Princess Scarlett of Cambridge
Journalist • Gossip


Personal Information

Full NamePrincess Phaedra Scarlett of Cambridge (neé Ollivander)
Birthday24th of August
Age23 y/o
Zodiac SignLeo
Sex / Genderfemale / female
Sexual OrientationHomosexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusMarried
AccentA strange mix of Greek, French and English
BirthplaceCorinth, Greece
Living SituationStable
Languages SpokenEnglish / Greek

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalfblood
Wand WoodCherry Wood
Wand CorePhoenix tail
Wand Length13 and a quarter inches
PatronusA golden retriever
BoggartAlistair Fitzgerald
Exotic?Yes (Half nymph)


Scarlett is the definition of a fireball. She burns bright but can burn out just as quickly. Of course, then she’ll bounce back each time. Scarlett is a resilient sort of person and doesn’t let anything get her down. Most of the time. There are a few things that get to her. Such as racism. That gets to her, especially considering she’s a nymph. Well, half nymph. She always forgets to add half. Scarlett is a proud person, though, and refuses to be ashamed of who her father was and who she is, even under the current ministry. Especially under the current ministry. Scarlett isn’t ashamed of her political opinion no matter what type of trouble that might get her in. Scarlett believes in fighting fire with fire and always suggests throwing a revolution or a coup. However, Scarlett is a terrible fighter and isn’t much of a leader. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Scarlett is defenceless, though. Well, she kind of is. Scarlett will tell you otherwise. Scarlett is a journalist. She believes in the power of words and truth. Through her work, she hopes to tell the world the truth about the world that they live and do some good. As they say, a dictator always hates the media. (They don’t say that but Scarlett does and the vibe is right. So just…just deal with it). As of right now, though, Scarlett is doing gossip articles in Witch Weekly. Which is fine. Scarlett loves pop culture, loves the people, loves the stories, loves the interviews, and she would want to stay there. It’s just…she also think she can do something more serious as well. Do both. An article for witch weekly then a little sneaky article on a murder here and there. Why not do both? Obviously, Scarlett isn’t quite sure of what she wants to do with her life. Often, Scarlett can be described as lacking focus a lot of the times.

Scarlett is talkative and has a temper. It’s often difficult to get Scarlett to shut up and actually make her listen to other people for once. Unless she’s doing an interview, then she has to listen. However, she struggles to do the typical twenty question style interview because she finds herself responding to the answers and building off them. By the end of it, she often finds herself with little to no notes. It’s a blessing for her that what people say to her are the one thing that she can remember. Everything else? She forgets. Especially directions. Scarlett has no sense of direction and would probably end up in Antartica if someone gave her a map and told her to go to Beijing. When it comes to her temper, it can be described as a flare. At first, she’ll yell and yell the moment her buttons are pushed but then she’ll calm down and that’ll be it. Hell, she’d probably forget the whole reason on why she was yelling in the first place. Scarlett is more of a gossip than anything and loves to hear information about the people around them. If someone suspects someone else’s boyfriends cheating on them? You can bet Scarlett would want to know every last detail. Scarlett’s the type of person to sit in a cafe and listen to a stranger’s conversation and ignore the person she’s with if the other conversation is juicy enough. Scarlett, in short, is nosey. Very, very nosey.

Scarlett is a picky eater, though, and is almost like a child in how she stubbornly refuses to eat anything else. Scarlett’s diet consists of three things: tacos, burritos and pasta. As well as a few things here and there. Such as cheerios. She knows it’s muggle but she loves it. Her worst issue with this whole policy thing is not being able to go to a muggle supermarket for bloody cheerios. Okay, the precinct is pretty meh too. She has no privacy (and she needs privacy) and the people are annoying. But no cheerios and she can’t even bribe a non half breed to go buy her some because they’ve been banned from the muggle world too. Now she has to force herself through toast. Which she doesn’t understand. Whose bright idea was to burn bread? It’s already been cooked so why cook it more? It just doesn’t make sense. But she has it anyway because she can control fire and so it’s easy for her to make. Literally two seconds, it’s great. Of course, bit risky and her method might set something else on fire but that’s okay. Hasn’t happened. Yet. Scarlett, obviously, struggles to prioritise her life and it’s very, very easy to set Scarlett into a rant. The only plus side about being in the precinct is that she gets inside knowledge for her work. If they let her do more serious articles, that is.


