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Reynaud Etienne
(Character Roleplayed by Kirá)

The final test of a gentleman is his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him.

–William Lyon Phelps

Reynaud Etienne(1)
Reynaud Etienne - Hufflepuff
Send Me an Owl! - The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw. Havelock Ellis
"Etienne. Reynaud Etienne. It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Quick info[]

Reynaud Aristide Etienne




Gascoigne and Etienne


November 17th, 2001


Cherry, Dragon Heartstring

Wand Arm



Mental affliction


Fennic Fox

Blood Status



Early life[]

My family, the Gascoigne and Etienne families are Pure-Blood dating back thousands of centuries. My mother Brielle Astrid Gascoigne, and my father Fortune Marcel Etienne met as students of Beauxbâtons. They were, and might still be polar opposites since they met during their first year. He was a mouthy, and conflicted young boy, she was a judgemental, perfectionist. She is the only one of the two who has not changed very much.

Brielle, and Fortune were acquaintances for years, and years before deciding to begin a more intimate relationship. It was not until after they had both graduated that they went on their very first date. The first was not the most successful, he drank too much, and she had an allergic reaction to an incorrectly prepared meal. It was the only time she had not made a big production of exactly how her food was made.

The unpleasant parts of their first date were pushed aside, they tried again, and this time he did not drink at all, and she turned the dial on her perfectionism to 11. It turned out much better than either of them expected, it lead to many more dates. Dates where he abstained from alcohol, and every choice was hers to make. They had a long engagement, as I have been told, that was not my mother's choice.

After celebrating their marriage they welcomed their first child together. In autumn, my eldest sister Charisse Joie Etienne (b. August 12, 1990), followed two years later by the first son, my eldest brother Fortune Gautier Etienne (b. June 4, 1992). The first two Etienne children are perfect angels, and always do what is asked of them.

In the spring, a few months before Charisse's fourth birthday, and Fortune's second birthday, the disgustingly content quad welcomed twins, my brother Beauregard Didier, and my sister Bertílle Didina Etienne (b. March 29, 1994) into the family. The first fraternal twins in the Etienne family in a decade, Beau has mother's darker blonde hair, while Bertí has father's lighter blonde hair. They both share this one trait of mother's, the Gascoigne freckles.

Less that one year later another daughter, my sister Fauve Brígh Etienne (b. January 9, 1995) was born. Fauve is a very special child, she was born a Metamorphmagus. She is the only one in our immediate family, and the only one known in either bloodline.

With their children growing, my mother Brielle and my father Marcel decided it was time for another. They discussed at length in that period of time if they should start the process all over again. Their last, and their youngest, Reynaud Aristide Etienne joined the family November 17th 2002. From birth, all of us Etienne children were taught that magic, and the ability to retain knowledge was priority. For a very, very long while the males in our line excelled in magic while females are far better in academia. I have been the exception.

Family Members[]

Etienne children

Fortune Marcel (Father)

Brielle (Mother)

Beauregard (Brother)

Bertílle (Sister)

Fauve (Sister)

Fortune Gautier (Brother)

Genie (Sister-in-law)

Hervé (Nephew)

Honorée (Niece)

Gage (Brother-in-law)

Charisse (Sister)

Gage II (Nephew)

Emblyn (Niece)

Cendrillon (Niece)

Laurence (Uncle)

Cybille (Aunt)


R.A. Etienne

The Etienne children all resemble our mother, or our father. I, myself have more physical traits of my mother. I have her brown eyes, and softer facial features, some sort of amalgamation of the twins Beau, and Bertí. I have my father's darker, dirtier blonde hair, and his light skin complexion. Much like my brothers I also lack my mother's family trademark, the Gascoigne freckles.


It is one of those crosses a young man in my position has to learn to bear. My mother and my sisters are the very essence of beauty, so what else could I be? D'accord, a Hufflepuff. No, I mean it - sérieusement. I am a Hufflepuff in my very bones. What? You think I want to fight that hard for a place in front of the mirror every morning? Pas du tout. I am what I am, but who I am, c'est a moi. We are loyal, we do our best - and know that, de temps en temps, it will not suffice. Still, we essay, we try. And we enjoy life. That's what people so often forget about we Hufflepuffs, we take pleasure. We relish. We savour. Why do you think we live next to the Kitchens?



The name Reynaud is French, it means wise, bold, courageous, well-advised ruler or mighty and brave, variation of the name Raynard.

Aristide, my middle name means is Greek it means descended from the best, lion or excellent and kind, variant of Aristedes, Aristo, or Aristidis.

The paternal last name Etienne in French means crowned, in Greek it means crown. It is a variation of the names Steven or Stefan.



Spell List


  • Herbology - E
  • Potions - O
  • Charms - O
  • Transfiguration - E
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts - O


  • Herbology - E
  • Potions - O
  • Charms - O
  • Transfiguration - E
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts - O
  • Mythology - O
  • Ghoul Studies - O
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This character is a Hogwarts Graduate.

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