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Queen Chambers
The Lost Princess
January 28th, 2017
Chambers Family
Name Pronunciation
kwEEn Ch-aym-burs
Blood Status
rped by Nebuliss

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style

Native Language
Earliest Memory
Her parents arguing
Type of Childhood
Emotionally tense
Childhood Fear

The power couple of the Department of Technological Advancements - It was no secret - was Robert and Brooklyn Chambers. Married at a decent age, and had a pretty good life. They loved each other, of course. They had four children together after all. Leah is the oldest, followed by Barbie, Kourtney, and then Queen. All girls, and all of them having their own unique personalities.

There was also a hidden one. Of course, not hidden too well. Brooklyn met a man named Liam Griffin, who was also married, with kids, and also felt the same guilt and fear as Brooklyn did when she found she was pregnant by the man. Of course, at first, all assumed it was Robert's, but then Wyatt was born- And his striking similarity to Liam Griffin caused anger on both sides.

Queen is unsure overall what happened to the Griffin's. After Wyatt was born, Robert and Brooklyn cut off all contact with that family, and Wyatt was put up for adoption. Queen, with her three year old self, had absolutely no idea what had transpired, and despite the growing tensions in her family, life went on normally for her. Her parents went to couple's therapy, and their relationship prevailed.

Queen grew to be a normal girl from then on out. After the whole affair fiasco, her parents have decided not to have another child, so she was officially the youngest. When Queen was around 7 years old, Leah had her first magical accident - She lost her favorite toy, and was screaming for it when it came up behind her and hit her upside the head. She checked- There was nobody behind her. The only reasonable explanation was confirmed by her parents when they had gathered all of the girls and explained their abilities. The next year, it was Barbie, then the next year, Kourtney. Finally, when Queen was nine, and Kourtney and the others were getting sent off to Hogwarts, Queen had her first magical sign when they were all on the Platform for the Hogwarts train. Queen didn't want Kourtney to go at all, and all her little mind could think of was gluing her fee to the ground- And Bam. That's exactly what happened.

The next year, it came time for her to join her siblings on the train. Queen was so excited! When they first made it to Hogwarts, like all her siblings, she mostly stuck together with them for the first year. But soon, she had slowly started coming out of her shell around others, and became more outgoing. Now, she tries to be as nice as she can to people, all while keeping up her public appearances. Then, she had gone to the Russian school, Koldovstvoretz for a year, under the guise of wanting to travel more. Really, she just wanted to get away from the brewing family drama, and got bored of it. So, she left her family behind for a year.

At Koldovstvoretz, Queen had become the 'Queen' of the shcool fairly quickly. Unlike in Hogwarts, she had already bloomed before she had arrived at the school. This would provide to be her boon. As charming as Queen is, she made friends very easily. the right friends at the right place, and she eventually began an empire of her own. That year changed her perspective. Keeping a position in her group of dominating friends was not as easy as one would think, and it came with consequence, including some of the boys getting a little too rough on her. She was lucky that day. If a friend of her's Vladimir, hadn't stepped in and gotten the boys off of her, she'd have had a very bad year. Weirdly enough, it turned out to be one of the better years of her life. Vlad and her had formed a strong relationship, and while Vlad had to keep it a secret, he and Queen were happy.

Queen understood Vlad's history, his relationship with his family. So when he snapped at a student and almost killed someone, she understood why he had been so stressed out. He was a seventh year at the time, and she didn't want to see him go down for this. So, instead of allowing him to get expelled, Queen took responsibility for the action and had gotten expelled herself. She chose to go back to Hogwarts the next year, and the two still kept up their relationship. Just with some space between them. Though, the summer visits were extraordinary.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Kindness, Caring, Accepting.
Worst Qualities
High-maintenance, Diva-like, easily-stressed
Most Influenced By
Her sisters
Queen lives up to her name, being a high-maintenance diva-like wild-child. She'll often be seen pruning herself, and will never not have a mirror on-hand. One would never see Queen without a full face of make-up and her hair done. This also comes in to play her girlishness. She hates bugs, and anything she deems 'gross'. Of course, she won't out-right say anything, or judge you too harshly based on one's first encounter with Queen - She's a firm believer of the first impression is always wrong. Queen is also very artsy and eccentric as a person.

Overall, Queen is very easily approachable. As high-maintenance as she is, she loves hanging out with people, and gives out the vibe of being benevolent and caring. She takes things as they come, and is very accepting of many people and creatures alike. Queen is also very sophisticated, her mother and father praising her for seeming wise beyond her years. As well as that, she is also adaptable in her life, and goes along with the flow of life.

However, as any human being does, Queen also has her negative traits. Being diva-like and high maintenance does not come without flaws. She's pretty easily stressed out, and when she does get stressed out, she begins to adopt a mindset of being a victim, and she grossly over dramatizes it. Queen is very woe-is-me in these situations, and typically, only really thinks of how things affect her instead of how her actions affect others. She also gets very rash and verbally abusive in these situations.

As an added bonus, it'd be noted that Queen was tired of being overlooked upon and deemed a resolution; As she got back to Hogwarts, she refused to be stepped over as she used to be. Queen as started this trend of revenge, a dish best served cold in her elevated opinion. Queen uses her general kindness and acceptance so people have a sense of trusting with her; She uses this as a boon in her plots destroying those whom she sees fit to destroy (Which isn't often), slowly figuring out everyone's weakness and using it against them. She understands the saying, 'power corrupts'. She understands what she does is not the most kind thing in the world. She also understand that with life, you must adapt, and this is how people survive.

talk bubble
Queen Chambers - The Lost Princess -Seventh Year Gryffindor

- We used to play outside when we were young and full of life and full of love.
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skills and magical abilities




Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual and Heteroromantic
Relationship Status
Not being able to save herself
Favorite Drink
Orange juice
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Song
Holding On To Heaven - Foxes


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