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Psyche Aleida Nördlingen
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animalitarian aviatrix
October 24, 2008
Zilla Goldschmidt (mutti, deceased)
Name Pronunciation
SIE-kee ah-LIE-dah NORD-ling-en
Blood Status
"I assure you, my blood is most definitely not mud, but yours will mingle with such if you keep that up."
Human; Witch
roleplayed by the embodiment of the universe

Psyche Aleida Nördlingen is a former Mielkutè student and Durmstrang alumna who leads the most eccentric d- "who has perfected the wandless and nonverbal Silencing Charm." She juggles professional Quidditch and her veterinarian duties on a daily basis, and still has enough time on her hands to give chartered plane rides.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Light brown
Clothing Style
"Why don't you see for yourself, liebling?"
Psyche was of average height during her childhood. This changed, however, as she grew. The hue of her eyes can only be described as a striking green, for they do seem like they can smite you down. Her hair is a light, airy brown that is put up in various styles. When she does not bother with it, it is left in the hands of the wind to do with it as it pleases. Her style of clothing is an unorthodox, but aesthetically pleasing blend of classiness and practicality. Make no mistake that her hourglass figure is carefully clothed - she won't stand for lasciviousness. The smile directed towards a stranger is distinctly different from a smile for one she considers a friend. The way she carries herself might be a little off-putting to outsiders, but her relaxed posture is evident around trusted confidantes.

"Caucasian. Let us not get into specifics, ja?"
Native Language
"I would have thought that that was obvious. German."
"A definite strong Deutsche with ah, hints of mein heritage."
Earliest Memory
"...Clinging to someone's skirt. My...mutti, perhaps?"
Type of Childhood
"Quite blurry, I am afraid."
Childhood Fear
"Irrelevant and of no use for you to know."

"Es tut mir leid, I fear that I will be taking over here. Do not expect a fairytale, though if you have anything working up there you should be aware that most stories are not."

"Names are not necessarily the beginning of everything. This has been proven by multiple women who have had multiple one night stands and ended up with a bun in the oven. Or oft even, buns in the oven."

"Sadly, my mutti Zilla was one of these. One drunken mistake was all that was needed for her life to enter a world of that flashed through her eyes a little too fast for one's liking. Everything I know of her is frustratingly obscure."

"I came to being in Nördlingen. Mutti did not want to give me her surname, so she named me after the place. If she had any comprehensible reason on why, she never told me or I forgot. I do not recall her telling me why she named me Psyche, but my best bet is that she was intrigued with the subject of soul and mind."

"I spent the next four years with her in an old bungalow in Rheine. My memories are scarce on this, so I fear there is not much to say. I do not remember if I was happy, or sad, or frustrated with the ways things were. Mutti worked a job I also cannot recall. I was indeed a mere toddler then, but still, the lack of emotion that the thought of my past begets is frankly disturbing."

"This is where my memory utterly fails me. The part where Mutti died. I cannot remember anything besides the smell of blood and beer and the sounds of breaking glass. I cannot remember who took me to the orphanage. And...judge me if you will, I'd rather it stay that way. Some memories, I believe wholeheartedly, are simply not to be remembered."

"Unexpectedly, my memories are clearer from there. I remember fighting with the other orphans, vexing them to tantrums, and being a general, ah, "pain in the a**". I will not try to justify my behavior now. I admit that it was a little over the top. All I can try to assure you is that no, I will not be freezing your underwear nor dressing the frozen turkey in real clothes nor dumping all my meat pies into the running washing machine."

"Bullies made their futile attempts at me and almost immediately regretted it. I was not strong nor big, but I was wily enough to get back at them before they even struck. Instead of painting and drawing and writing, my creativity was expressed through my own style of fighting back. I did and still do not like to think of myself as violent... at least for the most part. Life is hard, and we must rise up to face it, ja?"

"Magic came to me in short, but explosive and ostentatious bursts. Why, I do not know. I was never invested in such flamboyance. Notwithstanding, it made its first performance when I suddenly forced a hush onto a room of clamorous fellow orphans. Hardly a week later, I received my acceptance to EESM by means of the first witch I would ever meet. In no time, I was whisked off to a world of magic that was undoubtedly more grim that what was depicted in storybooks. And I loved it."

"My school days were a blur. I have sufficient reason to believe I was almost put into Vorobyov, but at the last moment I was judged to be...good enough for Mielkutè. Few of my House mates bothered with me, and those who did impatiently became bored and left me alone. I was fine being alone and friendless. You could say it was my way of life. To this day I do not think of myself as a loner. I did not choose it, and I did not dissuade people from approaching, but nor did I encourage them. Studies devoured most of my time, and my own exploits chewed away ravenously at the rest. I thought I would retain that routine for the following years. I was wrong."

