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Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.

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Rain Sassari — Signature

Full Name Rawiya Prunella Paige Sassari
Hyeon Jin-Bi (현진비)
Nickname Rain, R.P.
Basic Info
Birthday 24 March 2018
Nationality Filipino
British (citizenship)
Home The 'S' Complex
Relationship Info
Status "Sorry, bye!"
Sexuality "Love is love, kinks are kinks, I don't know isn't authorization to label me yourself."
Best Friend "Yisol, my queen!"
Pets Miló who is not a sword tyvm (labrador)
Miló Ovaltine (owl)
Family On The Wiki N/A

School/Career Info
House Gryffindor
Year/Occupation Unspeakable
Titles Methane Hydrate
Optional Classes Taken
Magical Info
Species Human; Witch
Blood Status Mixed blood
Wand Core Phoenix feather
Dragon heartstring (Chinese Fireball)
Wand Wood Loire vine, 12 and 1/4 inches, unyielding
Ash, 10³/⁴ inches, unyielding
Wand Arm Left
Boggart "Ummm, can we not?"
Patronus Magellan birdwing butterfly (corporeal)

Model Jung Soo-Jung [Krystal, f(x)]
Gender Female
Hair Colour Black Anything except black "It's okay now."
Hair Length/Style Anything
Eye Colour Dark brown
Skin Colour Pallor Asian
Clothing Style "Pretty much anything that's clean and decent."
Other Info About Looks
"I'm terrible at controlling my facial expressions. My eyes are a really dark brown, so they look black. My smile might not seem authentic sometimes, since I smile a lot, but it is. The meaning behind it is what matters."

Colour Purple/blue/yellow
Music "Everything. Mostly pop, country, and rock."
Food "Tocino."
Sweets "Ice cream counts, right?"
Animal "Phoenix."
Class "Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions!"
Season/Weather "Tie between summer and winter. Cloudy weather is the ace."
Dream Job "Writer."
Happiest When...
Not being clap reminded of clap Ethan Crowther clap and being with Jackson and Bri

Rain Sassari — Infobox
on the edge of two worlds

“Doors are for people with no imagination.”

Rain Sassari — Gif 1

Everyone knows what a boggart is. The mere idea of seeing your greatest fear manifest temporarily in front of you is enough to make most people blanch. Question is, what happens to the person if the illusion breaks through reality? Let me tell you what is for certain: Cursed are they who realize there is no doorknob left to turn.

Hope is a commodity Rain can almost always afford... even when the consequences jump at her throat. It’s a fantastic asset and a crippling liability at the same time. So when her parents broke it to her that they were getting an annulment, the frantic girl went into a long-term denial phase that left plenty of salt in her bed. When she finally opened her eyes to the fact that yes, there was nothing she could do, perhaps that was when her personality began to diverge into the two overlapping polars they are today.

In a world that’s the cooking pot of irony, it’s a hassle to have a sanguine spoon in the defeatist soup. While Rawiya Rain strongly adheres to her questionable moral code and principles, her inwit endlessly prods and nags in this battle of dominance. No matter how much she tries, it seems futile to achieve her mastery over internal conflict. The screaming of her own emotions warring with her nous will be her downfall. Some days are fretfully overwhelming, and when it’s all over, all she can do is think, “I made it without killing anyone.” If strength is holding back, Rain would make Hercules green with envy.

”Instinctively being in tune with your own emotions isn’t all cracked up to be.”

–Rain Sassari

As she’s presented with the eternal dilemma of seeing every angle, don’t expect Rain to be capable of cohesive decisions. Her all over the place outlook on almost everything is compensated and “balanced” by her ferocity and passion for the remaining one percent. Don’t criticize her values from a logical point of view if you wish to test her intelligence - you’ll only end up believing she’s an overly emotional and defensive dunce who’s incapable of logic. That isn’t to say this always happens, however. If you catch her during one of her bouts of apathy, you might see a strong-willed erudite with absolutely zero sh**s to give instead. Either attitude is unfavorable if set off in the wrong way, and so to be frank: Accept her for who she is or leave her the hell alone.

