Richter "Rick" Michaelson

Horned Serpent Alumni 🏵 Intelligence Auror

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Basic Information
AGE 29 (May 3, 2009)
MODEL Nicholas Hoult
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Auror James Michaelson and his wife, Doctor Elizabeth Michaelson, had been married for five years. They met at school, with James immediately falling head over heels for Elizabeth, but she wouldn't give him the time of day. He continued to pursue her for the remaining years that they were in school, and finally, during their sixth year, Elizabeth consented to one date with James. And much to her surprise, he turned out to be a true gentleman. More dates followed that supposed one and only date, and it was one of the last dates before their graduation that brought a surprise for Elizabeth. After dinner, James had dropped to one knee before Elizabeth, pulling out the diamond and sapphire ring that he had gotten from his grandmother, and proposed to her. She was caught by surprise, of course, but quickly said yes. They married in the winter of that following year. James was hired by the Aurors and Elizabeth went off to accomplish her doctorate, keeping them far apart, but they managed to hold together throughout even the toughest of times.

Then, things really changed around July 2008... Elizabeth, while at work at the Smithsonian Institution, was encouraged to take a pregnancy test by one of her co-workers, and much to her surprise, the pink plus showed up. That evening, she was visiting one of the Healers, and found out that she was indeed pregnant, about four weeks along. Telling James was one of the best moments of her life, and they immediately began work on the nursery. On May 3, 2009, however, they recieved a large surprise... Instead of one coming out, it was twins. The boy came out first, naming him Richter Stephen, after James' uncle and grandfather, followed by his sister. They named her Nilsa Lauren, after Elizabeth's grandmother and aunt that she never knew.

The twins grew up around the aurors and Smithsonian staff, affectionately referring to each as aunt or uncle. At the age of six, their magic manifested. Richter's first sign was almost immediately following his sister's, doing the same, which was levitating books back onto a bookshelf that they had knocked down and needed to straighten or else get punished. At the age of eleven, they headed off to Ilvermorny School. Richter, now going by Rick, was chosen by Horned Serpent and Wampus, and eventually decided to join the ranks of the intellectuals, Horned Serpent. This would be the first time that they were separated for long periods of time since their birth, and both thrived. Rick took the top spot in their year, and after graduation, followed his sister's lead in joining the Aurors, except he went into the intelligence department.

Rick's training wasn't as in-depth as his sister's was, but they worked together so well that they became known as the pair that was always together. he American Auror Department took a definite improvement in their rankings after hiring the Michaelson twins, and they worked there for about twelve years each. However, America wasn't doing it for them, and the twins decided to move overseas, to join the British Auror ranks instead. And now, turning twenty-nine, both are living in the UK, preparing to interview for the same departments that they were in for so long, but under new leadership.


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Richter is almost the complete opposite of his twin sister's temperament and personality. While Nilsa is all energetic and sometimes easily distracted, he is the one who remains silent and focused on his work. He is as observant as his sister, maybe even more so on occasion, and has a well-known habit of nibbling on the ends of pens while in thought. Richter, or Rick as he prefers, has a mind aligned for details and catching things that others might've missed. He has a few quirks about him, but the quirks only seem to contribute more to his character in the end.

He is intelligent, that is for sure. Rick is quite careful with his everyday work and life. While he has a strong connection with his twin sister, Lauren, they can just as easily work apart. They may have their fights at times, but in the end, both trust each other with their lives. Rick always has either a smirk or a frown of focus present, usually having his nose buried in a book or files on one case or another. While he appears to not be able to defend himself, in all actuality, it is the complete opposite. Rick is one of the most paradoxial people you'll ever meet, and if he is forced to fight, he can easily fight and probably come out on top.


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Other Information
FATHER Auror James Michaelson
MOTHER Dr. Elizabeth Michaelson
SIBLINGS Nilsa Michaelson (Sister)
HOMETOWN Burlington, Vermont, USA
BODY TYPE Muscular

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Magical Information
WAND 11", Pear and Jarvey Tooth
PATRONUS German Shepherd
BOGGART Nilsa being killed
SCHOOL Ilvermorny
HOUSE Horned Serpent

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NICKNAMES Rick (Preferred)


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Richter "Rick" Michaelson - Horned Serpent Alumni 🏵 Intelligence Auror
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