"'Dropping in' was and is not my operandi, and I doubt it will ever be. However, I have yet to coin a term that is as appropriate for the situation as it is. Both literally and figuratively, I dropped into Edmund Schmidt's life when I slipped and fell from a tree I had been so ardently climbing and on top of his back."

"Allow me to make one thing clear first - I do not like males. I am more mistrustful of them. If I were a buck-passer, I would blame my missing father figure for this. Mutti was at least there for me for a short time. Vatti, on the other hand...ah, well, you should know that some grudges are hard not to harbor, no matter how clear it is that certain things are not worth pining over."

"EESM was an unbelievably tolerating school to its students. Otherworldly events happened on a daily basis. So I suppose that it was normal that Edmund did not freak at the unforeseen meeting. I had heard of the Schmidt family. Who had not? What I did not expect was the boy becoming my friend."

"Edmund ignored my facade. He seemed to...see through it, in a way. He paid more heed to my words and my actions than how I simply seemed to be. I found out he was a pyromaniac soon enough, and he came to the revelation that I was more Mielkutè than I let up to be. Pardon the personification, but I believe that was the first time I had ever experienced friendship bloom."

"I am not a clingy person, so that crisis was deftly evaded. I might have overheard a snide remark or two about how he had managed to befriend the loner, and said speaker might have had an accident the following morning at breakfast. I may have always preferred the company of animals to the company of humans, but that gave them no right to question me."

"Admittedly, things were more chipper from then on. It was a relief to share my ideas with someone else for a change. Edmund always knew where to find me, except for one time. That was when he discovered I was - and I quote - '"snitch"ier than any Snitch' he'd ever seen when on a broom. I had never considered myself endowed with any Quidditch talent, and only had gotten on a broom on rare occasions. That same year, Edmund convinced me to try out for Seeker. To my surprise, I attained the spot."

"Everything went smoothly up until fourth year, when my friend's love of fire began charring away at his own reputation. When he was officially booted from the team, I had my mind set on leaving the team of my own accord. Though Ed appreciated the gesture, he was highly against my planned proposition. As a result, I stayed."

"I suppose...I am still at fault here. Perhaps I should have discouraged him. Or at least asked him to tone it down. Alas, there is no point on dwelling on such thoughts now, when all has gone and past. Or is there? I do not know...but I might as well skip ahead and come to the crossroads. A half decade of learning had passed when Edmund was expelled. As I have said before, EESM had brooked the many shenanigans of its students amiably, and it was unusual for this to happen. What does matter is that it did happen. For the first and only time, I was at a loss for thoughts, words, and actions on what to do."

"Ah, the irony of two planetary staples being wrenched from my grasp by the same thing. Fire has not and never has needed to be destructive, but it appears that forces keep at work to make it seem that way. When ashes claimed the school, I thought I had nowhere to turn to."

"Durmstrang, however, came to my aid. I believe they started rounding up the surviving students and offered them a place. What choice did I have? Leave forever, or suffer in a completely new environment? I do not give up so easily. Reluctantly, I transferred to continue my schooling."

"It was strenuous to realize that EESM was far more superior. Durmstrang refused to allow me my weapons (what? A girl must defend herself, liebe.) and confiscated them. I trudged through my remaining years in solitude, though I did keep contact with Edmund when I could. On more than one occasion, I was harassed for the lack of evidence provided to ascertain my blood purity. After I dealt with those bigots, I must say, the classroom was pleasantly more quiet."

"By my fifth year, I had already decided that I did not want to take my NEWTs. The whole schoolgirl theme was becoming tedious and I wanted to be rid of it as soon as possible. Being an October birth meant I was left behind. I must have let something slip in my new school, for the news reached the deputy headmistress' ears and I was sent for. She wove a lucrative but convincing argument and offered a proposition that I doubted I could decline."

"My next summers were full to the brim of note-taking and vigorous exercises, both mental and physical. I was adopted by my professor who assisted me in them. By my seventeenth birthday, when I should have just entered my seventh year, I finished all my studies...magical and Muggle. It was no easy feat, mind you, for I was robbed of two summers of my life. Regardless, I reasoned to myself that it was well worth the chance to seek my path earlier."

"Adolescent days gone, I came to the ineluctable impasse. Where should I continue? In the wizarding world, or to follow the beckon of my true roots amongst my unfortunate brethren? My decision came one day, when something occurred erroneously while I traipsed the cobbled corners of a wizarding community."

