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Ravenclaw Crest (Gif) Riley Tsuda Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)
Ravenclaw Alumni ~ Unemployed
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Riley Tsuda
Basic Information
Full Name: Riley Rai Jaeryun Tsuda
(Tsuda Rai/つだらい)
(Tsuda Jae-Ryun/츠다재련)
Born: 19 April 2010
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: Brazilian-British (dual citizenship)
Ethnicity: Asian
Riley Tsuda 2
More Information
Sexual Orientation: Demi-Homosexual/Grey-Homosexual/Homosexual
Romantic Orientation: Demi-Homoromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Neutral
Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Native Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Languages Spoken: Brazilian Portuguese, English, some Korean and Japanese phrases
Current Location: Hogwarts
Magical Information
Blood Status: Muggle Born
Wand Wood: Cherry
Wand Core: Unicorn Hair
Wand Length: 9.5 Inches
Wand Arm: Ambidextrous
Patronus: Barn Owl
Boggart: Dishonour
Exotic?: No
Schooling Information
Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Ravenclaw
Year: Seventh
Year Joined: First
Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)
Riley Tsuda 3

Riley is very much a stereotypical Ravenclaw. He loves books, absolutely loves them. His nightstand has no less than the next three books he plans on reading. For the most part Riley's very quiet compared to that of his brother but in his own ways, such as the classroom and ambitions, he's very much the opposite. He doesn't know how to deal with his negative emotions that well and when he's shouting and screaming you very much want to get out of the way.


Evandro Tsuda, a Brazilian muggle born to two Japanese immigrants from Osaka lived comfortably in Rio de Janeiro after ranking high up in the military. It was there that he met British muggle born to two Korean immigrants, Aurora Kang who was stationed out there with the British military. The two had a whirlwind romance and within a year or so of meeting each other they were married and expecting twin children. When the day arrived, 19th April 2010, the two were anticipating parenthood and before long Aurora gave birth to twin sons Rory and Riley.

After the birth of their children the couple returned to military service, alternating year by year. For the first four years of their lives the twins were raised by their father as they moved to a larger house in Rio. As the twins turned four their mother returned from Brunei and their father was deployed to the capital Brasília for domestic purposes.

As their father was deployed their mother taught them English and Korean, the two of them becoming fluent much like they had with Portuguese and Japanese earlier in their lives. As the twins turned 7 news came that there had been a riot in the capital and that their father had been gravely injured in the process. The family of three waited on baited breath until one week later it was revealed to them that their father had succumbed to his injures.

The twins had their first magical experience a year later. The two had been painting and in the midst of a play fight the two began throwing paint at each other. To their mother's amazement - and horror - the throwing turned to the paint levitating and then being thrown at each other. Not knowing what was wrong with her children Aurora began to do some research and eventually found her sons were wizards. Having done her extensive research and asking friends who, coincidentally, were wizards and witches themselves Aurora eventually settled on moving to Stirling, Scotland in hopes that her sons would be accepted into Hogwarts.

Returning to the military meant that Aurora had to find a place for her sons to stay. Being an only child and her parents too old to look after them she began to look for magical alternates and eventually set on Lil Bundles in Hogsmeade, a place her wizarding friends told her about. The two stayed there for only a year before their mother was killed in action, causing them to become permanent residents in the form of orphans. It had been their mother's dying wish for all of the family's savings to be converted into the magical currency and locked away in a shared bank account.

Rory and Riley eventually received their letters to Hogwarts and began to attend year round, visiting their grandparents during the summer. Rory was sorted into Slytherin and Riley into Ravenclaw, both excelling and aiming high.

Model: Kim Hyeong-Kon
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'11
Weight: 135 lbs
Voice Type: Baritone
Distinguishing Marks: None
More Images
Riley Tsuda 4
Father: Evandro Tsuda
Mother: Aurora Kang
Full Siblings: Rory Tsuda
Half Siblings: N/A
Guardian(s): N/A
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: None

