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Rain Rocky CP1

rainbow zebra rockefeller
fifth year slytherin
you can love me or hate me

Rain Rocky CPM1

Birthday september 15th
Age sixteen
Pronunciation rein-bow raa-kuh-feh-lr
Family eugene + bea (grandparents)
peter + grace (parents)
Gender non-binary
Pronouns she/her/hers
Orientation pansexual
Relationship single
Nationality english + south korean
Languages english, french, + korean
Residence slytherin dormitories
+ windsor, england
Religion protestant
Handedness right
Roleplayer ateleia
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Eye Color brown
Hair Color black (sometimes brown or red)
Height 5'9"
Style high-end, together
Faceclaim seo soojin

they're taller (just over 5'9) and in fit shape, spending a lot of time on their figure since she was a child. their sense of fashion is superb and even though she advocates for dispersing her family's wealth, they benefit greatly from the expensive brands she can afford. rain tries to get her clothing items charmed different colors or reshaped into different articles instead of splurging on more designer pieces though. they have an eye for fashion and also make some of their own clothing from time to time, but tends to donate most of it or give it to friends as gifts. apart from their fashion, rain is extremely fair and has naturally long, dark hair. it is regularly dyed brown or red depending on their mood considering she has long since mastered the spells for it. their eyes are also dark, but round and soft and adorned with lashes she loves to bat.

Rain Rocky CPM3

Rain Rocky CP2


the rockefellers are very established in windsor as a pure-blooded family of wealth. they own several businesses and are most heavily involved with real estate, a worthy investment indeed as that has placed them towards one of the highest spots on a prestigious list of the united kingdom's richest. they are well known for being ridiculously wealthy, being criticized in the media for being greedy or for practicing opulence. very few attempts have been made by the recent generations to repair this damaged reputation, but the most well received was their organization dedicated to funding education for those in need. it is an invention of rain's grandparents bea and eugene and has sent hundreds of students through schools in their area especially hogwarts. bea and eugene are known to be the most progressive generation in terms of giving that the rockefellers have seen since they established themselves, but they are still frugal. their wealth is still hoarded in their excessively large mansion and it is often lost on them how much privilege they possess from owning such things.

bea and eugene have been raising their grandchild since she was a child after her diagnosis confused her parents. her parents, grace and peter, are in their forties now, but are still teenagers at heart and in possibly the worst way. their love and shared wealth stunted them, leaving them no desire to mature from where they were as teenagers. even though they have been together for two decades, they are not fully committed to each other and are in a loose, open partnership where additional partners come and go. they are casual potion abusers and have been caught in tabloid columns being indecent in public- the story often told of rich children who never have to grow. rain was an accident and was named while their father was loose on a potion- rainbow zebra jeong. they have embraced this name as a symbol of their own sense of creativity and other people have told her that it suits her quite well. point is- their parents were not meant to be parents, but they do love her and they spend a lot of time with her even if it's doing the wrong things.

windsor was quiet for them until rain was born. chaos often followed them wherever they toddled, following in their parents' footsteps (as their grandmother put it). her grandparents insisted she was evaluated by the healers for her rambunctiousness, which is when she was first medicated for a short period of time at the age of five. it caused them to lose the natural flair that wealthy children have, where they are on top of the world- they get their princess fantasies when they want them and they get them to a tee. so, they were unprescribed the potions. shortly after, her parents signed custody over to her grandparents, but rain was never bothered by this. familial connections were not especially important to their family outside of business and inheritance and while she was certainly being indoctrinated by her grandparents, she was generally not involved in such things at such an age. she was unimportant and was therefore often shoved onto various other employees, so who had custody of them was really of no importance either. everything was simple for them- things came easily and they were never disappointed. rain had more than what she could picture in their head and was the nicest dressed at her private primary school. everything was so quiet and their grandparents expected to pass their inheritance to this beaming, perfect child.

it was no surprise and no interruption to daily activities when rain had their first sign of magic. her grandparents had prayed over it and had discovered her first sign would come at age seven. soon before their eighth birthday, they levitated the roast at dinner and a celebration ensued. rain was seen as predictable and sweet- the perfect grandchild and the perfect heir. their grandparents praised themselves for convincing her parents to sign over custody and openly boasted about their abilities to raise children, seemingly forgetting that their first attempt at been so unsuccessful. rain was loved, but for the wrong reasons. conformity was important and they were taught to be educated and demanding, but only towards others and not against their family. serve the family and protect it. remember that what the words against the family are mere jealous enemies to be frowned upon and dismissed. as a child, she was willing to do this and saw nothing wrong in having the wealth that they possessed. it gave them opportunities to express themselves, having an expansive closet and the ability to explore several talents and hobbies. rain was expressive and a swirling disaster, but in front of their grandparents, they were perfect.

