Riot Matthias Zhang (english name); Zhang Lijie (birth name)



i'm not saying he's hot, i'm just saying if i had the choice, i'd let him bang me.

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Ri-Ri, Matty




November 7th








Beijing, China


Single; Alive


Homosexual (closeted)


Magical UK


Seventh year





Family Blood


Wand Core

Dragon Heartstring

Wand Wood


Wand Arm



Being trapped






i'm not saying he's hot, i'm just saying if i had the choice, i'd let him bang me.

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Zhong Chenle

Eye Color


Hair Color




Distinguishing Marks




Mental State





i'm not saying he's hot, i'm just saying if i had the choice, i'd let him bang me.

baby plant, soft garden bb, needs love, destructive force of nature made by Aera.

Favorite Color


Favorite Music Genre


Favorite Food

Fried chicken

Favorite Animal

N/A... he's a plant person

Favorite Book


Favorite Drink


Favorite Song

Soprano - DUCKWRTH

Favorite Movie

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

Favorite Sweets

White Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Blurts random plant facts when he's nervous around the guys he likes; always seems to have seeds in his pocket; Has a slight accent when he speaks English






Mandarin, English


Riot: N/A</br>Matthias: Gift of the Lord</b>
Zhang: Listen
Lijie: Hero


Zhang Bohai


Zhang Xiuying

Full Siblings


Half Siblings



Aunt Meiying




i'm not saying he's hot, i'm just saying if i had the choice, i'd let him bang me.

baby plant, soft garden bb, needs love, destructive force of nature made by Aera.

  • has zero self control
  • does just about everything on impulse and how funny it seems at the time
  • to overcompensate for his insecurities, he acts overconfident and arrogant
  • pretends not to be a hot mess even though it's pretty obvious he's as messy as hot messes go
  • at least's he hot, so he has that going for him
  • still in love with his childhood crush but we're not gonna talk about that
  • doesn't know how to move on ??? or heal ??? or have any basic socialization skills beyond sulking and isolating himself, which can hardly be called skills of any sort
  • holds grudges for long periods of time and gets ticked off easily
  • likes to garden
  • gardening calms him down and reminds him of his grandmother
  • has fifty million plants all over his dormitory and it seems like he's always getting more
  • at this point, the room is his own personal greenhouse, and all his roommates hate him for it
  • he goes into the greenhouse and tends to the plants though
  • fascinated by magical plants
  • extremely loyal
  • is lowkey only close friends with chanyeo and acacius, so he gets jealous when they talk to their other friends, because such an option doesn't exist for him
  • kind of petty
  • afraid to admit his feelings about everything
  • his communication skills are literally nonexistent
  • rejects anything even remotely flamboyant because he thinks it'll give away that he's gay
    • as if it's not already obvious when you can clearly catch him staring at the asses of quidditch players instead of watching the game
  • always nursing his fragile masculinity
  • the idea of being "weak" or a sissy doesn't sit well with him
  • probably because he's emotionally weak and doesn't know to communicate like a normal human being




i'm not saying he's hot, i'm just saying if i had the choice, i'd let him bang me.

baby plant, soft garden bb, needs love, destructive force of nature made by Aera.

