationality English
Home Stirling Castle
Family Blood
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Gender Female
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