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Slytherin Alumni - Former Prefect
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Rory Tsuda
Basic Information
Full Name: Rory Kai Jaeho Tsuda
(Tsuda Kai/つだかい)
(Tsuda Jae-Ho/츠다재호)
Born: 19 April 2010
Age: 19
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: British-Korean
Ethnicity: Asian
Rory Tsuda 2
More Information
Sexual Orientation: Demi-Bisexual
Romantic Orientation: Demi-Biromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Neutral
Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Native Language: English, Portuguese
Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese
Current Location: Hogwarts
Magical Information
Blood Status: Muggle-Born
Wand Wood: Apple
Wand Core: Porlock Mane Hair
Wand Length: 12 Inches
Wand Arm: Ambidextrous
Patronus: Buffalo
Boggart: Sharks
Exotic?: No
Schooling Information
Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Year: Alumni
Year Joined: First
Slytherin Crest (Gif)
Rory Tsuda 3

Rory loves to turn everything into a competition, no matter what it is, and in those competitions he always wants to win. If he does end up winning, he'll end up getting overly cocky. However he can often times get grounded again when a close friend makes fun of him, as he would then have a new focus on taking them down (in a friendly way of course). He wont take no for an answer, and almost always will try and manipulate those around him in order to get what he wants.

On the flip side of being competitive, cocky and manipulative, Rory has a soft spot for his friends and family, and although he doesn't really like showing his emotions (despite not being good at controlling them), it is easy to tell when he loves someone. He especially has a soft spot for his twin brother Riley, mainly because he has been the only one by Rory's side throughout his entire life. However, Rory can also be very aggressive in his approaches, as well as getting easily angered. He doesn't have the same emotional control as Riley does, and sometimes he feels like he's less competent than Riley because of it.



Evandro Tsuda, a Brazilian muggle born to two Japanese immigrants from Osaka lived comfortably in Rio de Janeiro after ranking high up in the military. It was there that he met British muggle born to two Korean immigrants, Aurora Kang who was stationed out there with the British military. The two had a whirlwind romance and within a year or so of meeting each other they were married and expecting twin children. When the day arrived, 19th April 2010, the two were anticipating parenthood and before long Aurora gave birth to twin sons Rory and Riley.

After the birth of their children the couple returned to military service, alternating year by year. For the first four years of their lives the twins were raised by their father as they moved to a larger house in Rio. As the twins turned four their mother returned from Brunei and their father was deployed to the capital Brasília for domestic purposes.

As their father was deployed their mother taught them English and Korean, the two of them becoming fluent much like they had with Portuguese and Japanese earlier in their lives. As the twins turned 7 news came that there had been a riot in the capital and that their father had been gravely injured in the process. The family of three waited on baited breath until one week later it was revealed to them that their father had succumbed to his injures.

The twins had their first magical experience a year later. The two had been painting and in the midst of a play fight the two began throwing paint at each other. To their mother's amazement - and horror - the throwing turned to the paint levitating and then being thrown at each other. Not knowing what was wrong with her children Aurora began to do some research and eventually found her sons were wizards. Having done her extensive research and asking friends who, coincidentally, were wizards and witches themselves Aurora eventually settled on moving to Stirling, Scotland in hopes that her sons would be accepted into Hogwarts.

Returning to the military meant that Aurora had to find a place for her sons to stay. Being an only child and her parents too old to look after them she began to look for magical alternates and eventually set on Lil Bundles in Hogsmeade, a place her wizarding friends told her about. The two stayed there for only a year before their mother was killed in action, causing them to become permanent residents in the form of orphans. It had been their mother's dying wish for all of the family's savings to be converted into the magical currency and locked away in a shared bank account.

Rory and Riley eventually received their letters to Hogwarts and began to attend year round, visiting their grandparents during the summer. Rory was sorted into ___ and Riley into ___, both excelling and aiming high.

Model: Kim Hyeong-Kon
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Varies between black, brown, red and blonde
Height: 5'11
Weight: 141 lbs
Voice Type: Baritone
Distinguishing Marks: None
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Rory Tsuda 6
Rory Tsuda 7
Rory Tsuda 8
Rory Tsuda 9
Rory Tsuda 4
Father: Evandro Tsuda
Mother: Aurora Kang
Full Siblings: Riley Tsuda
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: None
Name Meaning:
  • Current Name: Rory -> Anglicized form of Ruaidhrí (Red king)
  • Surname: Tsuda (つだ/츠다) -> Harbour rice paddy
  • Given Name:
    • Kai (かい) -> Ocean
    • Jae-Ho (재호) | Jae (재) -> Talent, wealth, cultivate, again | Ho (호) -> Sign, symbol, code
Nicknames: None
Favourite Colour: Mint Green
Favourite Movie: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Favourite Song: Red Hands, by Walk of the Earth
Favourite Food: Bulgogi
Favourite Drink: Cherry flavoured Ramune
Most Important People: Riley Tsuda
Most Treasured Possessions: Family portrait
Custom Trivia:
  • Around amortentia, he smells Riley's cologne, his mom's perfume and his dad's aftershave.
  • Rory Sometimes feels incompetent when compared to his brother.
  • He is considered the brawn of the two.
    • Despite being considered the brawn, he too is very intelligent, especially with how he can twist his words around.
  • He is a very outgoing person and loves to meet new people.
  • He is definitely a lot less focused then Riley, he'd much rather have fun over bringing honour to his family.
    • This might be why at times he feels incompetent when in comparison to him.
  • He is allergic to daisies.
Rory Tsuda
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