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Name Meaning:
  • Current Name: Riley -> Gaelic boy name meaning valiant
  • Surname: Tsuda (つだ/츠다) -> Harbour Rice Patty
  • Given Name:
    • Rai (らい) -> Trust, Thunder, Lightning
    • Jae-Ryun (재련) | Jae (재) -> Talent, Wealth, Cultivate, Again | Ryun (련) -> Petal, Lilly, Association
Nicknames: Rye
Favourite Colour: Pale Blue
Favourite Movie: Dumb and Dumber
Favourite Song: Emeli Sandé & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra - Crazy In Love
Favourite Food: Mashed Potatoes
Favourite Drink: Bubblegum-flavoured ramune
Most Important People: Rory Tsuda
Most Treasured Possessions: Family photo
Custom Trivia:
  • He tries not to fit into the Ravenclaw stereotype but goddammit he's a sucker for a good book
    • He loves dystopian, crime and thriller books but hates outright horror and gore
      • He loves both movie adaptation and novels the same amount
  • He's extremely ambitious
  • He gets startled easily
    • Loud bumps in the night are a main thing
    • Isn't afraid to go all the way to the Slytherin Common Room and sleep with Rory
  • Compared to Rory he's extremely shy
    • Has a tendency to tug at sleeves
    • He also likes to put the sleeves over his first and bunch it in the centre of his palm
    • Stereotypical Ravenclaw again the sense that he is definitely not shy in the classroom
  • Electively took Muggle Studies and Study of Ancient Runes
    • Mostly took the former so he could understand more about how his parents lived
  • He's actually quite sassy but rarely shows it
    • Partly because he never speaks but also because he believes he shouldn't waste the breath on people who don't mean much to him
      • Sadly Rory ends up with all of the pent up sass
  • Is colour blind
    • Suffers from the type tritanomaly (lack of blue)
      • He mistakes light blues with greys, dark purples with black, mid-greens with blues and oranges with reds
        • Sub-consequently his favourite colour is pink or pale blue
  • His favourite food is either Japanese or Brazilian
    • His favourite beverage is either something of British or Korean origin
  • Paid more attention to learning both languages of his parents equally
    • Semi-fluent in both of them
      • Finds it easier to speak Japanese and easier to write and understand Korean
  • He and his brother take more to the Korean heritage and reflect that in their looks
    • He has contemplated changing his name to Kang after his mother, but wouldn't as he wouldn't want to dishonour his father
  • Is ambidextrous
    • Favours right hand over left
      • Will do most things with his right hand but when it comes to using his wand or riding a broom he finds he gravitates to his left hand more
  • Doesn't handle negative emotions well
    • He usually goes around screaming/shouting until he's out of breath and sleeps for a good hour or so
      • Alternatively he's trying to write his feelings down but each book has been met with a fiery end
  • He literally studied the rules of Hogwarts
    • He doesn't know when or how this'll come to be useful but he hopes it does have a use because he did not spend half of the first term of first year learning them off by heart
  • Will f*ck you up in offensive spells
    • Not too bad at spells such as picking locks
  • Hates the smell of anything floral
    • Loves tropical fruit scents
    • Neutral on the scent of cinnamon
    • Fluctuates between loving and hating the scent of vanilla
      • His amorentia scents include cooking spices, tobacco, old books and Rory's favourite deodorant
  • Definitely a dog over cat person
    • His favourite breed is Shiba Inu or Dalmation
    • Though he loves axolotls
  • Honour is a big thing for him, being raised by two parents are children of families who have immigrated from nations where honour is huge means that it's a big deal
    • His boggart is dishonour and it's form changes
      • Usually it's an armed man, normally a samurai, being banished
      • Another form of this is a family heirloom dropping as a result of his clumsiness
  • He's not too clumsy, just enough where every couple of days he drops something (possibly a reason why he's failing potions)
  • He's honestly the type to google something knowing it was creepy or scary and then regret it for the next month
    • Horror films are a no-no, full stop
  • Definitely conforms to the mindset of "I don't like labels" but at the same time is willing to label himself so people will leave him alone
    • Demi-homoromantic for sure, there's no doubt about that
    • Teeters between demi-homosexual, grey-homosexual and plain homosexual
      • Finds sexual intercourse to be a weird thing; not weird in that it's //sex// but weird in that he knows he'd attach his feelings to his first time and isn't sure how he'd deal with potentially breaking up with them
  • He loves that his patronus is a barn owl
    • Also hates it since he finds them to be creepy at times
Riley Tsuda