Rain exudes an uncharacteristic aloofness in spite of everything. The irreparable urge to always distance herself tends to deter people from approaching her at all. A transparent, shallow appreciation lines the crevices of her disposition, suggesting a contrived set of reactions that only add to her unapproachability. Lonely as this might sound, it doesn’t take much to find the alcoves that lead inside her walls. Knowing her gives people a drastically changed opinion, or at least most of the time. Most, if not all, pretenses are dropped when someone she likes strikes up a conversation. Many have remarked on her frequent habit of breaking out into a smile, more to reassure herself than others. She’s gained a few odd looks because of this as well, but her fury set alight keeps crude remarks at bay.

Even with her benign affability shadowing her, the feisty nefelibata resists the constraints of rules. It is never in her intentions to break them for pure sport, and is instantly incensed whenever someone accuses her of such. How is it her fault that some rules sound bumkum? She’ll be as law-abiding as she can, but as she’s stated before: “If the rules won’t bend over for me, I won’t bend over for them.” Nucleation will be required when she’s reading the rulebook, and if the rules don’t come through… well, the prefects won’t be plagued with ennui for sure.

Being the practitioner of witzelsucht she is, Rain has no sense of "this isn't the time to be joking around." In crises, it is a fickle coping mechanism that errs on the side of effrontery. Reigning it in never seems to be an option for her — "Of course it's not funny. What the hell do you want me to do? Cry?" You have 4Minutes to quit grousing about it or she'll defenestrate you... and that's if you're lucky. In her opinion, you should consider it a compliment if she tries or succeeds at shoving you out of a window. If you've truly raised her ire, she'll slam a door on one of your limbs or venenate your dinner.

Mutable may she be, the sass not always accompanies the Sassari. Blessed (and cursed) with an enduring pair of ears, the long jeremiads of upset friends are quotidian to her. A serene side exists to complement the popping of lava — a true serendipity. While her constant self-referencing may come off as self-centred or unsympathetic, it just goes to show that she's willing enough to try and feel what the other person's feeling in order to help them. Her verbal communication skills are agrestic, so unsurprisingly she has a difficult time conveying what she intends to say. Give her some time, a paper, and a pencil and she'll probably whip up a tearjerking consoling letter. Piece of cake. Rain knows she's methane hydrate, and that people prefer the cool droplets of her smiles and tears over the unsparing passion of her heart and soul. She's going out there to prove that fire can be as every bit as nurturing and soothing as water.

Rain Sassari — Methane Hydrate

Rain Sassari — INFP


Rain Sassari — Boggart


Gryffindor Crest (Gif)


“Most wizards and witches from South-east Asia attend Mahoutokoro School of Magic in Japan. I can barely fathom how that worked during World War II. Since most of the wizarding community surprisingly refrained from joining the fray (which is technically unpatriotic, if you ask me), I suppose it’s plausible to an extent. There had to have been a few accidents, though, and I wager that someone has already faulted humanity as a whole and thrown in a few jeremiads for good measure. Can’t say I don’t agree with them.”

“My story didn’t begin with my birth or my parents’ meeting or my grandparents. I like to think it began during World War II, with my great-grandparents. My great-grandfather — let’s call him Felipe — was one of the wizards who participated in the fighting when Japan invaded the Philippines. Ever heard of the Bataan Death March? Go read up on it. He was one of the prisoners.

“See, Felipe’s magic specialty was either not for combat or escape or he just couldn’t risk the Muggles seeing. I’m hoping it’s more of the former, seeing as the latter sounds f**king ridiculous in the middle of a war. Life-or-death situations are included as exceptions to the International Statute of Secrecy anyway.

“Anyway, his friend who was with him was like brilliant with elemental magic and stealth spells or something, because he escaped three times. One time, he apparently jumped into a river to escape the Japanese’s bullets and fell asleep there (I’m thinking Bubble-Head charm.) He always came back for Felipe though, until they finally managed to escape together. That’s a pretty great friend to have, don’t you think?

