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Quin Ailis
This character is roleplayed by Kira

Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility.

–G.M. Trevelyan

Quin Ailis - Ravenclaw 100px-Ravenclaw crest
Send Me an Owl! - The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. - Frank Kingdon-Ward
Hello. My name is Quin. It is very nice to have met you.

Quick info[]

Kincade Motto: This I'll defend




Ailis & Kincade
Shannon (Mutter)
Baird (Vater)
Blair, Christie, Dixon, Evan, Gavin, James, Leslie, Moira and Paisley (geschwister)


September 22nd, 2006


Cherry, Dragon Heartstring, 10 inches

Wand arm





White-beaked Dolphin

Blood status



Early life[]

The eldest of the Ailis family's ten children; an even five boys, and five girls. Every year since I was born the family has added another daughter or son, or both to the clan. There are two sets of twins, the oldest are fraternal; Blair and Christie (2007), then come the singletons Dixon (b. 2008), Evan (b. 2009), Gavin (b. 2010), James (b. 2011), and Leslie (b. 2012). Finally come the youngest, identical twin girls Moira, and Paisley (b. 2013). The number of mixing, and clashing personalities in the household has created a sort of conflicting nature in me. I am very responsible, I am always on the look out, and making sure mein jüngere geschwister behave. If not, I do what I can to keep them from harm to themselves or to one another.

Because of the duty to family that I have supposedly thrust upon herself, I desperately crave independence, and have a mischievous love of adventure. In my free time I do exactly what I tells mein jüngere geschwister not to do. As the first I have done everything first, there is nothing mein jüngere geschwister can get away with. Not only because I would usually be watching, but because mutter and vater are already expecting something from them. Although I love to explore, and run toward the sound of danger when some others would turn in the opposite direction. I know there is a time for play, and I know when that time has passed. I was very excited to leave home from the first time, something I had never done for more than a weekend. I missed mein neun little shadows, and my mutter und vater, but I was secretly eager to see what life would have to offer without them around.

Hogwarts Life[]

First Year[]

I was escorted by the entire Ailis family to King's Cross Station when boarding the Hogwarts Express off to my first year at Hogwarts. I was sorted into Ravenclaw, the first students of my year that I encountered were Jaeslya Knight, another Ravenclaw, and Connor Palonil, a Hufflepuff.

Classes like Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Charms are my favorite. The others classes felt too much to forced. Except of course for Flying. As far as I am concerned it would be impossible for 1st Year Flying Lessons to be considered anything but fun.

Second Year[]

Escorted by the entire Ailis family to King's Cross Station, again, when boarding the Hogwarts Express for my second year at Hogwarts, I was joined by Blair, and Christie for their first year. The twins were stunningly calm on the platform, aboard the carriages things were slightly different.

Managing my own schedule, and trying to keep track of my Slytherin siblings Blair, and Christie was difficult to say the least. I never realized how much harder it would be without mutter and vater. As the year progressed all of us seemed to calm down. I am is sure they did not do so on their own. One of the Professors is sure to have given them a stern, very needed warning.

Third Year[]

Escorted by the entire Ailis family to King's Cross Station, again, when boarding the Hogwarts Express for my third year, Blair, Christie's second and Dixon's starting his first year. The twins, Blair and Christie had been telling Dixon horror stories all summer long, he was more nervous than he needed to be.

With Dixon sorted into Gryffindor, I did have to worry like I thought I would. I guess the twins broke him in really well. He gave me the free time I needed to study, and I happened to meet Charity Bagman. We found common ground learning we were both the oldest in our sibling set.

Fourth Year[]

Escorted by the entire Ailis family to King's Cross Station, again, when boarding the Hogwarts Express for my fourth year at Hogwarts, I was again by joined by Blair and Christie for their third year, Dixon for his second, and Evan for his first. The twins were a mess on the platform as usual. They were probably much worse aboard their carriages. Dixon, Evan and I always were more well behaved.

Extracting pus from Bubotubers in Herbology class, I met Damon Grey. We were partners. I have not had the opportunity to speak with him much, although I do plan to. When I am not busy scouring Ravenclaw tower searching for Evan or scolding Blair and Christie for beating their own personal records for demarates and detentions.

Fifth Year[]

Escorted by the entire Ailis family to King's Cross Station for half of us to board the Hogwarts Express. It was the start of my fifth year, Blair and Christie's fourth, Dixon's third, Evan's second, and Gavin's very first year at Hogwarts. I may have been more excited than anyone, it is O.W.L. year after all.

Family Members[]

Shannon (Mutter)
Blair and Christie (geschwister (twins))
Dixon, Evan, Gavin, James, Leslie (geschwister)
Moira and Paisley (geschwister (twins))

Baird (Vater)


I have a baby face, something I hope I grow out of. I have a very unique facial structure, my nose is delicate yet reasonably wide. My lips are small, and thin, and a genuine smile can span the width of my face. I have rather large, wide set pale, green-blue eyes, very fair skin with a small amount of freckles across the bridge of my nose, and light blonde hair.


I am responsible, and determined, I posses a natural pertinaciousness, traits inherited form my mutter that help me get things done. I am optimistic, and fair-minded, the more negative side of my personality is often expressed as a streak of stubbornness, and guarded moody emotional responses, plus my inability at times, to make a definite decision.

Magical abilities and skills[]


First Year
Locomotor Mortis
Placement Charm
Cistem Aperio
Gripping Charm
Hover Charm
Petrificus Totalus
Second Year
Jelly-Brain Jinx
Third Year
Lumos Solem
Switching Spell
Finite Incantatem
Salvio Hexia
Fourth Year
Protego Totalum
Caterwauling Charm
Lacarnum Inflamari
Extinguishing spell
Fifth Year



Quinlan, my first name was given to me by her mutter Shannon. From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Caoinlean meaning "descendent of Caoinlean". The name Caoinlean means "slender" in Gaelic.
Donia, my middle name was vater's choice, it is Gaelic, it is a variant of Donalda (Scottish, Gaelic) and Donna (Italian), and the meaning of Donia is "world mighty; lady". In Gaelic, the name Donia means- Rules all. In Irish, the name Donia means- dark - skinned.
Kincade, my mutter's maiden name, it is a Gaelic a variant of Kincaid. From ceann, head, and cath or cad, battle--the head or front of the battle.
Ailis, my paternal family name (all the children also share the Kincade name as well), a Gaelic and German name. In Gaelic the meaning of the name Ailis is: Of the nobility. From the German Adalheidis meaning nobility.


Wand - Cherry, Dragon Heartstring, 10 inches
Course Books
Ravenclaw Uniform / After Hours attire
Three sets of plain work robes
One plain pointed hat
One pair of protective gloves
One winter cloak
One cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)
One set of glass phials
One telescope
One set scales


Ravenclaw crest

Quin Ailis is a Ravenclaw!

===Required Classes===

History of Magic

Optional Classes[]

Ancient Runes
Wizarding Law