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A Hara Ynaguinid production
Tallinn Rigel Choi

oh hey look that's me!!

From the user who can't stop pumping out characters like her life depends on it,
comes a character who is basically just the personification of her love for a certain soloist.
Rigel Choi.

Follow along the story of a writer who:
- can't write
- can't watch jumpscares without crying
- can't cook anything except gourmet food
- can't remember sh*t about his own life and self

Watch as he goes through the rest of his life with nothing but a giant blank in his memory...
and a whole 2 storey Coral Gates home and a multimillion Galleon bank account that just so miraculously happened to be under his name.

As an amnesiac, Rigel's often... confused. He knows a lot of things. He knows basic things. He knows some really weird and out of the blue things. He knows things but doesn't know why he knows these or how he knows these. They're just there in the catalogue of his brain. It's a pretty weird feeling, but Rigel's accepted it in stride.

Rigel's a big scaredy-cat. He's the type to keep the lights on in his bedroom as he sleeps and gets nightmares from those tacky 2 sentence "horror stories". He dislikes the dark and keeps some emergency flashlights and batteries on him at all times. Sometimes he avoids mirrors for days and is creeped out by his own home at night. In order to feel less alone in the house, Rigel has his 4 cats and 3 dogs to keep him company.

He's a writer, as evidenced by the many works in progress in his home that are written under his name and with the same penmanship as he does and his constant need to turn a lot of the things he sees into stories. In classic writer fashion, Rigel is constantly bombarded by writer's block and numerous plot bunnies. He can't seem to finish anything that could equate to a full-length story, but he does manage to write whole songs and poems in one go. Sometimes he sells his songs to companies even though he doesn't really need the money.

So, Mr. Protagonist, would you mind filling us up with your past?

"Hi! I'm Tallinn Rigel Choi and I have no idea how I got here!"

"Sooo, let's start with the basics. Chronologically. I hope it's chronological, I'm just reading off the script here.

According to the papers that I conveniently found in the house that was listed as my address, I was born in Tallinn, Estonia. Hence my first name. I think. My parents were named Brian and Lisette Choi, both apparently Korean but for some reason were in Estonia? Or they moved to Estonia, who knows. I had no siblings too. Huh.

Honestly, this is all too convenient but hey, this is the only lead I have right now.

So um, that's basically it. For the basics.

Anyways! I can't tell you anything about my childhood or my teen years or my school years because I remember none of it. Kinda sad, honestly. That begs the question though, am I really a person with an identity if all I have are questionable papers and vague memories and instincts?

Where was I? Oh yes, so I think I'm Magic. Like, I woke up in a Magical hospital called St. Mungo's, I have my own wand, and I have fuzzy memories of me as a 6-year-old exploding some windows using magic.

I also live in this very fancy neighbourhood called Coral Gates. My house is pretty big for some reason. It gets lonely too so I got 4 cats and 3 dogs to keep me company! I love them more than I love myself and if anything happens to any of them I will burn down the entire world and then myself!

Okay wow, that was not chronological at all. Love being a disappointment to myself!

Uh so I'll try to be more chronological this time.

Apparently sometime 5 years ago, I was admitted to the hospital and declared comatose soon after. People came and went regularly to visit me but a year or so ago, they stopped. No warning, no goodbye letter, nothing. Strangely enough, there was still an anonymous someone paying the hospital to keep me alive. So yeah, I was alone in that room for like, 1 year. Kinda sad.

A letter arrived for me on the day I woke up. It's kinda creepy, you know? Like whoever sent it knew I was gonna wake up on that day. In the letter was an address, a house key, and bank account details. Man, I didn't even do sh** but I was loaded. Whoever left me that letter made damn sure I'd live a good life. Minus the amnesia but we can't have anything we want now, can we?

I tried to trace the people who used to visit me but for some reason, everything ends up a dead end. The identities of my visitors seemed to be easy-to-discard disguises while their addresses all lead to empty lots or abandoned buildings. I gave up my search pretty quick after that.

Sooo yeah, that was me and my life. I still don't know how I got into this situation but I guess I'll just make the best of what I've been dealt. At least I have my 4 cats and 3 dogs! Still winning!"



I speak 3 languages: English, Korean, and confusion~
Sure, I guess lol. Hand me the script!