  • riot was born in mainland china on november 7th, with the given name lijie
  • he was born to a university professor, zhang bohai, and his wife, zhang xiuying
  • when lijie was three, they moved from beijing to shenzhen to live with his grandmother, who was suffering from lung cancer
  • his grandmother, while she was still healthy enough too, taught him how to garden
  • every morning, they'd go out into the garden and then to the plants
  • lijie eventually became so good at tending to the plants at the meer age of six, that his grandmother began to send him out in the mornings by himself
  • while lijie believed this was because his grandmother was gaining more trust in him and was proud of his progress
  • it was because his grandmother's condition was worsening, and she didn't want him to see her so sick
  • when taking care of lijie's grandmother took up too much time, xiuying stopped homeschooling lijie and sent him off to primary school
  • since lijie had never spent much time outside his grandmother's house besides being in the garden, he didn't know how to interact with other kids
  • so more often than not, he ended up alone and off to the side
  • as a result, he took more interest in tangible things such as books and his studies
  • soon enough he was the smartest kid in his year, and when his parents' attention had brought to this, xiuying and lijie's grandmother cooked a celebration meal, even in the grandmother's weakening health
  • at the age of eight, lijie's grandmother passed away from lung cancer
  • unable to bear the weight of such a loss, lijie lashed out and closed himself off
  • his first magical incident occurred when he stepped back into his grandmother's garden
  • wishing the plants would swallow him up and bring him to his grandmother, he stepped into the garden, and the plants did just that
  • his mother found him later that day, unconscious and tangled in vines
  • his parents got rid of the garden later that month
  • that enraged lijie and he refused to talk to his parents beyond basic conversation for months
  • they moved back to beijung when lijie was ten
  • they moved into an apartment building, and their neighbors came over the following day to welcome their flatmates
  • this is where lijie met honghui
  • for the first time in his life, lijie had managed to make a friend
  • lijie and honghui shared classes, were in the same homeroom together and shared most of their interest, so they seemed nearly inseparable
  • lijie had gotten to the point where he couldn't even imagine a day without honghui, and unaware to lijie, hongjui felt the same
  • one day, honghui asked lijie to meet him by their favorite ice cream store on the way home
  • it was there, over a (terribly ironic) couples' sundae, that honghui told lijie how he felt about him
  • lijie, who had never been introduced to the concept of sexuality until this point, didn't get it, as he hadn't figured out the feelings he had towards honghui weren't just friendship anymore
  • honghui dropped the topic and the two returned to their normal cadence, but no matter how much lijie pretended nothing had changed, he felt as if there had been some tension put in between them
  • for honghui's birthday, he suggested going to see a romance movie
  • lijie didn't understand why his friend wanted to see it, but since it was his birthday, he asked his mom to drop them off at the movie theater and buy them tickets
  • its needless to say that lijie came out of the movie theater that day with a completely different perspective on his feelings
  • although nothing was ever verbally addressed, it seemed there was some level of understanding between them made them even closer than before
  • wanting more insight on the situation, one fateful july night, lijie brought up his feelings towards honghui to his parents
  • the dinner table was silent for a few minutes before slowly, his mother asked him if he needed to go lie down
  • that was the end of that discussion, but lijie didn't know when to quit, and kept asking and asking until finally his father snapped and told him:
    • "you will not bring such vulgar behavior into this household and disgrace our family like this! i don't know if that sorry excuse for a student you're always hanging out with that's doing this, but i will not stand for it in my house. you are not gay."
  • later that week, they tell him he's been sent to britain to live with his aunt and go to boarding school there
  • lijie puts up no fight, and feeling ashamed and betrayed, he cuts contact with honghui, not even telling him he's leaving for britain
  • the moment lijie arrives in britain, a letter from hogwarts is sent to his aunt's house, and his aunt, assuming this must be the boarding school lijie's parents enrolled him in, regardless of how strange a title "hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry" is, doesn't bat an eye
  • in september, lijie begins to attend to hogwarts
  • his aunt, who seems to care less about lijie's wellbeing, goes with just about anything he tells her, though he does go and buy supplies for school on his own
  • the world of magic is strange and new to him, and to drown out the pain of his trauma, he decides to immerse himself is this new world
  • he befriends a boy named chanyeo after he realizes it better to be on chanyeo's side of his antics than the victim of it
  • he continues to stay in britian with his aunt, and keeps minimal contact with his parents
  • the year after, he and chanyeo befriend an annoyingly intelligent second year named acacius, who might get on lijie's last nerve, but manages to do so while looking absolutely angelic
  • lijie contracts a crush on a few people, one of which being acacius
  • lijie goes home the summer between his fourth and fifth year, and runs into honghui who has a boyfriend
  • irritated and hurt, lijie spends the rest of the summer ignoring everyone else and talking to his friends across the way as he counts down the days to the school year




i'm not saying he's hot, i'm just saying if i had the choice, i'd let him bang me.

baby plant, soft garden bb, needs love, destructive force of nature made by Aera.

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