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Slytherin Crest (Gif)Reggie Seo Slytherin Crest (Gif)
Slytherin Second Year
Owned by: Manolo
Basic Information
Full Name: Ragnuk Seo
Born: October 13, 2015
Age: 14
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Half Goblin, Wizard
Nationality: French
Ethnicity: Korean, goblin
More Information
Sexual Orientation: IDEK
Romantic Orientation: IDEK
Relationship Status: single
Accent: Minuscule french accent
Birthplace: Châlons-en-Champagne, France
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: Korean, English, French
Current Location: Lil Bundles/Hogwarts
Magical Information
Blood Status: Half blood, half breed
Wand Wood: TBD
Wand Core: TBD
Wand Length: TBD
Wand Arm: left
Boggart: Fire
Exotic?: Is a half-goblin
Schooling Information
Schooling: Hogwarts
House: Sltherin
Year: 2nd
Year Joined: 2nd



Reggie is laid back, generally calm, and funny. He is always up for joking, and dabbles heavily in bathroom jokes. He is also a bit dirty minded, a result of his grungy childhood setting. He has a deathly fear of fire, relating to his childhood incident. Surprisingly, Reggie is extremely clever and good in school, partially due to his goblin blood, that he doesn’t normally admit.

Despite these positive traits, he is also mean, and can be a bully. He doesn’t care for people, and is very untrusting. He uses people for his amusement, and will only befriend you if he finds you amusing enough. I’d say he flirts, but honestly it’s more teasing than flirting. Either way, it’s not the kind of flirting that people would find attractive. Reggie isn’t interested in getting in a relationship and thinks that no one would like him anyways, save a hag.

Reggie is also a classist and speciesist. He overcompensates to make himself seem more wizard like by making stereotypical jokes on trolls,elves,werewolves,veela’s, etc. He does, however, specialize in Goblin jokes. He doesn’t deny being a half-goblin, but will always try to give a person the impression that he is a pure-blood.

Reggie isn’t averse to lying, so he does it casually, slipping it to daily conversation. Again, he never lies about being a half-goblin, but sometimes he twists truths so people don’t realize he is a half goblin. He does this both as a self defense mechanism, and a way to detach himself from who he really is, because he kind of hates himself. His dreams trouble him, so he always gets sensitive if anyone brings them up.

Another way he gets mad is if someone manages to find something true about him, or if they find out about his fear of fire. He hates it when people try to make it seem like they know him, when they don’t. He also hates liars and posers, ironic because he is both. If anyone so much as makes fun of the tattered pink armband he never takes off, he will flip a switch.


Seo Junghwa, the 6’7” Gringotts accountant, never thought she could fall for a puny, hot tempered, infuriatingly intelligent, Gringotts goblin. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. She’d recently transferred from the korean wizarding banks to Gringotts, in order to pursue her dream of living in London and having a more westernized lifestyle.The person assigned to train her and show her around Gringotts was a young, intelligent goblin with a hot temper named Bulfric that upset her. As her supervisor, however, she had to follow his instructions and orders, without fail. Junghwa honestly thought she hated the mean goblin, and always had tirades against him to all of her girlfriends. Everything changed when her boyfriend of the moment, Steven, dumped her for her next door neighbor, whom he had been cheating on her with for four months.

Everywhere she went, she was a wreck, including work. Finally, Bulfric had enough of her crap and told her to straight up get over it, which only made her cry more. In a last ditch attempt to get her working again, he told her she could cry about it later over drinks, but for now to store the emotion away. Surprisingly, this calmed her down, and she agreed.

When they met for drinks, she started crying again, but he told her not to worry. Over some firewhiskey, Bulfric told her about the wife he had, that had cheated on him multiple times, but in the end had the last laugh by dying before they could divorce. It was morbid, but the way he’d said it made her laugh. He went on to tell her other stories, and she in turn told him some of hers. By the end of the night, they were so drunk and happy that they ended up at Junghwa’s apartment. Of course, the pair tried to make out it was nothing, just a fling, but Junghwa suddenly found herself unattracted to Steven, and pulling closer and closer to Bulfric. Finally, there was no denying it. Despite wizard society, despite the deep rooted prejudice, despite both of their disapproving families, they got in a relationship and ended up married. Gringotts fired the pair, afraid of egging on the press of their ghastly relationship. It was hard staying together, but they made it work.

A few years after, Junghwa and Bulfric ended up in Châlons-en-Champagne, France, living a quiet life and raising a young son, named Ragnuk after the maker of Godric Gryffindor’s sword. Many wizard families lived there, but left them alone, word of the mixed family not reaching them. Junghwa worked as a store clerk, and Bulfric worked with numbers, and anyone who needed help with anything numerical. It was hard, making ends meet, but they managed to do it. When Ragnuk was about three, however, the city found out (the wizard portion at least.) Someone took a picture of the family grocery shopping, and it somehow got into the wizard papers. They received lots of hate and speciesism, but managed to pull through it, because no one seemed to realize that Ragnuk was a half breed. Everyone seemed to assume that he was just an average wizard.

