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the grimm.

Robin Fletcher Willoughby
Blood Status
Half Blood
Human, Wizard
This character is roleplayed by SoA.

Robin Willoughby is a Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry



Robin Willoughby was born to John Willoughby and Iona McKay. John, a muggle Londoner who was studying a Ph. D in Medieval History at King's College London was on academic leave - writing a dissertation on Scottish Castles. His chosen subject was the ruins of St. Andrews castle. Little did he know that it was absolutely infested with ghouls and poltergeists - each of whom were possibly very dangerous. This was how he met Iona; a ghoul exterminator. She was a local Scottish lady who was feisty and ferocious; an unlikely perfect match for the quiet and subdued John. But the two hit it off - it turns out that saving one's life from malevolent spirits is quite the icebreaker when it comes to romance.

The two courted for a while, until John completed his doctorate and moved up to Scotland. He got a job as a Professor of Medieval Studies at St Andrews University, and for a while, he and Iona were content. It wasn't all smooth sailing though - Iona was from a strong line of Druidic Wizards and Witches - and to not marry her kind was a massive taboo. It was made worse by the fact that she was an only child; and in the eyes of her parents, she was a traitor to the family by tainting the bloodline. Similarly, John's parents did not approve of the fact that he had just upped and left the family for some random Scottish woman who they did not particularly trust. But they had each other - and soon, they had Robin.

Robin was a peaceful baby. He wasn't much of a crier, nor was he particularly fussy. He was quite content. But this came at an expense. You see, Robin was born in Breech position, meaning he was facing the wrong way whilst Iona was in labour. Complications in the delivery resulted in the loss of Iona, in place of Robin's safe birth. John was devastated. Determined to push on and give this child the best possible life, John and Robin moved to the Shetland Islands, where they enjoyed a quiet, snowy life away from the hubbub of daily life. Robin's first sign of magic happened here - when he was about ten. He had been playing with some small pebbles by the pond in their tiny garden. He had squeezed a pebble, only for the pebble to almost transfigure into clay in his hands - it was mesmerising. This was the point when John told him about his mother, and that he was a wizard. He was sheltered, but Robin was happy. And, to be fair, so was John.

It was the summer after this incident when tragedy truly struck for Robin. It was summertime, and the Willoughbys had been living quite off-the-grid for a while now. But their peace was about to be destroyed. Once the druids from Iona's clans had found out she had died in childbirth, they assumed it was a bad omen for the child to continue living - a threat to their clan. Therefore, they had made it their mission to hunt him down and ensure he didn't live, for their own longevity. So they found the wooden cabin that John and Robin had been living in - and set it ablaze. Luckily, Robin's bed was by the window - he was able to escape easily. John did not share the same luck. The fire had consumed his room, and had made the metal doorknob impossible to touch without getting burnt. He perished in the flames, whilst Robin watched from outside, in despair until the emergency services arrived. At the tender age of ten, Robin was made an orphan.

He was sent to live with his father's parents in London, but it wasn't a comfortable few months. They quite resented him, and blamed him for the death of their son. He was seen as an unlucky child, an omen and harbringer of death. The druids referred to him as 'The Grimm', due to the fact that everyone he was close to had tragically died. The summer was bleak - but Robin soon found his way back home to Scotland, when he got on the train to Hogwarts. He is currently about to enter his fourth year.

On first glance, one might describe Robin as sullen. Maybe melancholy, subdued, wistful, morose and sombre. All of the above would not be inaccurate when describing the young Master Willoughby. If one were to describe it, they would say that he carries a heart as heavy as the weight that the titan Atlas lifted.

Robin has had to deal with a lot in his life - the death of his mother, his father, the lack of acceptance from the wider family and community - and this means that he's never really had anyone to share his grief with. So instead he internalises it. The problem with this is that it all bottles up and eventually he reaches a tipping point, which can get pretty ugly. However, he's a pretty balanced and calm person - taking serenity in the chaos around him. So he's usually quite laid back. In terms of his interactions, he's a wallflower, and rarely ever participates in discussions, let alone initiates them.

Robin, like his name, is quite a good singer - but he'll never sing in front of anyone. He's too self-concious and shy. He's never felt very confident, especially as he was seen as bad luck by most of the people around him growing up. Because of this, he struggles to make long lasting and meaningful relationships, due to the fact that he's too worried they won't last. This is partially the reason why Robin never sings in front of anyone.

Robin doesn't have many aims in life. He'd be quite content to move back to Scotland and just sort of live as a hermit, on his own, with his own land. What he needs, though, is to feel something again, because currently - he's empty.


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Jake King
Jake and Robin haven't known each other for too long, but they have recently become fast, and unlikely partners in crime. Robin is fascinated by Jake, and thinks that he's the embodiment of cool. He's also got lovely eyes. There's a part of Robin that seeks to just impress Jake.

Hayley-Jo Jensen
Hayley was the first person Robin properly got to know. He just thinks she's a pure ray of sunshine and he feels safe around her.

Hekate Sayre
Hekate is a strange girl. But Robin is fascinated by her. He's convinced she could kill everyone and no one would see it coming.



  • His patronus is a robin
  • His wand is 10 2/3", Fir and Phoenix Feather
  • He speaks with a slight Scottish accent
  • His model is Lucas Jade Zumann
Handedness Left
Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Relationship Status Single
Pets None
Favourite Songs Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran
Favourite Colours Silver
Favourite Sweet Shortbread
Most Treasured Possession An old transfiguration spellbook
Where to Find Them Library


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