The Ollivanders were usually a British family. A family that rarely strayed out of the UK. Except one branch. It was during 1900s, when Grindelwald was terrorising the magical community across the world, that an Ollivander, a girl no older than sixteen, was forced to flee the country. Her parents were killed and they had been rejected by her family a year before. The daughter felt no attachment to the family and so she decided to run. Run to Corinth in Greece and start a new life. Subsequent generations stayed there, though they kept the Ollivander name out of stubbornness. There was only child in this branch that exited Greece was Eirene Ollivander. From the moment she could, she travelled. Did an exchange at Hogwarts, much to her families disdain, and spent years in America and Asia. However, she was twenty two when she settled back in Greece but by then she had fallen in love in so many other cultures. Something that would affect how she raised her daughter and the outlook she had.

Eirene eventually became an auror with the belief it will send her to places only she could dream about. Eventually, she became a hit witch and was assigned a mission to Hawaii. A dark wizard, who had disappeared a year before, had been sighted there and it was Eirene mission to find them. It was here that she met Chris Bordoy. He was a nymph that had been exiled from his own family due to his sympathetic views on wizards and muggles. Naturally, in a place like Hawaii that was renowned for their volcanoes, Chris was a fire nymph that had masked himself as a simple squib. The two met at the bar and it soon became known who the other was, though Eirene was under the belief that Chris was a squib. Believing she could take advantage of his local knowledge, Eirene employed him to help her track down the wizard. For the next month, they worked together to track and arrest him. Of course, by then, they had a love affair and slept together. After the arrest, Eirene was forced to return to Greece. Even though she adored travelling, she couldn't leave her family, especially not for love. So Eirene returned to Corinth, turning her back on Chris. Chris didn't try to stop her, he knew it was futile. The truth would have come out sooner or later and letting her go was the easier option.

However, neither of them expected Eirene to fall pregnant. Nearly eight months later, though, Phaedra Scarlett Ollivander was born. Phaedra was a premature baby and was in the hospital for the next six months but eventually she reached peak health. By this time, Eirene had tried to contact Chris, almost desperately. Alas, the number and address he had given her was empty. Her letters came back stamped with 'return to sender' whilst her calls went straight to voicemail. Was Eirene surprised? Yes, she is was. Chris never seemed the type to do this but she supposed that this is what it means to be played. Thus, Phaedra was raised by her workaholic of a mother. Of course, Eirene loved her daughter. She split her time between work and Phaedra. When she was forced to go on missions, Eirene left Phaedra with her parents. Phaedra was raised on stories from her mother. Myths from around the world filled Phaedra’s head, as well stories about the magical world. Even modern day events were bedtime stories for Phaedra. However, her mother was also a socialite. Often, Phaedra was shown off in front of her mothers friends. Phaedra wasn’t bothered by this as she liked socialising and dressing up.

When she was seven years old, her grandparents died in a car accident. Eirene was beside herself, withdrawing to her room, refusing to get out of bed. During this time, Scarlett was taken in by a neighbor. The neighbour was nice enough, too timid for Scarlett too really take her seriously but she cooked nice food so Scarlett didn’t complain. The neighbour took care of her whenever Eirene had to work, both locally and internationally, and Scarlett was content. The neighbour had a son, similar to age as Scarlett, and the two of them hit it off as friends. In Scarlett's mind anyway. It was through the son that her first sign of magic occurred. They were nine years old when the boy tried to kiss her and when she pushed back, he didn't react well. The son was treated akin to royalty by his single mother and was use to getting what he wanted. Out of simple self defence, Scarlett pushed him back but the event caused her own emotions to spike, setting the carpet on fire. Scarlett would have died that day. But the flames didn't scorch her and she was able to get out of the building, dragging the son with her.

Luckily, no one died that day. The son was unable to describe it, though he knew it was because of Scarlett. No one believed his story, though, except for Eirene, who realised that her daughter had just had her first magical incident. It was later that week when Eirene found Scarlett playing with a candle, her eyes a dark red. It was then that Eirene figured it out. Chris was a nymph and their daughter was no different (well, different in the way she was only half nymph but semantics). Most witches and wizards would have turned their backs on Scarlett, scorned her, but Eirene did the opposite. She told Scarlett who she was, taught her to not be ashamed of it, not something that should be hid. Thus, even to this day, Scarlett refuses to hide that side of herself. Plus, it's the only thing connecting her to her father, why would she reject that?

