reuben ellis cole
in the business of misery
15th May
"Nobody you need to know."
Blood Status
Human; Wizard
rped by ellie

Reuben Cole is a dark wizard and professional freelance espionage agent.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Geoffery Gao
Reuben is probably the walking definition of tall, dark and handsome. Never seen without a hair out of place, he stands at a looming 6'3" with a chiselled frame and jawline that could cut glass - if his eyes don't cut you first. There's something hypnotising about him, which is certainly an advantage to his occupation - people trust him easily. More fool them.

"Somewhere in Europe."
Native Language
"I can speak English and French fluently."
"I keep it unclear, to avoid being traced back anywhere."
Earliest Memory
"Nothing important."
Type of Childhood

"My history? Oh lord, where to begin. I'm afraid my history is something I like to keep close to my chest, where it can't be manipulated and used against me if the opportunity ever arose. I hate talking about it, anyway; shit happened, that's all you need to know. I knocked around in a couple of countries - and a couple of prisons - for a while and caused some trouble, and then moved on when people caught onto my trail. I've always been good at running, it's a family trait, really."

"And so one day I'm kicking it in Taiwan of all places, and I get approached by a woman who mentions some business going down here, in England. The most boring country in all of Europe - who'd have thought it was the hotbed for the most notorious dark wizarding group in the whole world? Still, I couldn't really resist. Especially since the great Sabrina Le Fey was apparently still alive and running the joint. I have some history here - it's time I picked things back up again."

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Shrewd, intelligent, family-orientated
Worst Qualities
Disloyal, neurotic, thrill-seeking
Most Influenced By
"My sister."
To say Reuben is secretive would be quite the understatement. He is a walking enigma, forever keeping his past hidden from people in order to protect himself and his identity - I mean, it can be used against you, can't it? The second somebody finds out your family's surname or where you used to live, other people are in danger and it's your fault. Therefore, Reuben is cryptic to an unbearable degree: he avoids questions, worming his way around them, and will always change the subject unless it's something he can brag about - take his Azkaban escape, for example. He's pretty proud of that.

Being a freelancer, Reuben is probably the wrong person to place one's trust into. He will always profess his loyalty in order to gain kudos, but don't think he wouldn't sell you out for a corn chip when a better offer comes along. It's not his fault, per say - it's just how he's been raised. Plus it's not like he's had anybody to teach him any better.

His lack of impulse control is also a pretty big stain on his character, especially since his entire job focuses around being as inconspicuous as possible. Reuben will always go for the most dangerous job which he knows will get him in as much trouble as possible - having a knife at your throat is the biggest adrenaline rush ever, he'll have you know. Therefore he lives every day like it's his last, which probably isn't the best way to navigate the world, but hey, we're only here once, right?

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Reuben Ellis Cole - freelance espionage agent • in the business of misery

- "Leave me alone."
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skills and magical abilities
Espionage: "I know your full name, address and what your pet is called before you've even noticed I'm there."

Puzzle solving: "I can solve a Rubik's cube in ninety seconds, flat."




*"I broke out of Azkaban once. Not that I like to brag."
*"I take my coffee black. Like my soul (no but really)."
*"I'm really good at puzzles and word games. Anagrams are my life."
*"The best food in the cosmos comes from France. Try me."
*"I haven't seen my real family since I was eighteen. And no, I don't miss them."
*"According to my sister, I have impulse control issues."

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual, heteroromantic
Relationship Status
First Love
His work
Languages Spoken
English, French, German, Mandarin
Losing his identity
Favorite Drink
Favorite Sweet
French pastries
Amortentia Scents
Freshly-baked bread, smoke, jasmine
Favorite Color


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