Raevyne Báthory-Carmichael
fifth year ravenclaw - descendant of evil - the rejected princess
Owned by: Queen Vic
Basic Information
Full Name: Raevyne Elizabeth Báthory-Carmichael
Born: October 19th
Age: 15
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: Hungarian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
More Information
Sexual Orientation: Questioning
Romantic Orientation: Questioning
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Hungarian
Birthplace: Sopron, Hungary
Native Language: Hungarian
Languages Spoken: Russian, English and Slavic
Current Location: Hogwarts
Magical Information
Blood Status: Muggle-Born
Wand Wood: Cypress
Wand Core: Thestral Tail Hair
Wand Length: 10 Inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Raven
Boggart: Death
Exotic?: No
Schooling Information
Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Ravenclaw
Year: Fifth
Year Joined: Fourth
Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)

Raevyne is a quiet, observant young girl with bright mind and an interest in science and literary history. She likes potions and herbology and excels at her education while lacking in social skills. This leads her to be antisocial, closed off and rather intolerant of other people invading her personal space. She can, however, be witty and sarcastic when she wants to be. Nothing beats a negative attitude and sharp quips. Her nonchalance sometimes comes off as a form of seduction but her intentions are usually innocent.
Having been misplaced in the world, Raevyne's biggest fear is letting those she loves down. She would hate to disappoint or fail them in any way, which leads her to either keep them very distant or not at all. Sometimes she strives to be the best version of herself, trying to be what they want to see rather than herself. Despite this, she is extremely stoic and will do anything for those she loves.


Sopron is a small city on the boarder of Austria and home to Beatrix Bathory, a wealthy lady with high prestige and highlight of most conversations due to her heritage of being the decedent of Elizabeth Bathory; a Hungarian noblewoman from the kingdom of Hungary and one of the most prolific female serial killer. The Blood Countess, as they used to call her, was responsible for countless murders of young women through 1585 and 1609.

Being a cold and calculating lady, Beatrix never settled on a man to father her two young children, Hanna and Raevyne. Their father, an archaeologist named Dominik Carmichael was from London and had moved back not long after Beatrix kicked him out and shunned his existence. Over the years, the girls didn't understand what had led her to remove their father from the picture but it became clear that she had some serious mental health issues.

When Raevyne was six years old, she discovered her magical ability which came as no surprise because of their magical heritage. However, it was a surprise when Hanna went into end-stage heart failure and passed away on the operating table. Raevyne had been devastated to find out that her older sister was now gone and all she had left of her was the diamond necklace Beatrix had bought her when she turned fifteen.

Eleven years old and ready to start magical schooling, Beatrix was kind enough to offer her three choices for her education; private or public mortal school, local magical school or Hogwarts. With little knowledge of Hogwarts, she chose to go to Durmstrang for three years before choosing to transfer. Now attending Hogwarts in her fourth year, Raevyne is excited to see what sort of life she can create in London.

Model: Alissa Salls
Eye Colour: Blue-Green
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Height: 5'5
Weight: 105 Pounds
Voice Type: Soft
Distinguishing Marks: Couple Tattoos
More Images
Father: Dominik Carmichael
Mother: Beatrix Báthory
Full Siblings: Hanna Báthory-Carmichael
Half Siblings: N/A
Guardian(s): N/A
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Other Relatives: N/A

Leonidas Argyris - Leo and Raevyne hadn't hit off as friends until the second time they met up at the trolley on the way to Hogwarts. He is funn and nice and she quite likes his company even when they don't talk. She hopes to become better friends with him in the future.

Name Meaning:


Nicknames: None
Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Movie: The Devil's Rejects
Favourite Song: Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran
Favourite Food: Chicken Pesto Penne
Favourite Drink: Grape Soda
Most Important People: Beatrix Báthory
Most Treasured Possessions: {{{Most Treasured Possessions}}}
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