When she was eleven, Scarlett was sent to Beauxbatons. Eirene nearly considered Durmstrang then remembered how traditional it was. No, it was better for Scarlett to be in Beauxbatons, the of the schools. Scarlett was sorted into Ombrelune, something she was fine with, she liked purple. It was a nice colour. Scarlett grew immensely popular at the school, though, but to no one's surprise. Scarlett was a social butterfly, though, and it didn’t take long for her to fit right into Beauxbatons. By the age of twelve, Scarlett was easily considered one of the popular people. However, there was one issue. Scarlett was a gossip and had a big mouth. Secrets weren’t here biggest strength and this often got her into trouble with her friends. Scarlett sweet talked her way back into their favour, though. Scarlett didn’t have direction, though, and this was picked up on by the people around her. Teachers, friends, even her own mother, recognised that Scarlett had little to no ambition and wasn’t sure what to do with her life. It wasn’t until her sixth year that Scarlett finally had something to put her drifting mind towards.

It happened because of something stupid. They’d caught Scarlett in the restricted section of the library. Now, in Scarlett’s defence, there was a spell she wanted to know but she already knew it. She’d just forgotten the incarnation for it and wanted to check. However, the only known place for it was the library. Her mother had taught it to her during that summer but she was too impatient to wait for a response to her letter. So she took matters into her own hand. Into the library she went. Of course, she was caught but she did learn the incantation so all was well. Luckily, her and the headmistress was on good terms and so she was let off with two weeks worth of detention. The detention was being forced to help with the school newspaper. At first, the idea seemed like a huge drag and she dreaded it. Then she went. First it was just copying all of it but after a week, she was helping the nerds of the school put together articles. Scarlett’s thirst for knowledge and gossip helped her and she seemed to have a natural talent to the work. When her two weeks were over, Scarlett decided to stay much to the surprise of everyone around her.

Two years later, Scarlett graduated. Admittedly with mediocre marks, they could have been a bit better but that was the least of Scarlett’s worries. Her biggest worry was how not one of her high school friends seemed to be keeping in touch with her. Only two months after graduation, Scarlett was, essentially, friendless. However, Scarlett wasn’t one to get hung up over something like that and moved on with her life. Like her mother, she went travelling. Admittedly, she went looking for her father but found little to no signs of him. No one in Hawaii knew of Chris and Scarlett found dead end after dead end. So she gave up. By this time, she was nineteen years old and decided her best option was to settle down. First, she considered Greece but her mum insisted that Scarlett moved somewhere else. Not to settle down in Greece like she did. So she moved to London. Her worst choice by far.

Only a week into her move to the United Kingdoms, Scarlett opened her letter that accepted her into Minerva Publishing House. Meaning she had a job. Thank god. Then she read a newspaper and god, she wished she kept her nymph blood a secret. Curse being proud of your own identity. Two weeks after that, Scarlett was shoved into the precinct. Her application to move back to Greece was denied for some odd reason so it seemed Scarlett was stuck there. For the time being. At least she had her job. It gave her some escape and she got to meet all these interesting people and question them. Of course, part of her wants to go into the more serious side of journalism but she enjoyed witch weekly too. All in due time, she supposed.


Face ClaimAshley Benson
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlonde
Weight54 kg
Voice Type
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleSlim
Tattoos1 2 3 4
Piercings1 2
ScentSmells like mangoes

Family Information

FatherChris Bordoy
MotherEirene Ollivander
Full Siblings
Half SiblingsN/A
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Phaedra ]Bright
Middle [ Scarlett ]A person who sold cloth of scarlet.
Surname [ Ollivander ]Olive wand


Favourite ColourBurgundy
Favourite MovieThe Princess Bride
Favourite SongWoman like me by little mix
Favourite FoodCheetos
Favourite DrinkLemonade
LikesCheetos / Gossip / Dogs
DislikesMost food / Classical music / Camping / Tight spaces
LovesHer job
LoathesNo one really
First KissWhen she was twelve
First CrushA childhood friend
First LoveNone
First TimeWhen she was sixteen
Sports PlayedNone
Instruments PlayedNone
GoalsFind a way out of the precinct
AchievementsHer job at MPH
Biggest HopeThat she'll become a serious journalist
Biggest RegretHow she was in Beauxbatons
Best MemoriesChristmas with her family
Worst MemoriesThe precinct
Mental IllnessesNone
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

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