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Birthday september 24, 2033
Age 12
Status alive
Pronunciation ???
Family francisco (father)
az (half-brother)
jocelyn (cousin)
Handedness right
Gender female
Orientation ???
Relationship single
Nationality mexican
Speaks spanish, english and portuguese
Species witch
Blood Status half-blood
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Height 4'11"
Model isabela moner

Francisco Jiménez was always the black sheep of his family, unlike his siblings and parents he never took life too seriously and rarely maintained interest for more than a short period of time. While his family was close and they all had eachothers back, they constantly hovered over him - slowly suffocating him until he got the chance from his Transfiguration professor to do an exchange year at Castelobruxo. It was here where he met Teresa Arias, a Peruvian witch with a talent for shape-shifting into a cat. From the moment they met their entire relationship became one big cat and mouse chase, the two running into each other in the strangest locations only to be parted again for one reason or another. It was almost cruel.

At least it was until Teresa accidentally fell pregnant, Fran was clearly panicked about the whole ordeal but eventually stuck by her - forsaking his womanising ways and they got married exactly a month before Reyna was born. Reyna brought a burst of sunshine into her father's life but less so her mothers, Teresa turned to alcohol and frequently came home drunk to a sleeping father and daughter. Fran was worried but dismissed it, not seeing how severe it was getting and instead focused on his work in the Mexican ministry and raising his daughter well. On Reyna's fifth birthday her first incident with magic occured where she refused to let her father go to work, her mother already having left earlier that morning. Everytime Fran tried to leave he was instead pulled back into the room to a crying Reyna begging him not to leave. That day began with Fran calling sick out of work and throwing a small party for him, Reyna and Reyna's stuffed animals. As nightfall came, Reyna began crying looking her mother who hadn't been seen since that morning so Fran contacted her, pleading her to come home which...she tried to.

Teresa had spent the entire day drinking and when she got on her broom she was already extremely intoxicated. When she didn't come home that night, Fran began frantically asking everyone if they'd seen her with no results. It was only when his boss came to his door that he realised what happened and was devastated. Teresa's family blamed them for her death, for not doing anything to help her and causing her to spiral down like that. Reyna took it to heart, blaming herself for wanting her mother on her birthday and although she tried to maintain her glowing and sweet nature there was always a hint of melancholy and guilt around her from that day onward.

Eventually, Fran found out about a son that her never knew he had and immediately requested to be transferred to the British ministry along with asking for his daughter to be transferred from Ilvermorny to Hogwarts after only a month of attending. While Fran got held back by paperwork and visa issues, Reyna has made her way across the sea to attend Hogwarts and is excited to see the differences between the two schools as well as form a connection to the brother she never knew she had!

▪ sweet and extremely generous
▪ loves everyone
▪ haunted by her mother's death
▪ uses her mother's wand - only thing she has of her left
▪ overthinks everything
▪ feels guilty about anything she does wrong
▪ loves dogs
▪ has a beautiful singing voice
▪ literally a disney princess
▪ gets up super early
▪ restless
▪ awful attention span
▪ doesn't pay attention in class
▪ a daydreamer
▪ is good a braiding hair
▪ is that one girl that adores christmas
▪ scared of flying and heights
▪ extremely easy to impress
▪ hums whenever she does something
▪ tries to be vegan but fails frequently
▪ a huge fan of the Charm Girls

Boggart Her dead mother
Amortentia ???
Patronus ???
Wand 12", alder, white river monster spine
Interests the charm girls, dogs, nature
Pet Peeve sound of flutes
MBTI infj
Star Sign libra
Dreams/Goals form a relationship with her brother and cousin
Color blue
Song blackbird - the beatles (her father's favourite)
Food lomo saltado
Drink coca cola

* her father wrote an entire poetry compilation for her
* she brought one of her stuffed animals to hogwarts with her
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