raja chaudhuri
14th July
Blood Status
Human; Wizard
this character is roleplayed by ellie.

Raja Chaudhuri is a graduated student of Koldovstoretz Wizarding Academy, and the current owner of Jolies Fleur.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark brown
Clothing Style
Casual but classy; too bright
Avan Jogia

He's pretty, isn't he? Yes, he is. Raja is prettier than any flower in his shop, and he knows it, though he doesn't like to gloat. Standing a healthy six feet tall with dark skin and rich brown hair and eyes - hair which used to be super long until he cropped it all off - he's the definition of a friendly face. There's a light to his eyes, an immovable glint of whatever it be: mischief, happiness, humour. However, his awfully bright shirts often distract one from his face. Yeah, he's partial to a terribly-patterned shirt, so look for that: it's practically camoflague when he's in the shop.

Karnataka, India
Native Language
A mix of Indian and British
Earliest Memory
His mother cooking with cardamom in the kitchen
Type of Childhood
Lonely Up-and-down

Despite a good majority of the world's beliefs, India has a collection of magical communties - the village of Kalale being one of the most prevelant. And that's where Raja was born, to a fruitful family of wizards and witches with a rich bloodline that spread back generations. So, that's where his story begins: in the heart of India, amongst one of the most magical families on Earth. A pretty good start, if you ask Raja.

It was in his home country where Raja grew to love colours. The spices in the food, in the market, in the flowers of the fields. It was everywhere he went, and maybe that's why he's so fond of flowers - because they remind him of home. It was also here where he learnt the ins and outs of his magical powers. His family were open about their gifts and slowly fed him all the information he would need, raising him on spellbooks and charms and making stars dance on his bedroom ceiling when he couldn't sleep. His mother was especially stunning, in Raja's eyes; beautiful in every way, she smelled of saffron and had emeralds for eyes, and was easily the best witch in the entire whole wide world. Raja worshipped her - which is probably why it tore his world apart when she died.

He still doesn't actually know how it happened. He just remembers how his father came home one day, pale and sweating, and tried to explain but couldn't get the words out. What happened after is a bit of a blur. Something burned, things shattered - all without Raja lifting a finger.

The sad thing is, there's no magical school in India. So, like the rest of his family, Raja had to attend the Russian school: Koldovstoretz. And yes, it was intense. Not only is Russian a hell of a difficult language to learn, especially with an accent like Raja's, but all the teachers were stiff and stern, and all the classes felt like army training and they played Quidditch on full trees. Full trees! No intricately-weaved flying carpets, no bright colours, no nothing. Safe to say, he hopes India will get its shit together and erect its own school at some point.

The move to Britain came almost immediately after graduation. Wanting to experience the Western world, Raja packed his things and headed over to Britain, where he'd heard tales of the thriving magical community and Hogwarts and - well, it was all there. The weather was a bit crap, but the people were nice and the architecture stunning and the flowers? Frequent and bright and gorgeous. He fell in love with the place almost instantly.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Charming, good-natured, humorous
Worst Qualities
Insecure, clingy, work-obsessed
Most Influenced By
His mother
This one is one hell of an actor. Oscar-worthy. How he acts is a mask - we'll get to that later - but there's no doubt that whoever he's talking to, Raja is one of the most charming people you'll ever meet. He never stops talking, but there's something about the way he talks that makes people want to listen; in short, he can make anything interesting. Even the most mundane subjects - the weather, your outfit, the flowers in his shop - his little twists and idiosyncrasies can transform it into an adventure. Sometimes he adds his own... fabrications , not too much, to make it sounds like his life is the best thing ever; the good at acting bit helps when he doesn't want to lose people to rival florists, or other people in general. Another thing, kind of important: he's super lonely. Just saying. Sigh.

The loneliness of his life is what propels him forward in his social ability; you see, he needs people, needs their energy and their colour because he's not used to people not being there. His mother dying knocked his entire world sideways, churned him up so much it still affects him today, and maybe it's why he's so clingy. He's also cripplingly insecure. Despite his own self-awareness about his looks and his charm, Raja's need for company stems from his own insecurity, because what is he if he has nobody else? An Indian guy in Scotland, with no close family, owning a failing flower stall. Whoop-de-do.

Colour is so important to Raja. He sees beauty in everything. His sexuality isn't even a sexuality, it's just that whoever he finds attractive - and that is everything - he will elevate to God-level, and practically worship them until they get bored of him. His flower stall is a multi-sensual experience due to this thing called synesthesia his doctor once told him he had, which certainly explained a lot. And damn, he just has such an immense appreciation of life and of people and of colour - as much as he dislikes himself, Raja loves the world he lives in. He loves life itself.

Maybe the reason why he tries to stay so interesting is because he doesn't want the people he cares about to look at him in any way that's not positive. He's a people-pleaser, a total doormat but it's not obvious with all of the faux confidence. He'll easily succumb to any kind of peer pressure. When he feels like he's disappointed someone, it will bother him for the rest of his life. He's also prone to saying 'I love you' to most anyone, even if you've just met, and he's afraid that people think he's too much and just don't want to tell him.

Damn. He's actually really sad, isn't he? Never mind. He has himself and his flower stall, and he'll tell himself that's enough.

talk bubble


skills and magical abilities
Care of Magical Creatures: Raja loves animals, and they love him, and he loved this subject despite the fact he nearly died more than once.

Gardening: He doesn't need spells to keep plants alive; he can do that himself. No plant has ever wilted prematurely or been devoured by insects under Raja's care - they live long and happy lives.




*He can sing, really well. Sometimes he serenades people. Yes, he really is ''that'' awful.
*He has synesthesia.
*He ''loves'' surprises.
*He really wants to relearn Kannada, but he just doesn't have the time.
*Magic to assist his plants is not allowed in his shop. Everything comes from his own green thumb.
*His shop is kind of going out of business because he gives free flowers away to customers -
but it's worth it.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Pansexual, panromantic
Relationship Status
First Love
Languages Spoken
English, Russian, partly-forgotten Kannada
His mother's death
Fennec fox
Favorite Drink
Orange juice
Favorite Sweet
Chocolate fudge
Amortentia Scents
Cardamom, freshly cut grass, rose petals
Favorite Color
Red, purple, gold


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