“When they came back to their home, Marinduque, they continued rebelling and fighting. Not a single Japanese escaped that island alive during the war. I might have inherited that trait of becoming bloodthirsty whenever someone tries to attack my loved ones the people I care about.

“I don’t have a similar story for my other great-grandpa, but I do have one for my great-great uncle’s wife. She was a Chinese witch with either god-level Transfiguration skills or the ability to bypass Gamp’s Law. Her family was sort of impoverished, but they never starved as long as she was alive. Behind a special wardrobe she owned (and no, there were no lions involved), she literally fished for food. She had a fishing rod (might’ve been her wand in disguise) and everything. Kind of hard to top that.

“She never passed on her talents and took them with her to the grave. Ever since I heard her story, I immediately knew that I wanted to be like her, even if it sounds like a distant fantasy. I’m not smart — no matter what people say, I know I’m not — and I don’t believe I can count on any of my few so-called talents. For Christ’s sake, I can’t even remember to tie my shoelaces sometimes! I’m a self-deprecating person and it annoys everyone including me. That’s okay; they can leave any time they want. I’m stuck with my annoying damn self.”

“Rant over… Hi, my name’s Rain, or R.P., depending on where you’re from. I would say hello in my native language, but apparently whoever spruced up the end product decided that it shouldn’t have a word for ‘hello.’ The closest we’ve got is ‘kamusta,’ and that means ‘how are you?’ Wow, this country’s forebears must’ve been pre-etty nosy about their neighbors’ affairs.

“You’re probably expecting me to tell you a sappy love story that will melt you into a puddle of feels when talking about my parents. Or you’re not. If you seriously are, better stop reading now before I put a crack into your idyllic romanticized view of things. Innocence is a gift you shouldn’t take for granted. Trust me on that. I’ve been there and some days I can’t read anything without seeing an innuendo in i- oh, wait, not the type of innocence I was trying to help you preserve.

“My parents were both your typical high school teachers. They met, got married, and had me. Er, it did take them a while to have me. My mum wasn’t and isn’t exactly skinny, so she had to go jogging for months for me to come into the picture. I still don’t get why’d they do that just to have a kid... especially if you end up not loving the other person anyway. Humans are a complete mess, I swear.

“Adding the fact that they struggled with financial issues after my birth, I still don’t understand how it was worth it. My parents say I’ll understand when I’m older, but I do and I still don’t think I was worth it. Eh, might be me and my self-deprecating self. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents. It just feels unfair to them...

“I had a decent, even fantastic, childhood. My parents doted on their only child and gave me everything I asked for. You’d think I’d end up being a mammothrept or something, but miraculously, I was not. In fact, my parents were grateful to the heavens above and told me I was probably the nicest child they’d ever met. I have a hard time believing that. They’re my parents; they’re bound to be biased.

“Apparently I was maturely touchy on the subject of money, even as a kid. Whenever I overhead my parents worrying their heads off, I’d always suggest to sell my ludicrously extravagant amount of toys. Seriously, I barely managed to play with all of them — kind of impractical. My parents always refused and resorted to the gushy “omg-you-are-such-a-sweetie” technique in order to distract me/cheer me up, which to this day, I abhor dislike. Please don’t ever do that in front of me.

“When I was three-going-on-four, they enrolled me in a local Kumon center. (Look it up if you don’t know what it is.) At some point, both of them started working part-time there so they could keep an eye on me. Did I mention how overprotective they were? Yeah, now I’m mentioning it. To this day, they are. Mostly my mother though, and you can’t blame the woman. She’s the one who carried me around for several months, endured the kicks and mood swings, and suffered through the Caesarian birth.

“I spent roughly seven to eight years at that center, broke a national record, and became the star pupil. Around age nine to eleven, my parents enrolled me in an actual school. Sort of. I was put in (every time I write ‘put in’, I read Putin) the homeschooling program because of various factors, including and not limiting to parental overprotectiveness, my social inability, and my late enrollment. I was accelerated to make up for the past few years, effectively skipping three or four grade levels in the process. That was a relief. I really didn’t want to go through learning ABCs and counting all over again.