with age, the house in windsor became less quiet and it piled on until it was time for hogwarts. rain left, planning on attending the prestigious private school with the hopes of becoming a proficient witch and heir to her family's inheritance. wizards of waverly place had things correct: everything is not as it seems. everything spiraled over the course of their first stint at hogwarts. exposure to other worlds changed her perspective on her family's wealth and she became more liberal often to the point of squabbling with her grandparents over their selfishness. at some point, it became apparent to her grandparents that things had to change or else they would be forced to- what? were they supposed to share their wealth with one of a close colleague or friend? rockefellers are superior for their wealth and talent- their ability to manipulate the market and the people beneath them. their dedication to this craft would not be wasted because their grandchild wanted to go to hogwarts. so they were sent to the wizarding academy of dramatic arts, which suits rain with their talents in several aspects of the arts, but it isn't what they wanted.

something is inherently idiotic about sending your grandchild to an arts school when you believe they are being radicalized by an inter-socioeconomic status school (for which you host a scholarship program). rain left hogwarts bubbly and full of disgust, wanting to challenge her elders and- and change them. to their credit, fourteen is a time of extreme pessimism matched with unruly optimism. believing her grandparents would adjust- would have a moral awakening was as stupid as sending them to an arts school. rain left wada changed for better or for worse and without an inheritance to their name. oh, the difference the number du has. they started volunteering at a snidget sanctuary (since her expensive wand has a feather from the endangered snidget species- much to their dismay) and was caught freeing their family's house elves multiple times. they spread rumors about their family's businesses and wealth across the school and got columns in the tabloids- or so she is accused. they invested more into their guitar and becoming a musician instead of getting involved with the family business. worst of all- she kissed a lot of people and her mother got her addicted to mango pods.

so, it was a disaster and their grandparents weren't happy with the outcome of that. rain was pulled from the school and enrolled in homeschooling for a month before her grandparents couldn't manage having her in the home. even with a mansion as expansive as the rockefeller estate's, they were heard and they were disruptive and they were caught freeing more house elves and selling some of the possessions. it was absurd and actually illegal, but it would be a disappointment to stop her by reporting her to authorities. it would damage the reputation that bea and eugene had been striving to repair (although again not striving very- well, well), so there was no other option except to return them to hogwarts. in october of their sixth term, they were sent to return to hogwarts, a changed soul revolutionized by politics and the sound of music and they were different. rain was not the buzzing child, holding into their energy and trying their hardest to focus in class. instead they are a bustling teenager with things to see and hear and experience and shit to solve. rain is moving everywhere she goes, having a million friends she is only half friends with and never not seen chatting and laughing unless it is to add a couple stitches to one of their homemade dresses or strum some tunes.

she is so abundantly rainbow. she is living to experience and is busy with something at all times. rain has a lot of shit to get through before they let themselves die, so she is constantly in action. between their art, the sanctuary, their academics (admittedly the least of their concerns), their family's events, and hanging around their friends around every corner, they are never not going and they prefer functioning that way. it is good to accomplish even if you want to live a mundane, quiet life someday. it is her time to be a teenager now and she will take advantage of every second, so they never feel the need- similar to their parents- to never grow up. it's just she might miss out on some other opportunities along the way...

Rain Rocky CPM2



Interests fashion, guitar, nature conservation
Habits vaping, knocking things over, tapping nails
Pet Peeves materialism, greed, impatience
Goals get their inheritance, open their own sanctuary
Enneagram 8w7
Star Sign virgo sun
Alignment chaotic good
Love Language quality time

Magical Characteristics

Wand sycamore wood, snidget feather, 14.5 inches
Amortentia birthday cake, mangoes, her mother's perfume
Patronus albatross
Patronus Memory holding a snidget for the first time
Boggart dogs
Blood Status pure-blood
Peculiar n/a


Song avril lavigne - what the hell
TV Show schitt's creek
Book paper towns
Movie spider-man
Color wine red

* they have been volunteering at the windsor snidget sanctuary for three summers now
* she has freed eleven house elves from her grandparents' home
* they donate their holiday money to charity too
* she is diagnosed with adhd and a rare unnamed magical disease
* she sews and sculpts, often giving her friends handmade dresses and sculptures for their birthdays and holidays
* they attended hogwarts for three years before being sent to hangug manyeo hag-won for two years
* she is addicted to mango juul pods that her mother gave her for her fifteenth birthday
* they have been the subject of several gossip news articles since their family is very well-known as one of the richest families in the country, but most are negative especially as she ages
* she plays the bass guitar because she wanted to as a child and her grandparents jumped at the opportunity to enroll her in lessons of the arts
* one of their amortentia scents is their mother (and grandmother's) favorite chanel perfume, which is one of the most expensive perfumes on the market, which is comical because they also wear it
* she struggles with using recreational potions similar to her parents, but has been in recovery since june

Rain Rocky CP3

rainbow zebra rockefeller
fifth year slytherin
you can love me or hate me