Things took a nasty turn when Ragnuk was five, and his indignant mother had finally released the statement that he was in fact Bulfric’s son. At first, it was just the regular hate, but one by one, the hate mail turned into death threats. The family was thinking of moving again, not having moved before because no one had threatened their lives yet. By the time they made the decision to leave, however, it was too late. An ugly plan was put in place by a radical purist organization. One night, while the family slept, their house was surrounded by three men, planning on hurting them. Junghwa was alerted by the alarm she’d placed on their house, and went to go check. They performed crucio on her, making her scream. Bulfric woke up, as did Ragnuk. They went running outside, only to be met with stunning spells. For fun, and to properly get rid of the disgusting trash that was Ragnuk, they stupified Junghwa, and dragged the stunned boy into the house. Then, they unfroze him, locked the house, and set it on fire. Ragnuk banged on the glass as his parents screamed. The flames managed to lick him, but he was focused on saving his life and getting to his family. He ran to the back exit. One of the windows was unlatched at the back of the house, and he managed to crawl through and it escape, passing out 15 feet away from the house. What he didn’t know was that magic had saved him. Sure, the fire got to him, but at some point he began to become resistant to it, if only for a short period of time.

The next day, a nearby wizard found the sut covered boy. Not recognizing him, he tried to treat his burns, but it left scarring in certain places, like his right leg, left shoulder, and the left side of his abdominal. Ragnuk learned his family’s fate in the papers, which stated that the men who had them had killed them as well, but were caught and were on trial. Not that it really mattered to Ragnuk. The point was, they were gone, and he was on his own. The one thing left of them was this pink armband he had, similar to the ones they had. They'd decided to wear it to symbolise how their family was strong and would stick together.

The french ministry picked up the boy, and he told them his tale. The decided to not release the story to the public, and allow people to believe the half breed had died. Then, they assigned him a wizard family to live with, a poor married couple living in the heart of Paris. His parents had always taught him english and korean, however, and he refused as much as he could to speak french. In the end, he had to give in due to necessity. Although He didn’t give up his name, Ragnuk started going by Reggie, in order to distance himself from the possibility of being the half goblin boy.

Reggie had a home, sure, but that didn’t stop him from hanging with “street rats” and other kids who were poor and prowled the streets. He learned to keep quiet about his life and his history. Growing up, he had an odd reaction to the fire. Rather than it making him angry, he instead cowered away from his legacy, part of his mechanism of self preservation. He didn’t trust many, but he made allies on the streets. Reggie never called them friends, however.

Finally, when he was eleven, Reggie went off to Beauxbaton. It was alright, but he didn’t like it much their. Too stuffy and boring. He caused mayhem where he could, in the name of making him seem cool. He tried to subtly make it seem as if he were a pureblood, however. Unfortunately for him, there was a small fire in one of the classrooms, that made him go bananas. He freaked out a lot, letting his magic come loose. After that incident, he lost a lot of his edge. He got teased constantly about the fire, which only made him irrational. Byt the end of the year, he hated the school. He begged for a transfer, but his wizard parents declined. It was almost fortunate, when, during the summer they both got ill, and in an attempt of the ministry to keep him uncontaminated, they sent him away. They ended up dying of a wizard borne illness. The french ministry had a hard time finding a permanent home, so Reggie suggested he be sent to the UK instead, making his case that he wanted to go to a different school anyways. The finally decided on it, and he ended up in Lil Bundles. He now attends hogwarts as a second year.

Model: S.Coups from seventeen (Choi Seung Cheol)
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110lb
Voice Type: Tenor
Distinguishing Marks: Burn scars on his left shoulder, left abdominal, and right leg
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Father: Bulfric (deceased)
Mother: Seo Junghwa (deceased)
Full Siblings:
Half Siblings:
Guardian(s): Anna Frederique (deceased), Terrence Frederique (deceased)
Spouse: nah
Children: nah
Other Relatives: nah
Name Meaning:

Ragnuk was the maker of Godric Gryffindor's sword

Nicknames: Reggie
Favourite Colour: Orange
Favourite Movie: Doesn't watch movies
Favourite Song: Silver, by Fakear ft. Rae Morris
Favourite Food: Beef bourguignon pies
Favourite Drink: Grape Ribena
Most Important People: Himself
Most Treasured Possessions: {{{Most Treasured Possessions}}}
Custom Trivia: