Jean-Rémy Honoré Rocafort
Slytherin Dropout • Cheshire Cat • Student-Dentist


Personal Information

Full NameJean-Rémy Honoré de Boré Rocafort
BirthdayFebruary 5
Zodiac SignAquarius
Sex / GenderMale / Male
EthnicityCaucasian (with French & Belgian descent)
Sexual OrientationDemi-bisexual
Romantic OrientationDemi-biromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceBrussels, Belgium
Living SituationApartment, Magus Diaetam
Languages SpokenEnglish, French, Dutch

Magical Information

Blood StatusMuggle-born
Wand WoodPear wood
Wand CoreDragon heartstring
Wand Length13 1/4 inches
BoggartHis teeth falling off and tongue stuck


quote; description

Sadly, Remy's self-esteem is deep down the rabbit hole. It is the consequence of a well established series of psychological torments that he endured from his childhood to teenage years. His confidence was slowly crushed right before his eyes. Frequently subdued at the mercy of his bullies, Remy's inner self gave birth to a malevolent and parasitic "entity" that fed on his willpower. As a result, Remy is always hesitant. Walls built by the vicious cycles of internal and external harrowing incarcerated him in a position that feels as if he can't do anything about himself anymore. Uncertainty feels as if he's holding his breath, a suffocating experience battered with dejection and powerlessness.

Remy led himself to believe that he's just an insignificant speck, an exceptionally useless rubbish bag. He became accustomed to the absolute truth that he is plain ordinary. It was an expected response. He already internalized how people perceived and treated him. And for the record, he found nothing anomalous with it. At least, at first. At one point of his adolescence, Remy became conscious of this self-perception that eventually developed into a severe case of impostor syndrome. To prove his worth, he often seeks validation. Even the tiniest crumb of approval is more than enough reason for him to revel on the barest minimum of his actions. And ironically, he is never satisfied from it. Remy is gravely deprived of such feelings of affirmation and was instead filled with doubt and skepticism. As compensation, he clings a lot to people and constantly yearns for affection.

Inasmuch as Remy feels parched of affection, he is genuinely softhearted and benevolent--the opposite manifestations of his internal turmoils. He gives a lot of love despite not being able to give himself the same justice. Likewise, he hates disappointing others. Remy might not know it but he is becoming a people-pleaser like his sister, Margot. But nonetheless, sweetness is his strongest quality. At the same time, it is the strongest taste detected by his taste buds. Remy's an enthusiast of anything saccharine. So it's no wonder that he often has bursts of energy albeit being short lived. And as an individual who dwells in a wide selection of emotions, he usually resorts to stress eating especially when he is, well, stressed, as well as when he is downcast, nervous, or irate.

Truth be told, Remy used to be proficient in suppressing his emotions back then. He has accepted his passivity a long time ago, which was the case until he started taking a more active stance for himself. Years of repression, however, became an issue when he opened his floodgates. Aside from being clingy and desperate for warmth and approval, Remy progressively became emotionally fragile. One can practically hear him scream, "I'm baby!". Call Remy a "cinnamon roll", if you will, for he's actually adorable despite his brittleness, unless you are not able to survive from being squashed with his tight hugs, from his chatterbox for a mouth, or from any other means on how he expresses affection. Regardless of his many fears and hesitancies, Remy wears his heart on his sleeve. He is usually open to talk about his problems and emotions although when he does, he could be a bit of a crybaby. Imagine: Remy, a young man with a tall stature and athletic physique, bawling his eyes out while eating gummy worms in bed? It's quite odd for some people really, especially for those who are still subscribing to the concept of toxic masculinity. Remy's unsettled with this stereotype that he gives them the pleasure of satisfying their close-mindedness by acting hardier. Unfortunately, his stage act is always a flop. Again, "I'm baby!"

There is no denying that Remy is a deeply flawed person. His own self holds him back that it tends to get in the way of his daily living, like a debilitating disease (He's yet to be diagnosed with say, major depressive disorder or persistent depressive disorder because he's scared of burdening other people). Darkness is an old friend. It is a comfortable home to retreat to when he's alone or weary from the jubilant front he presents to other people. And yet, for some reason or some obscure plan of a higher being, not that he believes in one, Remy still has a decent grip on a sliver of hope, that is to fulfill his one and only dream of becoming a dentist. It is the only spark that illuminates his way. It is his only font of strength, and strangely the only reason that keeps his Chesire cat smile intact. Unbeknownst to Remy, his determination is commendable. All he needs is a big push, lots of encouragement, and constant assurance.



quote; description

In the city of Brussels, Remy was born to French-Belgian parents, Etienne and Madeleine. He came a bit late into the family, which took them by surprise. Thirty five-year-old Madeleine was three weeks away from having herself ligated when she got pregnant to Remy, and Etienne was blamed for it. Madeleine insisted on using protection but the other didn't heed her. Blame seemed too strong for a word, actually. It's not that Remy was an unwelcome consequence. On the contrary, the surprise mixed well with anticipation. The parents just didn't plan it out thoroughly. Furthermore, they were excited that the baby was a male this time for they already have two daughters in the household, namely Vivienne and Margot. Etienne felt more outmatched than outnumbered, having three females under the roof. As such, Remy's arrival felt like a breath of fresh air and Etienne could already imagine himself playing football with his son or cycling across country roads, which Madeleine and the others weren't so keen on doing, mostly because it was too much of a tedious and sweaty activity.