“Long before my prepubescent days, I became acquainted with the basic computer. Fast forward and rewind a little, I was utterly enamored with the experiences the internet offered. While I am aware they held good intentions, Mum and Dad strove hard and long to shield me from the cruel realities of the world. They failed, and the repercussions tore me apart and taped me back together. The internet was the doorway to the start of my painful growth and the seed that wrought the first dredges of cynicism inside of me.

“Reliving some of my memories would only toss back dismal clouds in front of my eyes, obscuring the light that keeps everything moving. Let’s not delve into unnecessary relapses here. (Oh my God, did I just say all of that deep-sounding wise stuff??? What is wrong with me???) In order to refrain from overloading your brain, I’ll keep it short and try to be as concise as I can: We don’t devote enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.

“Then the whole annulment sh** happened and I’d rather not go into that. Don’t even try to push me. I don’t know you. You’re just a stranger and I’m being forced to tell my life story. If you’re really nosy, then at least have the decency to get to know me first. I’ve met more than my share of two-faced bastards — some of them got better and some of them got worse — and my bulls*** radar is on point, so get the f*** out of my sight and don’t even try.

“Mom wanted me to get a better education (third world country schools did not meet her standards), so she enlisted the help of my aunt-supposed-to-be-but-never-was-because-my-uncle-is-a-bit-of-a-blind-fool-despite-all-his-intellect-and-charm so we could immigrate. Soon enough, we were in California and sort of settled. I was fuming because my dad wasn’t with us — he had to stay behind — and that left a yawning, awkward distance between me and Mum at all times. We skirted around the topic, but sometimes it couldn’t be avoided and triggered some outbursts.

“Before I go into another rant, I’ll talk about how amazing my aunt is. Descended from a long line of fanatical Scourers, Aunt Vivian was expected to follow in their footsteps. Although the Scourers’ time have long since past, they still exist to this day and never fail to disrupt the wizarding community. In every line, there’s going to be a break in the link, and Tita Vivian was that break. She disobeyed her father by divorcing her arranged husband, falling in love with a Squib and having a child with him. Not exactly in that order, but she’s awesome. Honestly, arranged marriages are so old-fashioned. Who the hell in their right mind would go through with one? Don’t even answer that. It’s rhetorical.

Tita Vivian’s mother was a No-Maj, surprisingly, so I’m willing to wager that she got her stubbornness from her dad. (He’s dead now. A heart attack swept him out of this world.) She’s half-Filipino and half-American, and frankly she’s smart AND pretty. I don’t understand why Tito Derek even let go of her… Other fish in the ocean my ass. Tita Vivian’s one hell of a catch and it was a dumb move tossing her back into the ocean.

“We hadn’t even unpacked yet when Tita’s job required her to move to Great Britain. (Why is it called ‘Great’ Britain? Is that just a formality? Do countries have to earn their titles like people? How would that even work?) Tita fortunately had a few contacts, so the process was remarkably fast. Mum wasn’t too disheartened — Britain met her standards, apparently — and after a few more months of waiting, we were official residents of England.

“You’re probably scrolling back up and down with your brow furrowed, wondering why I haven’t mentioned any of my magical outbursts. That’s because they were unbelievably subtle, and even I didn’t notice until later on. When I was a mere toddler, I cracked my skull when I tumbled down a flight of stairs. Somehow, my magic delethalized it and I didn’t even need to go to the hospital. Maybe that was just a strike of dumb luck, but I’m not so sure. The butterfly-shaped scar is still there. During other incidents, people’s clumsiness meter broke personal records whenever I was irritated sorry NOT sorry Mom. Cups of liquids spilled, glassware broke, and more than a few articles of clothing disappeared. I guess the whole “karma is our specialty” legacy in my dad’s family wasn’t without a grain of truth.

“All of Mum’s plans for me flew out the window the moment the owl shot out of the laundry chute. It was hilarious. Mum started screaming like a banshee and Tita came running with a baseball bat at the ready. I laughed so hard I almost cried. My mum protested when she finally recovered enough to read the letter with me — initially she was dead set on sending me to some fancy British Muggle school — but with some urging from Tita (bLESS THAT WOMAN), she eventually relented. And so began my journey in this fantasy world.”

