Birthday March 29th
Age 16
Status Alive
Pronunciation rehj‧in‧uld lahn‧cahst‧urr
Family Isabelle Lancaster
Handedness Left
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality Indian (born), American (adopted)
Speaks English, Malayalam, Hindi
Species Wizard, Human
Blood Status Muggle-born
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'9"
Model Suraj Sharma

Reggie isn't particularly tall or wide, but for some reason he gives off the air of taking up more space than he really does. His big personality generally just gives him that air of confidence, even though otherwise he's pretty normal. Though, not gonna lie, he has a great nose, and he knows it. His dress sense is on the smarter side of things, though it's certainly nothing too out there - he honestly just looks middle class as hell.
Long before the word entered a stage of regression, Dorian Lancaster fell in love with Dean Cantrell. It was a short-lived summer romance between a tourist and a local, over before it even began. Dean was from the Colonies, and his parents were nothing short of homophobic. Then you had Dorian, who was given anything and everything he wanted except the liberty to love who he wanted. Perhaps that's why he was so enthralled by Dean, even after he left for America - he embodied everything Dorian wanted but could never have.

Dorian and Dean didn't exchange a word until long after they graduated. It was an encounter by chance, when they were both on vacation in Greece. They were close by all means, but nobody realized the extent of it until a year later, when Dorian introduced his now boyfriend to his parents. It was a dark day for him, and he ended up homeless and left out of his father's will. Ironically enough, it went drastically better for Dean, hence why it was a no-brainer that he move to the United States with his boyfriend. Come another year, and the duo were to be wed. Yet another, and they were well on their way to having their first child with the aid of a donor and a surrogate.

By no means was it easy to bring Isabelle Celeste Lancaster into the world. Finding a donor was hard enough, let alone someone who was willing to carry their child to term. They were lucky to find Karina Porter when they did, more than eager to contribute where she could. Furthermore, her carrying their firstborn snowballed into her becoming the maternal figure in her life. Karina was there with Isabelle and later Chandler, Reggie, Piper, and Jonah. Their life was hectic, but there was no other way they'd rather live it. Dorian was able to become an American citizen while retaining his UK citizenship, whilst Dean went on to join the Marine Corps.

Now, Reginald Lancaster has not always been Reginald Lancaster. He was, in fact, born in Kerala, India, to two unmarried teenage muggles (well, I say muggle. Really his dad was a light nymph, but that's details). Reggie was actually one of a set of triplets: Vidya, Priya, and Amar (that's Reggie). So, how did he end up halfway across the world, with a different name, minus two sisters and plus two distinctly white parents? Well, that's easy enough to answer. With their mother freaking out about her pregnancy, it's a miracle she even carried the triplets to term. Of course, their father refused to take responsibility for his mistake, as so many teenage fathers are apt to do. So Vidya, Priya and Amar were raised mostly by their grandparents for the first few years of their life.

The triplets' family didn't really have a lot of money, so their first few years were characterised by hunger (you try feeding six people on the salary of just one teacher), their grandparents' love, and Kalaripayattu lessons from their grandfather, who taught the martial art. It wasn't much, but it was enough for Amar - even if his mother was more interested in all the young men she could date than in her own children. It was this fixation of hers that finally brought Amar's life crashing down around him, when she finally married one of her many boyfriends. Problem was, she'd neglected to tell him about her three children, and when they moved in together he was not pleased with their existence, or their penchant for generating bright lights in the middle of the night, to put it kindly. Reggie still hasn't forgotten how absolutely terrified he was that night, when the new boyfriend told his mother to get rid of them. He honestly thought he meant murder them or something.

That's how, aged six, the triplets ended up in a run-down orphanage in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Miles from their grandparents in Kochi, who were possibly the only ones who could have gotten them out together. The orphanage itself, despite being pretty run-down, was one that was often visited by foreign couples looking for an Indian orphan to adopt into their family. Problem was, they really didn't care about keeping siblings together, and girls were oh so popular. Vidya and Priya were whisked away to Australia and Germany respectively, and Amar was left alone in the world.

It remained this way for a few months, until the head of the orphanage received a call from an American couple, the Lancasters, who wanted to adopt. They'd heard about the orphanage through a charity that Dorian's café had tried to raise money for, and decided they'd be the perfect home for a potentially fragile child. The orphanage thought it was a perfect time to get rid of the boy who had a proclivity for breaking things without touching them, so they packed him and his single stuffed elephant off to America to meet his new family.