Remy grew up having a profound fondness for sweets--a sweet tooth at that. Unfortunately, following the basic hygienic rule of regular tooth-brushing was a chore for him. He skipped a lot of times that he should've done it in exchange for a few more bites of toffee or strawberry-flavored lollipops, so getting scolded wasn't a foreign experience for him. Sadly enough, it gave him a bad set of teeth, crooked and misaligned with a few cavities here and there, mostly in the molars because he gives hard candies a good solid crunch back there. Sugar rushes were his favorite moments because he would suddenly burst with energy. He was a cheerful child with the grin of a Cheshire cat, minus the good dentition and mischievous intentions. It was for this reason that other kids of his age found him funny. And the laughing and teasing that he got was just the beginning. By the time he was in Year 3, roughly around seven years old, he already had a small group of bullies that pestered him with insults on how he looked. But then again, it's not uncommon for kids to have bad teeth in their young age. Maybe the bullies had nobody to pick on and Remy was just unlucky enough to be condemned to be at the receiving end of their Russian roulette.

The constant discharge of oppression hit Remy with the strength of artillery. It didn't take long before he started feeling insecurities about himself, thinking that he was indeed ugly. A steadily decreasing confidence and self-efficacy substantially weighed him down as well. He had a small group of friends to keep his spirits up and they were probably the only reasons why he attended school albeit the heavy heart that he always carried. On a lighter note, the torments sparked the genesis of a lofty dream of becoming a dentist. Kids won't get bullied for badly-looking teeth anymore, his juvenile self thought. No matter how much he was stepped on, he held on to the fact that, one day, he could make people smile with pride. The thought of letting others suffer the same fate as his wasn't on the list.

In another instance, Remy got punched by a "big-boned" kid (In Remy's observation, he was all fat and no bone but of course he just kept that to himself.) when he was nine. Remy, passive as he was, expected the punch to pack a lot of pain; however, a chipped right central incisor was uncalled for. The crooked, cavity-filled teeth was unlovely enough; having a chipped tooth, on the other hand, made Remy think that he was indeed cursed by the tooth fairy or whatever it was called. When Etienne and Madeleine found out, they didn't hesitate to move him to a different Muggle school. Although they were apparently shocked that the incident wasn't an isolated case. Remy told them nothing about his experiences with his bullies, reasoning that they didn't need to get dragged along with his misfortunes.

And, lo and behold, a drama more unfortunate than Remy's chipped tooth wrecked havoc on the Rocafort household a year prior to Remy's arrival in Hogwarts. His eldest sister, Vivienne, was found to be pregnant out of wedlock right before she graduated from Beauxbatons. Pregnancies like her were usually synonymous to a scandal which was obviously detested by her family. Etienne, in particular, was furious. As the eldest child, he expected Vivienne to become a role model to her younger siblings, and to provide for her family as a bread winner. He did admit back then, when Vivienne was still young, that she did things on a whim, a devil-may-care attitude that rarely worked in her favor or other people. Etienne compelled--or rather forced--her to work in law enforcement at the French Ministry of Magic to knock some sense of discipline into her. Getting her in was no problem considering that he had connections within the department. The only problem was that, again, Vivienne didn't take him or anyone else around her seriously. For her, life was merely a game of dice and chances. Eventually, it was this same blitheness that put her in jeopardy. In a moment of fear of her father's wrath, Vivienne and her boyfriend recklessly eloped and went to reside with the latter's family in Marseilles. She was never heard of ever since.

Remy's family wasn't exactly the same since Vivienne's departure. Now that the eldest child was gone to live a life of her own, far from her family's clutches, Etienne shifted his attention unto Margot, the middle child. She was the people-pleasing type of individual, most especially to her father. Apart from Madeleine, she devotedly comforted Etienne at the time her family was freshly split. It was for this reason that she readily followed his request to follow Vivienne's supposed track in the French Ministry of Magic to fill the void that her sister left behind. In her final year as a Durmstrang student, (Etienne and Madeleine had this quirk of sending their children to different magical schools, as if they were completing the set.) Margot still had no discernible direction in her life. Deep inside, she just waited for whatever her father wanted for her. She was panicking actually. She had to decide on a career before Etienne snapped at her but thankfully, he gave her a relatively definite path to tread on. She eventually graduated from Durmstrang and pursued the job according to his instruction.