Hogwarts spun Rain's imagination into a whimsical loop and threaded it into reality. The library was a dream come true and she soon found herself exhausting all her free time there. Classes were a pesky, but comforting reminder that it was still school, and school meant human interactions going awry. Her first classes were, beyond the shadow of a doubt, chaos. Although she was less keen on perfect order, it wore on her faster than she expected.

In between the classroom bickering and scrumptious meals, her own ventures didn't disappoint. At the start of term, Rain was witness to a near accident by the Whomping Willow that she now finds morbidly amusing. An unprecedented cookie picnic nearby the vicious tree looped her lifeline to three others — Ethan Crowther, Brianna Montgomery, and Jackson Heights.

She hadn't realized at the time, but she had actually met her first friends. While her relationship with Crowther was undeniably messy from the get go, she found an anchor in Bri and a lighthearted breeze in Jackson.

Rain Sassari — Gif 2

Brianna Montgomery

Their first meeting at Hyde Park wasn't really a meeting. The second one though, oh boy, was absolute pandemonium. Bri was the only other Filipina in her year, so maybe it was predetermined that they'd hit it off sooner or later? They sat next to each other in class most of the time; despite how deterring their introversion is, it's no miracle that sometimes they just started chatting. If you ever hear them speaking in Filipino, they're bound to be lowkey throwing shade at miscreants.

After discovering their mutual love for books, it was fate. Rain considers Bri her parabatai (it's for life, k) and loses most of her awkwardness when conversing with her. Bri was the one who gave Ethan his infamous nickname and essentially glued the Food Squad together. When Rain had to pop off to Japan, she did her best to maintain contact (and somewhat succeeded). Though unknown at the time, they entered comas at around the same time and neither knew of each other's condition until Rain returned to Britain. During Bri's hospitalization and critical condition, Rain never failed to visit her and even came on the day Ethan was killed. And after that, the synchronized terrorist attacks had them caught together hostage in The Three Broomsticks. It was there Rain was ready to accept lifetime imprisonment when their friend (and Bri's long time crush) Nathan was murdered and Bri was tossed around like a rag doll. It didn't come to that, but Rain ended up using her magic to harm, without remorse. They weren't taking one more person from here. No more. The recovery was long for Bri since it worsened her asthma, and Rain was there for every moment she was allowed (she wouldn't have attended classes at Hogwarts even if they weren't suspended).

A year after Ethan's death, Rain agreed to move in together with her and Jackson. Bri is the Vulcan to Rain's Betazoid, though Rain still has to constantly look up Star Trek terminology to keep up.

Jackson Heights

This guy's got his priorities straight, which couldn't have been said for a lot of Rain's yearmates. He's quite a nice, kind of peaceful person, and Rain believes that she and Ethan could have taken a leaf out of his book. She never learned how he napped in the library without getting kicked out by the librarian, but eh, some stories are best left untold. They kept in touch after he transferred out of Hogwarts. He came back to Britain as a miracle and swooped in like a wise, not so responsible adult when she found herself financially struggling after Ethan's death. She, Bri, and he now live together in an apartment he paid for (and he originally paid most of the bills... and insists on giving them custom designer wardrobes). Jackson is like an older brother who's way too easygoing for his own good, and sometimes she wonders if she and Bri are in reality the ones who need to look after him.

Ethan Crowther

When they first met, Rain didn't know what to feel think about Ethan. He reminded her of the bullies she'd dealt with in the past, but she was half-sure he wasn't one. The hot temper and the aggressiveness didn't help. Rain was mostly fine with the anger management issues though; heaven knows what the hell she does when her temper runs amok. She became sure he was a bit of a dork after the Whomping Willow incident (which she still finds, albeit morbidly, funny) and happily took most opportunities to tease him about it. He's definitely a handful, and one of those people who were eternally in denial about things (takes one to know one). She does feel bad about calling him a coward, and hates the fact that she can never make up for it. Who had been she to talk?

