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Professor Amadorus Kinsel
Professor Kinsel





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Dark Blue




Blackthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 12 inches

Hogwarts Headmaster[]

He was the Headmaster at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the 2012 school year through the end of the 2020 school year.


Professor Kinsel is known to be a hard man. He was always rough on Death Eaters, causing as much damage as he could to them, as he felt it was compensation for all the evil things they had done. However, he also is very protective of the innocent, and is known to be good with kids. His stint as Headmaster has softened him a bit, and he often sees himself as a teacher to his staff as well as the kids.


Professor Kinsel stands 5'11". He has light brown hair and blue eyes, overall making his appearance rather ordinary, which is especially good when he's trying to blend in and find his quarry. He usually has a grim look on his face, and wears bloodred robes. He is strong from the auror training, and still keeps in good shape.



Professor Kinsel is a good teacher, and knows a lot about Transfiguration. After Hogwarts was rebuilt, he was asked to come teach temporarily since Professor Mcgonagall was taking the Headmistress position. He agreed and has been teaching ever since. He enjoys teaching, and seeing students excel. However, he has been known to have a mean streak towards students who cause trouble or hurt others. He also hates it when students who don't pay attention in his class. Becoming Headmaster has lessened these rough edges, buffing them down to show his soft gemlike qualities underneath.


He has a good relationship with the teachers at Hogwarts as well as with the auror's in the ministry. He was married, but his wife was killed in the war, and he has lived alone ever since. Though he is cordial with people, he doesn't really let anyone get close to him.

Magical abilities[]

Though he obviously excels at Transfiguration, he is a trained auror as well. This means he can at least offer some help on the following subjects:

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Non-Verbal Magic
Wandless Magic

Dates (So I don't forget)[]

  • 1954-1963 - Hogwarts
  • 1964 - Married (Linda Josephine Kinsel)
  • 1966 - Joined Aurors
  • 1967 - Daughter Born (Cynthia Josephine Kinsel)
  • 1967 - Wife Died (1 year younger) - 6 months later
  • 1981 - Voldemort's First Fall
  • 1998 - Voldemort's Death
  • 2000 - Retired from Aurors - Started Teaching DAtDA at Hogwarts
  • 2005 - Moved to Transfiguration - Became Deputy Headmaster
  • 2012 - Became Headmaster
  • 2020 - Left Hogwarts


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