All was well for quite some time for the Rocaforts. Etienne's resentment towards Vivienne was placated by Margot's employment in the Ministry. Now, he and Madeleine only had to worry about Remy's education. Frankly, Remy was skeptical of going to Hogwarts. Unlike the other kids, he didn't feel the razzle-dazzle of performing magic or any of the sort. For the longest time, he felt as if he was the ordinary one, whether he was at home, school, or anywhere else that he went, and he wanted to stay like that. Being bullied, a circumstance that he was well accustomed to, made him keep a low profile. He was aware of his desire to become as bland as a person could be, and actually liked the idea despite the boring air that hung around it. Magic, in his opinion, was out of his league, even if he accidentally caused his teeth to swell when he was ten. The only thing that he ever wanted in his life was to fulfill his dream. He imagined himself wearing a doctor's coat, holding a mouth mirror on his left hand and a probe on his right, with a little child sitting on his chair, the both of them basking in the brightness of a surgical lighthead. But then again, he was powerless against Etienne's wishes. This time around, he wanted him to become a MediWizard, the closest profession to a Muggle dentist. The proposition wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. In the end, Remy had no choice but to attend Hogwarts where was sorted into Slytherin. Sometime in his second year, they moved to London so that Etienne and Madeleine could keep a closer watch on Remy.

Studying in Hogwarts was, according to Remy, close to agonizing. Sure, learning all of those spells and potions did amaze him but he needed an extra bit of time and motivation to actually do them. He gradually grew more disinterested as the school years came to pass. Being the less popular kid was no problem for him but it did earn him the shunning of some of his housemates. In his third year, he was close to getting mad. His mind no longer focused on his studies. Spending another four years in a school that he never wanted in the first place was an absurd idea. There was never a moment that he didn't yearn for the Muggle world. That was his niche. When he thought all hope was lost, Margot confided to him about her dissatisfaction in her work. She finally realized that it only made Etienne happy, not her. Thinking that escape was no longer an option, she accepted her desolate fate. Hearing his sister's lament prompted Remy to hold the reins of his life. Indeed, he saw himself as ordinary when compared to Vivienne and Margot, but he was definitely different from them. So he stood up to his parents. His determination, something that he hasn't expressed for ages, was unstoppable that even Etienne's iron will yielded. Obviously, he didn't yield without a sharp pang of disappointment. Give or take a few more arguments and resolutions, Remy, at the end of his third year, dropped out of Hogwarts and started attending a secondary Muggle school back in London.

Remy faced further struggles as a transferee and, inevitably, as an outcast. Starting Year 7 as the lone fourteen-year old foreigner in the school was similar to fitting an orange slice into an incomplete onion with a taste more sour than it was sweet. In his first few months, Remy had to survive on his own. Several people befriended him thereafter, both true friends and fake ones alike but mostly the latter who just milked his good nature for favors. Meanwhile, his childhood insecurities intensified throughout his adolescence. He was supposed to establish an identity for himself, one that would appeal to his peers. At first, he didn't care because he was steadfast to his "ordinary nobody" persona. But eventually, the external forces pushed Remy beyond his comfort zone. In his sixteenth year, he had dental surgeries and orthodontic attachments, which were simultaneously done with a zealous regimen of skin care (He had a bad case of acne.), working out, and the like. Remy's metamorphosis wasn't easy yet it finally paid off in the end. By the time he graduated from secondary school, and as a salutatorian at that, Remy's appearance changed drastically which gained him the unexpected attention of several admirers, both males and females alike. On the other hand, his parents, Etienne and Madeleine, who remained skeptical of Remy's decisions throughout his schooling, were contented at long last. They could even say that Remy had surpassed Vivienne and Margot. It was a feat that they had never expected from someone who gave up a life of magic for the Muggle world.

Without further ado, Remy went to apply for his prospect dentistry schools namely, Queen Mary University of London, University College London, and King's College London. He had no particular order of priority; more entries, more chances of winning, as they say. And by the time the results came out, he definitely thought he was at the losing end of the raffle. Remy was rejected from the first two universities while he was waitlisted in the last one. Out of desperation and existential dread, he actually deliberated on going back to Hogwarts even if it was obviously against his will, given that application periods for other universities were already closed at the time. He would've prayed to the gods or went to church or made sacrifices just to make it, but he eventually did. A slot opened up in King's College and Remy immediately confirmed his enrollment. He's now in his second year in the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program and is living in a decent flat that his parents rented in Magus Diaetam (Remy was sort of kicked out of the house, mainly because he's twenty-three already and had to stop relying on Etienne and Madeleine all the time).



Face ClaimMax Irons
Eye ColourGreen
Hair ColourLight brown
Weight79 kg
Voice TypeBaritone
Blood TypeO-
Distinguishing MarksTBD
Body StyleAthletic
ScentYves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L'homme

Family Information

FatherEtienne Rocafort
MotherMadeleine Rocafort nee de Boré
Full SiblingsVivienne and Margot Rocafort (elder sisters)
Half SiblingsNone
Other RelativesRocafort Family (paternal side)
de Boré Family (maternal side)


Significant Other(s)None
Best Friend(s)None

Name Etymology

Given [ Jean-Rémy ]Jean: the Lord is gracious
Rémy: oar

Middle [ Honoré ]Honored
Surname [ Rocafort ]Unknown


Favourite Colour
Favourite Movie
Favourite Song
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
First Kiss
First Crush
First Love
First Time
OccupationSecond year dental surgery student at King's College London
Sports Played
Instruments Played
Biggest Hope
Biggest Regret
Best Memories
Worst Memories
Mental Illnesses
Criminal Record
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