"I departed from the magic and delved into the tamer wonders of the world without it for a year. As I was certified with the Muggle degrees I had gained from studying since I was thirteen, I acquired a job as a veterinarian. Certain events forced me to leave my homeland and traverse the distance from Germany to Britain. Oh, and of course, take back up my arms of magic."

personality and traits
Best Qualities
"Bizarrely creative, tenacious, and I suppose...lenient."
Worst Qualities
"If you insist. Reticent, cynical...and self-critical."
Most Influenced By
"Getting a little personal there, liebe."
There is truth in Psyche's musing that she might have been a Vorobyov. Bestowing people with her trust is a rare sight, for undoubtedly she is mindful of the consequences of misplaced faith. She has never been one to strike up conversation, and is unflappably unashamed of it. You cannot rely on her to save your skin out of pure goodness of the heart, but once you win her loyalty then she will stop at nothing to have your back.

Her pragmatic ways have been seemingly insuperable since the beginning, and many have reasonably questioned her place at Mielkutè. She's shrewd with how she deals with life, and the most Panglossian outsider will likely give up on trying to see an inkling of her so-called creativity.

Caring not for people's assumptions, her unspoken motto is "You judge me, you lose me." While she may not look it, she's a fierce advocate of second chances and is dismissive of first impressions once their times have passed. Stick with her, if you dare to have the patience to do so, and you'll find that she will be slowly sticking with you.

Psyche has an infuriatingly stand-offish demeanor that somehow neither motivates nor discourages you to approach her, thus making the more indecisive hopelessly lost. The smile she allows strangers to see is not impolite nor genuine - it's there to add to the "you're going to have to prove yourself" thing she has going for her.

To say she's a hard person to understand is both an understatement and an exaggeration, in her eyes. Her philosophy is simple after all, and it's the result that baffles people. While her exterior is Vorobyov through and through, her interior is filled to the brim with whimsies that she stores uncannily for more suitable ocasions. Real friends are the only ones who ever see her creative, impractical side, and though it's alarming to see for the first time, they eventually get used to it.

But there's more to this soul's antics, and everyone will have to wait with bated breath what kind of surprises she has up her sleeve.

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skills and magical abilities


Nonverbal Magic | Wandless Magic | Magizoology | Healing Magic

Silence is golden indeed, a treasure that Psyche has respected zealously throughout her life. Her first sign of magic was silencing a group of annoying fellow orphans who simply wouldn't shut up. She was quick to excel in this area, and it has never been beneath her to deploy it in daily affairs.

Obviously it has taken a great deal of effort to get there, but Psyche is capable of casting a few minor spells wandlessly and consistently. A humiliating encounter with a pureblood supremacist classmate at Durmstrang encouraged her to independently pursue this element of magic. It sure does help with house cleaning, and recently she's managed to perfect the Silencing Charm!

Blowing all of her peers out of the water, Psyche's skill with animals are phenomenal and no, that is not an exaggeration. She rides on the same wavelength with the so-called inferior creatures with a limpid beauty and ease that makes even experienced Magizoologists envious. Only her opinion of the wizarding world is stopping her from becoming one, but she's perfectly content with being a Muggle vet.

Maybe if it weren't for the fact Psyche absolutely adored animals, she would have been a Healer. She is simply an ace at healing magic, and had a notably less difficult time obtaining high marks on the subject when analogized to her classmates.


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"I'm well versed with Estonian, Finnish, Russian, and dare I say English. Swedish is another I am somewhat familiar with. My old professor always used to say that polyglotism certainly makes scintillating conversation."

"I do love the Silencing Charm. It has always been a personal favorite."

"Animals are tragic creatures, not unlike us. I strongly believe in not eating meat."

"The wizarding world, I have found, is far more dangerous than the likes of which most have seen. It is why, I suppose, I cut ties from it for so long."

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Homosexual; Homoflexible
Relationship Status
"Do not push it, liebe."
"13 ¹/³ inches, pine handle, hawthorn body, dragon heartstring, and rather stiff, if I say so myself."
"Oh, if I could tell you, I would."
Favorite Drink
"They all think the joke is on me for refusing to go near beer. But Riesling wine seems to make up for any laughs I seem to be missing."
Favorite Sweet
"What? Why would you need to know that? Oh, just this once- Vegan frangipan."
Amortentia Scents
"Amusing that you expect me to answer."
Favorite Song
"I am afraid this is a no."

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