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Professor Silvia Norene
Ancient Runes Co-Professor
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About Me

Silvia Norene teaches the 5th - 7th Year Ancient Runes Classes. Silvia Norene was born to Muggle parents Charlotte and Robert Norene. Silvia, known to her friends as "Sil", is the non identical twin of Professor Helandria Norene, Wizard Art Co-Teacher. She and Helandria went to Hogwarts together, and used to be inseparable. When she was sorted into Ravenclaw, and Helandria in Gryffindor, Sil's was heartbroken. However, they were in the same classes, and managed to retain their sisterhood. Sill was always good in analytic or practical subjects. However she was terrible at, Flying, Care of Magical creatures, and most of all, Wizard Art. The only subject Silvia loved most was Ancient Runes. She loved writing in runes and searching for them, and got a huge thrill out of it. Once she graduated, she returned to Hogwarts along with Helandria to teach Ancient Runes.

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born December 12, 1980
Family Professor Helandria Norene (Twin Sister)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Red
Height 5'7"
Affiliation Ravenclaw, Hogwarts
Wand 10" Dragon Heartsring, Ash
Home -
Blood Status Muggle Born



Much like her sister, Silvia has a very slim physique. She has red hair and blue eyes. Normally, she is wearing blue clothes, the color of her house.


Silvia's model is Edita Vilkeviciute