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rayyan stone
fifth year, hufflepuff
here it goes again


Birthday December 29
Age 16
Pronunciation RYE-yun STONE
Family Vasan † & Elena (parents)
Jalal & Fatimah (siblings)
Gender Nonbinary
Pronouns They/Them/Theirs
Orientation Pansexual
Relationship Single, not looking
Nationality Malaysian/English
Languages Malay, English
Residence Hufflepuff Dormitories, London
Religion Raised Muslim, agnostic
Handedness Ambidextrous
Roleplayer Red
Sorting Forum Here


Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'11"
Style Messy, casual
Faceclaim Emile Woon

Rayy has dark, messy hair, that always looks like they've rolled right out of bed. They always look so tired, which is largely attributed to their insane sleep schedule or lack thereof. They have eyebags for days and doesn't really care much for looking presentable or the way they dress. Rayy is quite tall, too, and a bit lanky. They aren't very athletic mostly because they don't really have the time to engage in sports or proper exercise. They put minimal effort into their appearance, always opting for comfort over aesthetic when it comes to clothing.


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Rayyan was born to Elena after a one night stand with a man that she has not been able to get in contact with since. Whether or not that man was actually magic is unknown, so Rayy opts to identify as muggle-born as they were muggle raised. They grew up with just their mother in a tiny apartment for many years, struggling a bit financially as their mother ran a small convenience store in London. When Rayy was seven, however, things began to turn around. Not only did their mother start dating the love of her life, another immigrant named Vasan, but Rayy showed their first sign of magic – bringing their tamagotchi to life after being denied an actual dog. A representative from the Ministry came to explain everything (and vanish the tamagotchi as well, much to Rayy's displeasure). Though they had a couple more outbursts here and there, they were never anything too destructive.

Vasan and Elena married and had twins, Rayy's younger siblings Jalal and Fatimah. The family moved into a slightly bigger apartment conveniently next to the building where their mom's store was situated, and while money would still occasionally prove to be a bit of a problem, they managed and they were happy. With the help of some Ministry officials and extensive research on the Wizarding World, Rayy was also able to achieve a scholarship to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when they were eleven. Their education is sponsored by the Rockefeller family for as long as Rayy manages to stay on top of their academics and receive a minimum number of O's every term. Though they aren't particularly smart, Rayy is clever and hardworking and they knew they wanted to be able to take this financial burden off their parents, so they agreed. They were sorted into Hufflepuff and slowly began to acclimate themselves into the wizarding world.

Though Rayy faced a number of challenges at school (dealing without WiFi, missing their family, staying on top of all their subjects), they were able to maintain their scholarship, start working part-time at the Hogsmeade Post Office, and have a semi-active social life. All this of course, was at the cost of a healthy sleep schedule. They continued this routine for five years before getting the news in late October that their stepfather had suddenly died of an aneurysm, and immediately they knew they had to go back home to support their mother and look after their younger siblings.

They coordinated with Hogwarts and the Rockefeller family for a one year leave of absence, which they thankfully granted Rayyan. They spent majority of fifteen-years-old working a series of part time jobs, looking after their siblings, and doing chores around the house to alleviate their mother's burden. Having been able to be there for their family for a year now, their mother insisted that Rayy finish his schooling at Hogwarts rather than opt to go to a muggle school nearby (Rayy knows that's the smart choice as well – once they get a good grasp on their magical abilities, they can use their magic to help alleviate their family's situation) and now Rayy is repeating their fifth year at Hogwarts. With OWLs just around the corner, they are ever-reliant on their fifteen-minute power naps strategically scheduled throughout the day and lots and lots of energy drinks.


(+): hardworking, clever, driven
(-): self-sacrificial, rude, distracted

Being sorted into Hufflepuff was truly the correct choice on the Sorting Hat's end; there is nothing Rayy won't do for their loved ones, and they are incredibly hardworking. They are not particularly smart or skilled at much, but they do know that hard work really does get people places and stands by that. They always find a way to get things done, and they have a strong sense of duty to their responsibilities.

Rayy is incredibly busy. They balance maintaining their scholarship with working a part-time job and going home every break to look after their family, which leaves them little time for their friends and other things they might find fun. Not to mention, sleep. This leads them to be wary of taking on any additional commitments (which might explain their lack of a love life) or engaging in new friendships because they are afraid of letting people down.

Rayy likes to fancy themselves an escapist but is actually far from it. When they feel too overwhelmed, they tend to "ghost" the world by shutting themselves off from everyone and isolating themselves by running away. However, their sense of duty is too strong for them to ever actually considering just leaving everything behind. They are far too loyal, and will always find their way back home.

They can be a bit rude at times in the sense that they are lacking in manners. Rayy curses a lot and lacks proper decorum or a sense of making themselves look presentable. They always look tired and their clothes are always a little bit messy. They are also strongly opinionated and have the tendency to ramble or go off on rants. They have a bit of a temper as well, and when challenged, would never back down from a debate.


Interests Video games, chess, art, puzzles, debate
Habits Talking too loudly, cursing
Pet Peeves Baseless arguments
Goals Graduate and provide for their family
Enneagram 6w5
Star Sign Capricorn
Alignment Lawful Good
Love Language Quality Time

Magical Characteristics

Wand Cedar, dragon heartstring, 10 inches
Amortentia Mom's Cooking
Patronus Groundhog
Patronus Memory Finishing Undertale with Jalal
Boggart Siblings in poverty
Blood Status Presumed muggle-born
Peculiar N/A


Song Jazz Suite No. 2 Waltz I - Shoshtakovich
TV Show Community
Book The Hobbit
Movie 12 Angry Men
Color Blue

*Rayy's starter pokemon is always the water type.
*They have identified as nonbinary since they were twelve.
*They maintain contact with their muggle friends by flying to a very specific spot near the Astronomy Tower where they can pick up signal.
*Rayy is rank diamond in both League of Legends and its magical counterpart, World of Warlocks.
*They suffer from really bad insomnia.
*Rayy was diagnosed with depression last year after the death of their stepfather, but is in the process of healing.
*Rayyan believes they may have undiagnosed ADHD, but has no plans on confirming this.
*Rayy has a popular art Snitcher and Witchagram account, where they go by the name Sora. Sometimes they do commissions when they're in need of some extra cash.
*Rayy has a very "eat the rich!!!" mentality, and feels uncomfortable around people who flaunt their wealth.

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rayyan stone
fifth year, hufflepuff
here it goes again