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Rafael Ivan Martínez

Full Name Rafael Ivan Martínez
Nickname Rafe
Basic Info
Birthday August 1st
Nationality Colombian
Home Paris, France
Relationship Info
Status More single than a dollar bill
Sexuality Heterosexual
Best Friend ~
Pets ~
Family On The Wiki ~

School/Career Info
House Beauxbatons
Year/Occupation 6th Year at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
Titles The Condor
Optional Classes Taken
Magical Info
Species Wizard
Blood Status Half-blood
Wand Core Thestral tail hair
Wand Wood Blackthorne
Wand Arm Left
Boggart his mum
Patronus Andean Condor

Model Rhys Matthew Bond
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Hair Length/Style Semi short, unruly
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Pale-ish
Clothing Style Casual
Other Info About Looks

Colour Yellow
Music Bellenato
Food Almojabanas
Sweets Jet (Colombian chocolate)
Animal Dog
Dream Job
Happiest When...

Rafe is amicable, happy go lucky, and energetic as heck.


Rafe is silly, happy go lucky, excitable, and fast. He enjoys having as much fun as possible. He is sociable, and is a fan of the inside joke. When Rafe is frustrated, he tends to start speaking in rapid spanish, or responding in spanish. Funny enough, he used to be incredibly shy and reserved, but as he became more of the person he wanted to be, more of the excitable puppy that had been cooped up for so long shun. Although a giant supporter of LGBT rights, he still deals with internal transphobia



Rafe began his life as Ramona Natalia Martinez, in Bogotá, Colombia. Not that it was a bad name, but it wasn’t a name that suited him. Although his parents didn’t know it at the time of his birth, Rafe was a guy. His father, Alberto, was a teacher at Castelobruxo , and his mother was a stay-at-home muggle. They raised him as best they could, as a girl. He was always a bit tomboyish, playing fútbol with his other cousins, wearing guy clothes, roaming the streets. Sometimes, people would take him for guy, which normally made him happy, until he saw his mother’s embarrassment. From then on, whenever someone would ask him if he were a boy or a girl, he would get embarrassed, hurt, and cry. He didn’t want to be an anomaly.

At around five, he started showing magical ability when he kicked a ball into a window, broke it, and subsequently repaired it out of fear of punishment from his mother.

At seven, Rafe’s mother had enough of the tomboy act, and started making him wear dresses, and bows. While uncomfortable, at least no one asked him the dreaded question of his gender.

In school, he did well, made a few friends here and there, nothing really particularly special. His best friend at the time was his uncle, Salvador. He was young, barely an adult. Unlike everyone else, Salvador always seemed able to treat him as he wanted to be treated. He looked up to Salvador even more than his parents, and tried to follow in his footsteps.

As expected, when Rafe turned eleven, he went off to school Castelobruxo. There, he was unexpectedly shy, and made zero friends. It was supposed to be his home away from home, but it sure didn’t feel like it. In a sense, he felt almost unwelcome.

At around age 12, things with him started changing. His mother was obviously, happy, he was blossoming into a woman. Rafe sure didn’t feel as happy as her. He fought the feelings, but couldn’t help but know something was off, something was wrong. At night, he got insomnia, during the day, he just wanted to crawl away.

When summer came, he had the comfort of having his uncle. Still, something was off. Rafe spent most of his summer fooling around on the internet, a way in which he escaped reality. One day, he came across a story on a transgender woman. Of course, he knew what “transgender” meant, but he had misconceptions, besides the fact that societally, Colombia isn’t very accepting of transgender people. The more he researched, the more he realized how much he identified with this disparity between his mind and his body. That’s when it all clicked- he was a guy. Rafe was a transgender guy.

The first person he told was Salvador, who, as expected, didn’t really react besides changing pronouns. He continued to treat him exactly as he was, which was good. Next, about three weeks before having to go back to school, he told his parents. His father was confused, but his mother was furious. They tried to tell him it was a phase, but it really wasn’t. His father at least helped him contact the school, so he could enter with the name he felt he most identified with; Rafael.

From then, his mother stopped speaking to him completely. This didn’t affect him so much when he was in school, but when holidays came, it wounded him deeply. Kids in school had mixed reactions. For the most part, no one cared, but there were still those who sought after him. Even some teachers harassed him. South America in general really wasn’t a place where transgender people were well understood, or received.

When the school year ended, and summer came back, Rafe started going to gender therapy, and invited his mother often. She always declined. The situation at home got so bad, that, coupled with the general dysphoria, Rafe confided in Salvador he was considering in ending it all.

That’s when Salvador made his big announcement; He was moving to France to pursue his dream in becoming a world renowned pastry chef. Although he was a wizard, his real passion was food. He offered to take Rafe with him, for a new start, and to give his mother time to cool and come to accept him. Although not an easy decision, he finally decided to go with him.

That summer they moved, and he started his third magical studies year at Beaxabation Academy. He was able to enter as a guy, and Rafe still saw a gender therapist. When rafe was about 15 (so about a year after he started gender therapy over in France), he started hormone therapy. Things were looking up, and he became much more confident, and happy. His marks were exemplary. Rafe was in the zone. He learned that he was quite the goof, and that he enjoyed doing crazy things.

Now he is going to be entering his sixth year, at Beaxabation Academy.

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