Contrary to their endless arguments, Rain trusted Ethanol a lot more than she'd have liked to admit. He's okay, kind of, in her book, but he and Mason really needed to accept they're both in the wrong. It surprised her to know she missed him a lot when she moved to Japan. Shit has happened to both of them over the years but they still managed to connect when she returned to Britain. She missed him so much. His murder, in front of her to boot, is still something she can't move on from.

Rain was under the impression she was 100% aromantic for some time. During her third year at Hogwarts, Ethan happened and that went down the drain. She had to leave for Japan and didn't get the guts to say it to him. Upon transferring Mahoutokoro, she met Yoshino Timo who made her think and feel too much, so much that she couldn't trust herself to say 'I like you' back. She was too scared of the possibility that she might use people as a rebound. To date, this applies.

She had a range of squishes that included Kyler Fields and Brielle Calder, but nothing ever came out of any of them besides budding friendships. When she moved back to Britain, she decided that she needed time away from her mom and moved in with Ethan on friendly terms. They spent the whole summer like that and Rain ended up digging up her old feelings, yet still refused to come clean with them. She had just resolved to maybe try telling him on New Year's when he was murdered in front of her during Christmas break. Why does everyone she care about leave her? She swears she'll be okay.

How could it end there? While in mourning, she met sweet Paul, who by all intents and purposes was an innocent victim of his own past, and Drew, the definition of Witchagram fuckboi who refused to be pinned down. Drew was a bittersweet summer fling that ended with her crying and him confused over his own stance about exclusive relationships. Meanwhile, Paul and all his philosophies deserve a paragraph of their own.

Lost in her grief for Ethan as well as the rising flags in her friendship with Drew, a very confused Rain ended up kissing Paul at the Triwizard Ball. Error 404, code not found; needless to say, both of them freaked. It took a while for those cracks to mend. Even after she broke up with Drew, her ties with Paul remained confusing and awkward. You could say it worked out eventually, sort of, but that would be a lie. Paul was turned into a vampire in one of his fatally curious quests for his own health, and Rain, what with her fear of bloodsuckers, didn't give a fuck. He left to trek across the world, sending her post cards, afraid he would hurt her. It didn't take long for her to realize: oh, she's having kids, his kids.

Not being a fan of reproduction and how it was utterly unplanned, she placed it in the hands of magical science with the help of Jackson's bank account. The kids were born artificially, and she had to call Paul about it. It is his right to know.

Rain Sassari — Trivia

[ 3 syll. ra-wi-ya, raw-iya ]
The baby girl name Rawiya is pronounced RAA-Wiy-Yaa- †. Rawiya's origin, as well as its use, is in the Arabic language. The meaning of the name is 'narrator'.
Means "storyteller", derived from Arabic روى (rawa) "to relate".

From the English word for the type of flower, also called self-heal, ultimately a derivative of the Latin word pruna "plum".

[ 1 syll. pai-ge, pa-ige ]
The baby boy name Paige is also used as a girl name, with the latter form being much more common. Its pronunciation is PEY-JH †. Paige is used chiefly in the English language and its origin is Middle English. Paige is a variant of the name Page (English).
From an English surname meaning "servant, page" in Middle English. It is ultimately derived (via Old French and Italian) from Greek παιδιον (paidion) meaning "little boy".

[ SA-saree ] Sassari is an Italian city and the second-largest of Sardinia in terms of population with 127,625 inhabitants, or about 275,000 including the metropolitan area. One of the oldest cities on the island, it contains a considerable collection of art.

  • "Does 'don't intensely screw up to the point of breaking history' count as a goal?"

  • Rain is Korean from her mother's side, and has some Chinese ancestry from her father's side.
  • She used to be quite short. Now she stands at at 173cm and hasn't stopped growing.
  • Among her favorite KPOP groups are Stray Kids and Dreamcatcher.
  • When stressed, she stress eats and drinks.
  • She has Bipolar Disorder (Type 2) and imposter syndrome.
  • Her favorite fruit is the mango.
  • She developed empathic projection, a type of clairvoyance, in her seventh year.

Rain Sassari — Gif 3

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