name. reuben seokkyung oh
nickname(s). seokkyungie
age. 18
birthday. june 11th
sign. gemini
nationality. british
ethnicity. korean
home. brighton, uk
status. active; single
sexuality. homosexual
location. magical uk
year/occupation. seventh; alohomora entertainment trainee
house. slytherin
species. wizard
family blood. muggleborn
wand core. phoenix feather
wand wood. applewood
wand arm. right
boggart. being alone
patronus. bunny rabbit

model. kang yeosang
eye color. brown
hair color. brown
height. 5'8"
mental state. stable
fav color. peach
fav music. pop, r&b
fav food. apples
fav animal. bunnies & chipmunks
fav drink. mango tea
fav song. "this is why i have no friends" by caspian choi
fac sweets. pecan shortbread cookies
quirks. n/a
talents. singing
skills. n/a
languages. english, french
mother. n/a
father. n/a
siblings. n/a
other relatives. n/a


1) What was your first incident of magic and how old were you?

nine, i cracked all the glass in the house with my powerhouse vocals. well, no, i was nine, that wasn't a lie. and i did break all the glass in the house. but i wasn't singing. or well... really doing anything, i guess. actually, it was pretty late at night, and my parents were fighting... like usual. and then i just, i kept thinking, wow, wouldn't it be nice if they had something to not fight over for once> can't fight over broken windows if no one broke them, right? wrong.

2) Do you believe in love at first sight?

i mean.... no, but it's a really cute concept, don't you think? i think little me would've believed in love at first sight. but after witnessing my parents for well... like the majority of my life, can't say in good faith that the construct of love exists in the first place.

3) Were you close with your family growing up? If not-why?

let's see, only child, parents fighting 24/7, neglected, literally had to teach myself had to talk, walk, read, write, etc. i can think of a few reasons why i'm not close with my family, yes.

4) If you weren’t raised by your parents, who did? How did you find yourself in this position?

myself, lol. someone had to raise me, and it definitely wasn't bob and susan. when your parents are much more concerned about their failing marriage than their only child who's living a very fragile life, typically tells you what's going to happen. besides, i'd like to think i did a better job raising myself than they ever did, so.

5) What would you say to your younger self and what would they think of you?

i'd tell my younger self... not... not to take it personally. mom and dad didn't split because of you. it... it wasn't your fault. and, and... well... my younger self? probably wouldn't like me very much. in a way, i guess i've grown into everything i hated about people.

6) Where do you see yourself in ten years?

everywhere, duh. i'm gonna become a household name, a musical legend. my songs will be played to the children of my adoring fans. the press will never be able to my name out of their mouths. i'll take private jets all over the world for my tours...

7) What were you like growing up?

hopeful. happy. had a little bit more faith in people than i do now. i felt like people actually care about me but... that changed. energetic. thoughtful. small. the older kids always liked to pick on me. it was fine, most of the time. not like my parents ever cared to check out the bruises. excited. always excited, until i realized i didn't have anything to be excited for. elementary school? came and went. hogwarts? came and it's going. my career? don't even know if that will work out.

8) When was the last time you cried?

um... does fake crying count? 'cause if so, yesterday. i wanted my hyung to buy me this backpack... but um, real crying? well... still... kind of... yesterday. one of the trainees was teasing me and i guess, i just sort of broke down when i got back to my dorm.

9) What is your guilty pleasure? Do you try and fight it?

attention. shhh, don't tell anyone. and why would i? i want people to pay attention to me, to worship me and cater to my every whim. sure, it's... i guess, not a favorable trait to most people, but can you really blame me? no one's ever paid attention to me. and i have to make that change.

10) What can usually be found in your fridge?

anything i can afford. ramen noodles aren't in my fridge per se, but a permanent fixture in my closet. plenty of water bottles, because i don't like drinking sink water. filtering it is a hassle. um... what else? i have a lot of sweets. baked goods, ice cream, stuff like that. people call them 'comfort foods' or whatever, and technically i'm not supposed to eat them because i'm on a company diet... but what they don't know, won't hurt them.

11) Do you have instances in your past that you’d prefer not to tell people?

who doesn't? sorry, sorry, didn't mean to be rude. i mean, yes, yes i do. so, um... do i have to talk about them or anything? because that's not really my vibe. like... it;s really awkward to talk about your divorced parents who've virtually disowned you by making you emancipate yourself. anyway, what were we talking about?

12) Are you happy with the path that you've found yourself on? How would you change it if you could?

i'm about to be! soon i'm going to be one of the biggest stars on this planet, with my face plastered all over skyscrapers, and my name on every magazine cover. i'll be a fashion ambassador for the biggest brands... so, no, totally wouldn't change it. everything's about to turn up for me.

13) What’s your education history? Do you enjoy learning and the way Hogwarts is taught?

well, i went to school. are you happy now? muggle elementary. never got past that because right after that, it was the magic school in the mountains! or hogwarts. whatever you want to call it. don't get the hype. professors are lame, history of magic is still boring, food not's even really as good as everyone claims it is. i think i'd fare better teaching myself the magical curriculum than the people's whose job is literally to teach us.

14) How's your financial situation? What's your main income? Do you rely on anyone? Do you want to rely on them or be more independent?

i provide for myself, duh, thought we went over for this. i live in the alohomora dorms in the summer, and in hogwarts during the year. i make my own money through whatever jobs i feel like keeping for the summer. only people i've ever relied on didn't want to take me in court, so, yeah, i'd say i'm pretty independent.
  • in development, he was originally american
  • his biological parents died when he was two, and he was adopted by 'bob and susan'
    • bob and susan are epithets for his real adopted parents who shall remain unnamed per reuben's preference
  • reuben originally auditioned for alohomora simply to have a place to live

reuben oh
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