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Full Name Priscilla Elísabet Albertson
Nickname "Just Priscilla, please."
Basic Info
Birthday January 18th, 2003
Nationality Icelandic
Home House
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Demi-Hetero-greysexual, Aromantic
Best Friend None
Family On The Wiki Kerri Albertson, Hazel Albertson, Christine Albertson

School/Career Info
House Slytherin
Year/Occupation Graduated/Unemployed
Titles Ms. Albertson
Optional Classes Taken
Magical Info
Species Witch
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Wand Core  
Wand Wood
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Depression
Patronus German Shepherd

Model Amber Heard
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Hair Length/Style Straight and long
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Light
Clothing Style Casual
Other Info About Looks
Priscilla likes to stay casual. Unless it's a formal occasion, she'll probably go all out, but she's mostly willing to stay in casual clothes.

Colour Aqua
Music Anything really
Food Spaghetti
Sweets Chocolate Mints
Animal Polar Bears
Class Transfiguration
Season/Weather Summer
Dream Job Working in the Department of Education
Happiest When...
She's relaxed

Two Sided

"I've Always Been Kind of

an Introvert Growing Up"


When Priscilla isn't in a large group, she's often the quiet one. She tends to be left out of the socializing, which she lets herself do, and will occasionally answer any questions, or say something in agreement or disagreement. When something is said against her, she'll drone on about how it isn't true. Those who know her won't try to do anything, because they find her annoying. She tries not to get too close to someone, as she's afraid they'll backstab her. Her source of her trust issues is unknown, she's just that kind of person.


But when Priscilla is in a large group, she'll be chatty, and witty, and adored. At a party, she'll probably be the first one to start dancing. She's also like this around her family, especially her younger siblings. She tries not to be quiet around her family, because her parents will pepper her with questions to see if she's okay, and she hates that. Priscilla loves doing what she loves.


Slytherin Crest (Gif)
It has been a long time since Priscilla was sorted, but when she was sorted in Slytherin, she remembers she was quite happy with the hat's desicion.

Priscilla Elísabet Albertson was born as the second child and second daughter to Danielle and Richard Albertson in Reykjavík, Iceland in January 18th, 2003. She has 6 siblings, Hazel, Jubilee, Kerri, Alex, Christine, and Toby. Their names are not Icelandic, because their father is from England, and he picked out their first names, while Danielle picked the children's middle names, except for Christine.

Priscilla grew up in her older sister Hazel's shadow. Everyone loved Hazel, and Priscilla secretly wanted to be like Hazel, but was unsure how, when Hazel had all the attention. It was worse when Hazel saved Kerri's life from drowning in an ice cold lake. Priscilla witnessed everything as if she were watching the most interesting movie. When Alex was teasing Kerri about how she was afraid to go in the water, then Kerri went deep in the water, and started drowning.

About a week later, Priscilla was told the family was moving to London, because they found a bigger house for sale. They needed the extra space because Danielle was expecting twins, who were later born Christine and Toby. They moved, and the family was always fixing up the house because it was an old house that needed restoring. Priscilla was soon accepted into Hogwarts.

Priscilla began Hogwarts when she was 11 years old, and was sorted into Slytherin.

She didn't speak English that well, because she refused to learn much of the language in Iceland. After classes, she had to get help from Hazel in the Library, which wasn't that fun for her. She spend her entire first year that way, and without speaking English well, she couldn't make any friends. After a few months, she began to understand the things that was taught in her class, but she still needed a lot more help.

Her second year was better. She spoke English a lot better, and made a few friends. It wasn't a perfect year, but definetely better than her first.

By the time it was her fourth year, she spoke English perfectly. The rest of her time at Hogwarts was uneventful, but she did pass her OWLS and her NEWTS with very good grades. After Hogwarts, she moved into an apartment, but often visits her parents who live nearby.

Tolerance to Extreme Cold

Due to growing up in Iceland, Priscilla can tolerate extreme cold, because she's used to it. She visits Iceland as often as she can, to make sure she will stay used to the cold.

Priscilla graduated from Hogwarts, but while she was there, she was a very good above average student (after she learned to speak English).


Priscilla loves both her mom and her dad equally, that's all she can really say about them.

Hazel (Sister)


Kerri (Sister)

"I love her, but we're not exactly close. I guess we just never had the time to talk much."

Christine (Sister)




None yet



Priscilla means "ancient", "archaic"

Priscilla is afraid of being depressed. She knows what it could do to someone, and is afraid of it happening to her,

Priscilla's main goal is to get a job right now.

  • Her favorite siblings are Hazel and Alex.
  • She doesn't have a least favourite sibling.


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