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Rhea Lindström


6th year

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Rhea 3
Rhea Lindström
Important Facts
Gender Female
Age 16
Family Selena Lindstrom (Mother) Roland Lindstrom (father) Jason Lindstrom
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Affiliation Lindstrom family, Hufflepuff, Hogwarts
Home Lindstrom Home
Wand Arm Right



Rhea is the oldest daughter of a muggle father and a half-blood mother. Her parent's roland and selina met whilst her father was visiting england from his home country of sweden. It wasn't love at first sight. They hated each other to begin with. But slowly they fell in love. They got married a year later and roland moved to england permanently. 5 years later. After they had settled down they started their family. Rhea was the first born. Her parents loved her and she grew up in a happy stable home. However 5 years later they had another child. A boy, named jason. The two were wary of each other at first but grew to love the other quickly.

Rhea didn't show her first signs of magic until she was 9. When random objects started moving. That was when her mother finally told them she was a witch. Roland was angry at first that she hadn't told him but finally came around. On her 11th birthday she recieved her letter and was taken to diagon alley to get the things she would need.

Her first year flew bye with the only exciting thing happening to her being meeting John. Her second year was the same. Except she met Brandon and somehow managed to get on his bad side, ending in the beginning of a pranking war which neither of them carried through with.

Her third year was entirely uneventful, she spent most of her time studying, she rarely even spoke to her friend. When she returned home at summer, she found out her parents had been hiding something from her. Her father had a life threatening illness. And there was nothing they could do. During her 5th year, she received the news of her fathers death whilst she was in Hogwarts. It was a while before it really hit her.


Rhea is smart for her age seeing as she spent most of her time reading books. She is a happy-go lucky girl that doesn't care what people think of her. She can be loud and boisterous at times mostly because she isn't sure how else to get her point across. She loves her family and would do anything for them. She's very sarcastic and can be known for playing pranks on people. After the threat of the pranking war she lost most of her interest in pranks, she turned her attention to her studies instead. After the news of her father she lost all interest in trivial matters such as pranking


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