This character is roleplayed by Kay.

Name: Romy Marie Briar
Age: Eleven
Birthday: April 29th, 2032
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: American & British (dual citizenship)
Ethnicity: European American
Languages Spoken: English
Languages Understood: English
Current Residence: Briar Vacation Home in London, England
Occupation: Ravenclaw 1st year
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Questioning

Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Affiliations: The Briar and Stone families, Hogwarts, & Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Species: Witch
Wand Wood, Core, & Length: Chestnut, Dragon Heartstring, & 7.75 inches
Patronus: Swan
Boggart: Being ridiculed as stupid or lesser than
Amortentia: Makeup powder & Orange yogurt



Joey Briar (father) Because of her father's seemingly meaningless presence in Romy's life, the two don't share an awesome relationship. He only comes by when it's advantageous to him and she is painfully aware of this. He certainly uses her for views and most of his subscribers (who are almost all ironically following him) have caught onto this and have been critical of him. She's the least critical, because she wants him around and doesn't want to push him away with her knowledge of his poor excuse for parenting. She wants to have her father around and wants to say she loves him, but this has proven to be an almost impossible thing.

Violeta Stone - known as Violeta Briar (mother) Since Romy and Violeta live together, they are significantly closer with each other than either of them are with Joey. She blames her mother for following along with her father's aimless clout traps, but realizes she has been brainwashed into this lifestyle. She adores her mother despite her mother's critical views of her, criticizing her constantly. She takes everything her mother says to heart as most eleven year old girls do and is easily torn down whenever around her. Romy wants nothing more than a mother who has her best interest at heart, but is easily reminded that this is what her mother sees as her best interest - being used as a means to get attention.

  • Born on April 29th, her astrological sign is Taurus
  • She is a tad short - around 4'8, but both of her parents are on the shorter side and her father is known for wearing platformed shoes
  • Her favorite music artist is the British band One Direction
  • She owns a lot of designer items because of her parents' hype beast reputations
  • Her original dream job was to be an actress, since she was in a lot of small television shows and movies as a child, but is now more interested in becoming a director

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