Room of Doom

The Room of Doom is located on the seventh floor adjacent to the Prowling Passage, which is one of the main halls in Hogwarts, and near the The Room of Requirement. Its name is clearly printed on the door with a warning that tells students to avoid entering. It's said that whoever enters will be cursed with bad grades, which is practically rubbish. In reality, it's a dark, circular room with thick drapes covering the windows. Everything seems to be destroyed and messy, primarily from the infestation of doxies and pixies that have taken up shop in the room. Through the time they have been living there, they haven't always gotten along. Not to mention the boggarts that have decided to start staying in the wardrobes and clocks that were tossed in there one day many years ago. There's nothing like facing your worst fears while creatures are biting at you and lifting you into the air. If you want to see if you can complete the challenge, then go for it. Maybe some brave hero can take the room back over again someday.


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