Raelynn Sarra Seymour
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January 30th, 2024
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Raelynn Seymoar is an american-born witch, an artist, and an ocean enthusiast.

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It was the summer of 2017 in Boston, MA, USA. Sarra Summer was a British Witch who was on vacation in the United States on a road trip with her friends as a graduation present from her parents. When they were in Boston, Sarra and her friends went out for drinks in the muggle part of the city with fake IDs. Sarra caught the eye of a Navy Sailor stationed at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard named Richard Seymour - Richard was attractive enough, especially when Sarra was already drunk so the two wound up spending the night together, luckily, they did trade numbers. Sarra left Boston the next day and quickly forgot about the whole thing, until about a month later when she and her friends were in LA towards the end of their road trip, when Sarra started feeling sick and was puking a lot in the morning. Very afraid of what that could mean, she got a pregnancy test which confirmed her worse fears. She was in fact pregnant. Trouble was... there was at least five guys that could be the dad.

Sarra quickly contacted all the guys that could be the dad, there was exactly six. She then made them all get a paternity test and it turned out that Richard was the lucky winner. Because of Richard's career in the Navy, and not wanting to look like the dumb and impulsive 21 year old he was, he proposed to Sarra. Sarra, who was equally impulsive and also not a huge fan of having the child of a man she wasn't married to due to her traditional upbringing, accepted. Her parents were not huge fans of this at first, but eventually they came around and started to begrudgingly like Richard.

Nine months later in March of 2018, they had their oldest son Melvin Seymour, seven years and three months after Melvin's birth, the couple had twin babies, named Roman and Raelynn. Growing up, all Raelynn heard was about their grandfather - A hero in Afghanistan - was a hero, and how Roman wanted to be exactly like him. How proud of his father that their father was. How proud of Roman he was for wanting to be just like him. Raelynn loved hanging out with Roman, so naturally, she began to try and like the same stuff he did. Though, eventually, she had to go her own way. Though she and her brother were still close, Rae found more of a love for things like, the ocean, art, and 'girly' stuff like that. Though, of course, that still means she had a love for the ocean - Something her entire family shared.

When she was seven, she had been with her mother at the Beach, and went a little too far in to the ocean. She would have been pulled away if it wasn't for something magically pulling her out and back to the land. Her mother saw this, and the two celebrated that night with their family. They haven't talked about schooling yet, until the summer of 2038 rolled around.

In the summer of 2038, the family decided they were going to try and do a transoceanic crossing in the family sailboat. Everything was going well, until they were hit by a really bad storm in the middle of the Atlantic. The wind was well over 64 knots and tore the mast right off the boat, leaving them utterly helpless to the mercy of the ocean. Because they were doing a transoceanic crossing, the USCG required them to have liferaft and survival suits for all aboard. Roman and his father attempted to launch the liferaft but the sea were far too much for the rails aboard the sailboat and soon as they tried to tie the painter line to the sailboat, the rail was tore away from the boat. The family had already put on their survival suits but before they could abandon ship, a massive wave slammed down on the sailboat and tore it clean in two, knocking the whole family unconscious and separating them from each other, the liferaft and the sailboat's wreck.

All the children were lucky to be found. But then, their parents weren't. They looks and looked, but never even found a body. They decided to call it an accidental death, and they were put into a care home until Sarra's family was located and found. The children were sent to live with them, in England.

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Raelynn Seymour is a charming, glowing personality that had a few descriptors; One very notable one is her absolute love of life and art. Beauty is found everywhere, and she's a huge optimist when it comes to that. She also loves to just simply make beauty. Clearly, at most times, it is necessary. A little fleur-de-lis here and there never hurt anyone. But she does absolutely hate it when one says that she can't do something. I mean hell, if she wants to draw on a wall, then let her. She's only beautifying it, after all.

Her hard-headedness and often miscreant behavior often leads to her getting in trouble. She does have the best intents, but as it is illegal to do so, she just simply doesn't seem to care. Not only that, she has a huge phobia of it. So much so, she tends to lie about stuff she could possibly get in trouble for. Little things, like keeping the milk out on accident. Rae may seem like she has her head up in the clouds ninety percent of the time (which she sort of does), but she usually, sometimes, knows what she is doing.

She never had the best grades, and the squeakiest record, but much like her brother, she's a hard worker. She's built a vision for herself, and she'll stop at nothing to achieve it. Of course, that vision is simple; Be good. Of course, she has this nagging voice in her head. The one that simply wants to take pride in whatever she does right. Pride can be deadly, so Raelynn has spent most of her time avoiding that voice. This presents a problem; She wants to be good, but she's having difficulty with it. Part of her wants to go, what's hers is hers. Sometimes she gives in, and when she doesn't, it tends to affect her mood negatively. Overall, she tries to be a bright light in the world, and mostly ends up dimming herself. Life is about teaching, and right now, that's all she's focused on; Teaching herself to be good, for her parents.

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