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Ballycastle Bats Tutshill Tornadoes
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Rhys DeWitt - Ilvermorny Graduate
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Sadie Schmidt - Holyhead Harpies' Co-Manager • Mama Schmidt

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Sadie stood near the front of the stands, dressed in Tutshill's colors as she shouted out words of encouragement for Edmund and Arthur.

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Maisie makes her way over to Lena, but before she can sit down, she ends up cheering when Edmund gets a hold of the quaffle, her scream particularly loud. She sits down next to Lena and smiles before continuing to watch the game intently, occasionally taking a bite out of a licorice wand.

The Match

Game Master
Send Me an Owl! - 22:12, August 21, 2015 (UTC)
"DeWitt and Fleming still going at it! DeWitt tries for a headshot, but Fleming deflects and off into bludger tennis! Pryce sends one towards Hathaway and... deflected in the nick of time by DeWitt! It strays, however, and smoothly drifts past Carroll. Hathaway and Carroll are neck-and-neck, with neither apparently having a lead over the other. In the mean time, Cleirigh goes in for a shot... blocked by King! Tutshill is in possession now, and the race for the snitch is heating up! Who will grab it first???"

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Pandora Hathaway - Tutshill Tornados Seeker • The Irish Elk

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Pandora wouldn't let up - she couldn't. She wanted, no needed, to win for her team. They deserved it; all those extra hours of practice, all that effort put into every match... she couldn't make it all a waste. Pandy went as fast as she could, pushing her broom to the max and outstretching her hand to win the game.


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Sabina Fleming - Idiosyncratic BlitzkriegTutshill Tornadoes Beater

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There was one teeny tiny flaw in this Tutshill plan. And that was the fact there was such a thing as angles, something that Adriana had also picked up. Still above and from a still good position, she arced and moved to hammer that bludger headed for Keevs right back at Pandora, equipping momentum and gravity once more to her utmost advantage. Hopefully she had hit it too hard and close enough for Pandora to avoid or for Adriana to block.



Dunstan le Fey -Descendant of Merlin // DME Head
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He flies parallel to Edmund, so that Edmund could pass to him if he needs it.

Aerich Pryce - Beater · Ballycastle Bats — Ravenclaw Alumni

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*He observed the very interesting choice DeWitt made to steal the moves of his teammate, and made his own attempt to send one bludger right back into the other one hoping to get both hit le Fey or that chaser Schmidt. He tried to follow them hoping to get another extra hard hit on them both before they hit the target (Tuthshill's chasers) or they were caught by the opposing team's beaters.*

Arthur Schmidt - Tutshill Tornadoes Manager • A Schmidt Twin

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Arthur managed to find the trajectory of the bludger heading towards his brother, and her moved to kick it right back towards Aerich. "Really? My brother?' He mouthed to Aerich, rolling his eyes.

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Sabina Fleming - Idiosyncratic BlitzkriegTutshill Tornadoes Beater

- "Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition."
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07:16, August 22, 2015 (UTC)
Still sniping from above and at every angle she can allow herself to be in, her bat was busy deflecting and attacking, every once in a while going for a Double Bludgeon (which she had temporarily nicknamed the whole hit bludger to bludger thing because she was a little too busy you know, playing Quidditch), primed for Pandora. Relentlessly she kept up her countering, knowing well enough that Aerich could handle Arthur on his own..

Game Master
Send Me an Owl! - 07:46, August 22, 2015 (UTC)
"There is still bludger tennis going on! Looks more like this game might get nowhere... wait! The bludger strays and turns Carroll around! And Hathaway wastes no time, and... she has it!!! Her efforts pay off! One could say though, the true MVP was DeWitt. 150 points to Tutshill and that's the game!"
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