The first few months with the Lancasters was... difficult. Amar, now renamed Reginald, was far from the best behaved child normally, but in a strange country surrounded by weird-looking people where everyone spoke a language he'd never really taken to in his lessons? Reggie was not having it. He refused to speak for a solid 6 months, tried his very hardest to not eat (but in the end he always gave up. Sweets are the way to any small child's heart, after all) and just generally tried to make enough trouble that they'd send him home. But it never happened - his new dads enforced their rules, but they were still patient with him, even introducing him to a Keralite-American family with kids around his age who sometimes came in to the café.

It took a while, but eventually Reggie embraced his new life with the Lancasters (though privately he still calls himself Amar). Once he finally started to show an interest in his adoptive siblings, he pretty much attached himself to one or more of them at all times. Reggie absolutely detested being alone, but his siblings didn't seem to mind too much. Life started to run more smoothly, with the only bumps in the road being when Izzy, Chandler, and then Reggie himself went to Ilvermorny.

Ilvermorny was difficult at first, as Reggie was not dealing with being separated from his family very well. However, within a few weeks he'd managed to make friends with almost everyone he'd met in his house, Thunderbird, and he settled in well enough. The next few years, he thrived at school, getting decent grades and making a multitude of close friends.

Recently, a change happened within the family. Dean had served for over 20 years in the Army - long enough that he could retire with pension. Now able to live comfortably, he made the ultimate decision to retire and move with Dorian back to the UK. Dorian had the opportunity to reconnect with his parents after two decades and a half, and he wanted to take them up on it. How could he not? So the whole family uprooted, and for his sixth year Reggie's been relocated to Hogwarts. He just hopes he fits in as well as he did at Ilvermorny.
Reginald is as complex as any adopted child is apt to be. He's extroverted by nature - his light nymph heritage makes sure of that - but the events of his childhood have made him wary of attachment, and of rejection. As such he is very good at making himself likeable, but also very good at keeping his friendships surface-level. He has very few people who he really trusts, and the majority of them are his family members. That trust was hard-won, though: think about it. If the first people you trusted left you at age six, how willing would you be to trust others?

The innate insecurities that come with a childhood like Reggie's mean that even though he tries to keep people at bay, he's also very clingy. It's not unusual for him to find one person he likes and declare his undying love for them, though it's rare that people take him seriously. That's the thing about Reggie: he's so dramatic that nobody really believes the stuff he comes out with. Often he'll come home, collapse onto the sofa and loudly declare he's in love with a girl from his Charms class and will just be met with a "good for you". However, he's also been known to overreact to trivial situations, though that's mostly just taken as part of being Reggie. He likes to be the centre of attention, after all - he doesn't ever want to feel forgotten again.

Reggie is incredibly loyal to people he feels a connection with. And by that I don't mean his surface-level friends, I mean his family. He'd probably jump off a cliff if Izzy did, for example. That's another thing about Reggie - he doesn't think about consequences, usually. He doesn't take a lot of convincing in most situations, and this means he's both disregarding of others (because he doesn't think things through) and incredibly self-sacrificing. What would his friends describe him as? Stupid. If there's something he deems necessary, he'll do it - the devil works hard but Reginald Lancaster works harder.
Wand: his wand kind of gives away his life goals. It's the ultimate healer wand, made of willow (very good for healing) and dittany stalk (again, very good for healing).
His old stuffed elephant: he's a sentimental guy, okay? This was the only thing he brought with him from India, and it's very special to him.

Boggart Being left behind
Amortentia Fresh-baked bread, marigolds, camphor
Patronus Bear
Wand Willow, Dittany Stalks, 10"
Interests Healing, potions, animals
Pet Peeve People with bad hygiene
Habits Chewing his quills
Star Sign Aries
Dreams/Goals Become a healer, find his biological family again
Color Yellow
Song Rockstar (Nickelback)
Show Brooklyn Nine Nine
Movie Guardians of the Galaxy
Book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Food Potato bhajis
Drink Masala chai

He's an animal person. Literally any animal, he'll love it to death.
His biggest life goal is to go back to India and find his grandparents, then to go looking for his sisters.
Potions is his best subject, closely followed by Care of Magical Creatures.
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